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Oswald The Hero? His Lover Speaks About JFK’s “Assassin”

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9 hours ago, Douglas Caddy said:

JVB has a Mae Brussell's manner, look and vibe to her that holds me just enough to listen to her speak for longer than a minute or two.

She is obviously intelligent and her actually calm and measured speaking style and even voice sounds like Brussell's.

Her conspiracy messages and stories - true or not - are also quite creatively interesting imo.

If JVB sounded and spoke like Anna Lewis or some other inarticulate JFK event related character It would be a pain to hang with her interviews.

I find Baker's account of David Ferry and his personal comments to her as creatively funny and intriguing as they are questionable and widely felt as untrue.

And I must say, JVB's hair die job as seen in this linked interview video is quite well done in hiding her obvious mid-seventies greyness. 

Edited by Joe Bauer
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