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Joseph McBride: 50 Reasons For 50 Years

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2 hours ago, Douglas Caddy said:

Thanks for sharing this. Haven’t seen this in a few years but it’s a great series. Anyone else interested in hearing Mr. McBride speak I’d also recommend the episode of the Night Fright podcast featuring him. 

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Thanks much, Douglas, for posting my contribution on the Tippit murder for FIFTY REASONS . . . FOR FIFTY YEARS,

Len Osanic's fine series. I also contributed an episode called "Political Truth: The Media and the Assassination"

(#46). Jeff Carter was the excellent videographer on both episodes. Here is the link to "Political Truth."" 


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After 50+ years, the pattern of the mainstream media on the JFK assassination has long been predictable. That said, Alec Baldwin’s revelation that the NBC network had told him flat out they were institutionally committed to the official story was still an eyebrow raiser. Note that a “conspiracy theory” bashing article was published by NBC this past July, which took special effort to loop Baldwin into a feedback loop of narcissism, “angry outbursts”, and loopy conspiracy theories. This article, knowingly or not, reflects the 1967 CIA memo discussed by Joe in the episode shared above.


Joe's episode on the Tippit crime scene, based on his book “Into The Nightmare”, is one of the most viewed individual episodes of the series.


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