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This author makes some interesting observations for his level of knowledge.    Deals like why did the Mafia not just kill RFK.

The problem was JFK went after and got deep into USAEC issues and they started the hit out of Oak Ridge and their Raymond W Tucker, Sr contact with Jack Ruby.   The USAEC design targeted JFK to avoid more nuke weapons project shut down issues:

The JFK hit cannot be solved without the USAEC factors and deuterium cover up effects being fully acknowledged.

Comment for video:


Hi Mark,

Dorothy was hot on the trail of Ruby and the Mafia that would show up their backers, which was the USAEC and their needs to cover up deuterium and cancer issues.

In Oak Ridge, lots of us knew what happened. JFK and RFK hired LHO when he came back from Russia from his False Defector ONI program that flopped.

So, LHO becomes an RFK / JFK agent to plug into the New Orleans area to look into the CIA's efforts to kill Castro invented by Dr. Alton Oschrner using SV-40 and deuterium. Oschner knew lots of the Manhattan Project folks including Harold Urey and that deuterium was connected with cancers.

As LHO was hired by the CIA as a courier for that CIA project he came to Oak Ridge to learn more on deuterium and cancers. There he learned the Oak Ridge gang hated JFK over the Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty and that was going to turn into nuke weapons bans in his second term. They wanted him dead and that is why JFK was the principle target and not RFK.

How they planned to get rid of JFK was being set up for Dallas and use the LBJ pal Jack Ruby and his Chicago Mafia connections. Ruby was the CIA and Mob Point Man in Dallas and the principle LHO handler to get him set up.

Since the CIA cancer project to kill Castro involved LHO and he learned about deuterium, then it is a short run to connect Oschner, the top Manhattan Project deuterium person Harold Urey and not only could JFK cut the CIA into a Million Pieces, JFK could wipe out the USAEC and Atomic weapons for good in his next term.

Ruby was backed by USAEC and his contact in Oak Ridge was ORNL's Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. That backing included FBI Div 5, the DISC and Louis Bloomfiled and lots more in the CIA, These are all now the Deep State and why the Deep State is so Democratic in criminal games against trump.

Dorothy only spotted Ruby and the Mob, but the Mob was backed by the CIA in Chicago, which is where Ruby's Giancana killers came from. Lots of the crooks ran the Warren Report and the huge snow job on the public. That was an early Deep State fabrication, and now those same methods are after Trump with more fake news made by the News sources owned by Dem interests.

Go beyond Dorothy and the top of the line is the hit was directed for USAEC security on deuterium issues related to nuclear weapons production and weapons use issues. LHO knew too much on deuterium and cancer, and LHO worked for JFK/RFK and that information could end the USAEC's Nuke weapons in the JFK next term.

So, JFK had to be the main hit and then the agent that game JFK his information----LHO. So, they got both and tried to frame up LHO as Russian to get a hit on Russia over the Missile Gap time frame to get the JCS backing for taking out JFK.

All the dots connect, but you are too low in the chain to solve the hit with just Dorothy and her Ruby leads.


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Some of the things about why JFK was killed and not RFK relate back to the original Manhattan Project history and the extremes of security allowed by FDR and the MED security.


We hear a lot about the Russian Spies like Greenglass, George Koval, and the Rosenbergs, but zero about Germany's spies in the US. The Manhattan Project was all around New York City and New York State as it was developed and the Germans were all over these areas as the BUND groups.


Russian Spies, like Koval, stole all the US secrets for the Atomic Bombs and the Russians had their own in 1949 or so. All the extensive security failed to detect Koval until it was way too late and he escaped to Russia and died a National Hero there.


FDR had two different attitudes for Germans Vs Russians, as one was the enemy and the other the Ally. FDR liked Stalin and had big plans with them after the war to eliminate Colonialism. FDR's Son tells the story in is book "As He Saw It" Eisenhower was allowed to starve 2 million German POW's to death after the war.


This same deal went down inside the US as the MED in Plainfield, NJ under Army's Ralph M. Lockhart ran a deal with the Mafia to kill the Germans too close to any of the Manhattan Project areas in and around New York. They were killed by the Mafia via a Murder, Inc type deal between the MED and the Mafia to be free of prosecution for many of their operations in return for the off the record murders for several thousand German suspected spies around the Manhattan Project's super classified and military guarded areas. The Manhattan Project just had these people killed and maintain no records.


This was all kept hidden via FBI's Div 5 and the Military's "Defense Intelligence Security Command" that had lots of Mafia connections. The Mafia deals and the DISC were alive and well with the kill Castro Project in New Orleans and the switch to kill JFK for them was just one more person added to the thousand long list of those murdered to protect the Manhattan Project's very existence in WWII.


Oak Ridge knew all about how the Project was Protected in WWII from the Germans and all they did was set up the same deal using ORNL's Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. to get Jack Ruby as CIA/Mafia to head up the kill JFK in Dallas deal that began due to JFK's relationship with Russia to gain the Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty and in his next term to basically eliminate nuke weapons and the USAEC's atomic weapons.


All Oak Ridge did was to use their extensive connections to keep these more recent cut out operations totally dark, and they went into hyper-drive as they discovered that Lee Harvey Oswald was a triple agent and one was an agent for JFK/RFK. The USAEC knew its Goose was cooked unless they got their kill JFK plan into full action and use that to try to force a "Missile Gap" attack upon Russia to settle the emerging Cold War.


JFK was killed by the same extremes for murder that protected the Manhattan Project's existence in WWII, and the same methods were used to protect any knowledge for deuterium and its health and religious issues against JFK using that information to kill the Manhattan Project as the USAEC that used the same extreme methods to kill JFK and LHO at the same time to seal up the deuterium issues from becoming public from the CIA's cancer project in New Orleans against Castro.


So, what happened after the CIA and Ruby connected killers from Giancana's CIA connections killed JFK was the big game with Hoover and the Warren Commission to make a Fake News Report to conceal that LHO was trying to protect JFK and the corrupt FBI via Hoover, Div 5, and DISC short circuited LHO and framed LHO to attempt to start a Missile Gap War with Russia's nuke weapons.


Most all that know the history of the Manhattan Project know that system was what designed the kill JFK deal and the big deal they wanted to protect was the very existence of deuterium and its serious health issues linked to nuke weapons productions and uses.



There are a thousand JFK assassination books written to help confuse the public on what was behind the JFK hit and those that did it and backed it for the Nuke Weapons programs. The JFK hit is obvious when one recognizes the nuke project declared JFK as their enemy and they had him and LHO killed.

It is very simple to take note that the US reported none of the German Spies, as they were all killed on the spot, no trials, no disclosures.    There were thousands of German Spies and all cover up.    JFK was just one more killed via the same system used in WWII against German Spies.

It is pretty obvious that JFK had a Standoff going with the Zionist on Nuke Bomb Proliferation, but the Bigger Standoff that took JFK out was the one against the USAEC and their large connections and Zionist sympathy issues.    JFK and LHO knew of the Deuterium risks issues and that got them both silenced.   As Deuterium was involved, Oak Ridge was the leader for the JFK hit using Ruby.   The Manhattan Project had no qualms about killing thousands to keep their secrets in WWII, and for them JFK and LHO were just two more risks neutralized.

Edited by Jim Phelps
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