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Guest Bart Kamp

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Here is an interesting article.  If what is said is true it will add more information about Ed Voebel.  It may help supplement Bart's excellent police report.

"The American Chronicle

Exposing evil, dispelling delusion, trumpeting truth, The American Chronicle covers historical and current topics relevant to the American experience and republic.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Who Was Ed Voebel?

Even seasoned JFK Murder researchers may not know any details about Ed Voebel, but he turns out to be very important to the Oswald Project in a negative way, and whose importance was such that the CIA murdered him.


Before proceeding, we must confess to an about face regarding Oswald doubles. Previously we had spurned the idea that there were 2 concurrent Oswalds managed by the same dark forces who murdered the president. We knew that there were Oswald impersonators, and that was enough for us. However, after prodding from an article by Ralph Cinque, we decided to explore the matter further, after which we are forced to conclude that John Armstrong's thesis of Harvey and Lee is much more compelling than we originally thought.


To keep the names clear, we will follow Armstrong's practice of referring to the American born Oswald as LEE, and the Hungarian born Oswald as HARVEY. Thus it was Voebel's fate to meet both of them. HARVEY is the man accused of murdering the president and J D Tippit.


Voebel met HARVEY first in 1954 when a piano fell on HARVEY's legs at school. He survived the ordeal and the two became playmates for the spring. A few months later, Voebel befriended LEE after his rockem sockem fight with Johnny and Mike Neumeyer in the fall while in 9th grade at Beauregard Junior High School in New Orleans.


LEE lost a tooth in that fight, after which Voebel and 2 friends helped LEE clean up. Following the fight, Voebel took a picture of LEE in the class room which eventually became plastered around the nation when Life magazine published it in 1964. The picture clearly shows LEE missing a front upper tooth thanks to the fight.


In 1971, Ed Voebel became mildly ill, but went to the Oschner clinic for treatment, a mistake which would cost him his life. Someone, perhaps Oschner himself, murdered Voebel at age 31 just as he murdered Dr Mary Sherman in a most gruesome fashion in 1964.


Oschner was a long time CIA operative who was heavily involved in the conspiracy to murder President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas' Dealey Plaza. One of Oschner's projects for the CIA was the invention of a cancer weapon which was highly lethal, and was ostensibly targeted against Fidel Castro.


The reason for murdering Voebel was that he knew too much about LEE and HARVEY Oswald, knowledge which the CIA could not afford to let propagate since it would expose Allen Dulles' lies about HARVEY and implicate the agency directly in the murder of the president.


The evidence of the missing tooth is highly important in securing the thesis of 2 Oswalds. HARVEY Oswald was exhumed and extensively photographed in 1981, and positively identified based upon his dental records. HARVEY had all of his teeth, proving that he was not LEE, and that LEE was indeed a separate and distinct person from HARVEY.


We do not know what became of LEE Oswald - he may in fact still be alive. His brother Robert, still alive as of this writing, may be the last person to know the fate of his brother. But if he values the few remaining years of his life, he will go to his grave with his secrets."


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