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Buell Frazier's Book Set For 2020 Release

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I was wondering who it's from and to, where did the note come from.  I'm guessing the HSCA as well.  If so it sounds like Wes or his handler/lawyer is trying to put off questioning, for "reason not that apparent".   Reason purposefully avoided?  Did the author suspect an unmentioned reason? 

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On 4/22/2020 at 7:00 PM, James DiEugenio said:


Is that note from the HSCA?  Or the WC?

It looks like the former.

Yes it is from Moriarty's "Dallas Diary" for the HSCA.  O'Toole was met with similiar tactics for his book "The Assassination Tapes".  I mean has Buell ever been questioned by a full on conspiracy researcher that has pinned him down on certain subjects? A lot of what we've gotten from him over the years has been from official investigations, news stories, and the 6th floor.....

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There are a couple of stunning new pieces of data from Buell Wesley Frazier in the recently published book "The Lone Star Speaks: Untold Texas Stories About JFK Assassination" by K.W. Zachry and S. Paterson. 


Chapter 25 reports data from three interviews with Buell Wesley Frazier conducted by the Authors on three occasions: May 15 and May 30, 2015, and January 29, 2019.

One stunning information conveyed by Buell Wesley Frazier is his knowledge of Mafia men Pete Kay and Charles Harrelson:

Frazier’s stepfather was not the only frightening individual in the young man’s life. He also knew “Pete” Kay, who was, along with his father, an important figure in the Dixie Mafia. According to Frazier, they offered him the chance to become a member of the “family.” By then, Frazier had already met one group member, a man so heartless that locking eyes with him made his blood run cold. Frazier identified this man as Charles Harrelson; others who knew Harrelson also commented on how coldly he could stare down someone. Frazier decided to take his sister’s advice and not take up the offer. They both thought he would be much safer in Dallas!

Another important bit refers to the length of the package and the content of the package. Buell Wesley Frazier was clear about impossibility of the package containing the rifle. Mr. Frazier even arranged a Mannlicher-Carcano carbine, knocked it down and tested if the length of the knocked-down rifle would match the size of the package he saw with Lee Oswald on Friday morning, November 22:

"The “Oswald” Frazier knew never discussed guns, shooting, or the President. The man described in the newspapers as the President’s “accused assassin” was not the “Oswald” Frazier had known. Frazier was especially concerned about the police saying Oswald had carried a rifle to the Depository in Frazier’s car on November 22.

For his own peace of mind, Frazier located a rifle with a serial number only a few digits off from the serial number on the rifle Oswald was accused of using to kill the President. He dismantled it and wrapped it in brown paper so he and his sister could compare the size with the way they remembered Oswald’s package looking on that Friday.

“It was obviously still too long,” he said. “Lee could not have carried even a dismantled rifle like that one under his arm.” Frazier’s sister agreed.

If Oswald had really been carrying curtain rods that day, they should have been found somewhere in the Depository. Supposedly, they were never found. However, a few years after the assassination, Frazier received an intriguing phone call. Once the caller established that she was speaking to the man who had driven Oswald to work on November 22, 1963, she quietly confided to Frazier that some curtain rods had indeed been found in the Depository after the assassination."

I have conducted some model reconstruction of the package and how it could have been carried with the rifle butt resting on the cupped hand - the result (shown earlier in this thread) was that the rifle would be too long and stick out above Lee's shoulder. 

Interestingly, Buell Wesley Frazier names in this book chapter several people standing next to him in the doorway (Lovelady, Shelley, Stanton) but ignores the unknown man standing at the western wall about 3 feet away from him...  

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I guess the book never was released? I can't find it on Amazon....no updates on his FB page. I also find it interesting the username he chose for his FB profile.  "Wheelman1963" Wondering if he's implying something...or just having a laugh?

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