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LHO's Grandson Stalking JFK's Grandaughter??

Rob Clark

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Well with this a weird one...but figured I'd throw it out there for those who need a good laugh today.  There is a young woman on social media going by the name Kelsey Fitzgerald Kennedy, that is claiming some pretty in credible things....

  • That she is the secret love child of JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette.
  • That after her parents apparent demise, she was raised on Lolita Island by Jeffery Epstein and sexually abused by the elite.
  • That Lee Harvey Oswald's grandson named Alec Richmond is stalking her online because some evil force wants them married and to procreate.






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My client, Jack Worthington, was the son of JFK but as Vanity Fair developed its story he concluded that if his claim were proven to be true,  he would be killed like the other male Kennedy family members. So he dropped out along the wayside.

The Man Who Would Be Jack

April 2008

A Claim to Camelot

What’s a V.F. editor to do when a respectable financier, Jack Worthington, who looks a lot like John F. Kennedy, says he believes he may be the murdered president’s son, and offers the magazine an exclusive? Answer: Try to get hold of J.F.K.’s DNA, dig through conspiracy theories and White House connections (Worthington’s lawyer represented the Watergate burglars, and an ex-girlfriend turns out to be Neil Bush’s ex-wife), door-stop Worthington’s mother in Texas, and take other desperate measures. Because—Who knows? What if? Remember the “Deep Throat” scoop?—it just might be true.

By David Friend

May 2, 2008  by David Friend






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