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Question for Andrej Stancak -- Who are these people on the steps?

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these two frames are just too blurry to say. The source of blur appears to be the camera motion and therefore some objects (e.g., heads) are stretched in the direction opposite to the motion of the camera.  It is too a difficult call. It would be useful to explore larger sections of the frames and to show several consecutive frames, maybe this would help in determining the presence of another person next to Lovelady. However, even if the two Wiegman frames are not of great quality, Prayer Man can still be seen at his location.

I did very little work on Wiegman compared to the months of work on Altgens6 or Darnell which are of much better quality than Wiegman, and this limits my possibility to say anything more definite about Alan's two figures at a place where Lovelady can be seen in Darnell. 

If further analysis confirms that there are two people in that circle delineated by Alan, my first candidate for the extra person would be Mrs Stanton. Mrs Stanton stood on the top step in the space between Billy Lovelady and Bill Shelley (when photographed  from Altgens perspective) and she was leaning forwards while being orientated toward east which reduced her apparent height. The bright part of the double-face figure which is denoted "Lovelady" could therefore  be the face of Mrs Stanton. Of course, if the motion blur explanation is refuted.

Late edit: besides a camera motion blur, Billy Lovelady appeared to turn his head toward his left and back at one point in Wiegman film. This could have been another source of motion artifact causing splitting of his head/face.

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On 1/2/2020 at 11:46 PM, Andrej Stancak said:

these two frames are just too blurry to say.


Okay, thanks Andrej.

I thought that you had connected the characters between the Weigman and Darnell frames, at least to some extent. But I now understand that not to be the case.


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