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JFK's First Televised News Conference As President.

Joe Bauer

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This is a really interesting piece.




43 years young JFK's poise and thoughtful remarks and responses are remarkable in so many ways imo.

Remember, JFK had only been in office just a few days before this news briefing.

The most heavy issues of world conflict and peace and foreign policy ( Soviet issues especially as well as Cuba and Laos ) as well as changing national priorities from the previous administration are thrown at the young President who meets them head on with a calm, reasoned and seemingly informed deftness that is impressive.

JFK's moral, political, social and world humanity views are identifiable even in the very first days of his presidency and this news briefing.

World peace, de-escalation of world tensions, respecting the sovereignty of all nations and peoples, improving the lives of common people everywhere.

Seeing this first nationally televised news briefing by JFK and watching his calm, mature and respectful manner and listening to his thoughtfully measured and informed responses to a long list of hard point questions by many of our top White House news correspondents of the day ( you hear JFK mention "Sandy Van Oker's" name ) makes one appreciate JFK's intelligent and respectful Presidential public speaking, bearing and behavior to an almost reverential degree compared to our current White House press situation which has mostly devolved into thousands of childishly immature, personally insulting and divisive tweets.

You can see in this January, 1961 news briefing that just in office JFK is understandably cautious and reserved much more than he is years into his Presidency where he seems much more relaxed and enjoying of interjecting his trademark witty humor ( respectfully lighthearted ) in his press appearances.

Surely do miss such classy presidential public speaking and behavior versus incessant base, insulting and nation dividing tweets of today.

And, we don't even have White House News briefings anymore!  And our main stream news media accepts this cut off loss of democracy principled public informed transparency with virtually no protest? 

It's cringing to watch someone continually bitch slapped by a bully and never fight back. 


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Ron, yes.

The gold issue is thought provoking.

JFK handled so many questions about the American pilot prisoner release by the Soviets as well.

Tricky territory. One ill-thought comment on this event could have serious repercussions.

Notice JFK's answer to the question of Francis Gary Powers continued detention by the Soviets even though they were releasing these two other American pilots?

Again, JFK had to be very cautious, thoughtful and discreet and he was.


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