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JFK Assassination Researchers Are Fractured, Unproductive

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I don't think the critical community has been unproductive.  IMO, the database that has accumulated since the ARRB has grown exponentially since writers have been plowing through those papers.  And its not just the declassified reports and documents, but the ARRB's own targeted inquiries into areas like the medical evidence and Mexico City.

Obviously, there are different points of view involved.  Z film alteration, for and against, was there a through and through hole in the windshield, for and against etc etc.  

But the larger problem is the attempt by the MSM to keep all of this new information bottled up.  


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On 12/6/2019 at 10:44 PM, Ron Bulman said:

I realize there are disagreements and bickering among researchers but isn't that to be expected to some extent in the search for the Truth given the effort expended by many?  Overall I think the work of researchers tends to compliment each other, building and growing over time. 


When it comes to real research I agree. But when you have someone of the ilk of Judyth Baker (she's not the first, but she is the first to dupe so many, and engrain herself in the conference community) writing fiction and being treated as if she's this great researcher and a tragic historical figure, its sickening to me. It does absolutely nothing but muddy the waters for newcomers and disgust veteran researchers. And when established researchers agree to speak at her conference, they are only adding fuel to the dumpster fire. And when famous figureheads such as Oliver Stone and Cyril Wecht give her the time of day, my modicum of respect that I had for them has totally disappeared.

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