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From pictures I have seen of Raphael Cruz Sr. in his older days, I believe there is enough resemblance to this young man in the Oswald leaflet photo that it could be Cruz.

Facially ( forehead shape and hair line and type ) and a short man as Cruz Sr. is.

And you do know Cruz Sr. had moved to New Orleans from Texas and was living there during the time Oswald was there and doing this leaflet passing.

Cruz Sr. was very active in Cuban ex-patriot activity in Texas. We are to believe that after his move to New Orleans he simply dropped out of such activity in the hottest Cuban anti-Castro activity area behind Miami?

Cruz must have known Carlos Bringuier who was head of propaganda and publicity for the New Orleans chapter of the DRE there. In other words...a big shot in the Cuban community.

In what biographical info sites I have searched for on Cruz Sr. there is a black hole of his time and activities when he lived in New Orleans.

And Cruz himself has been silent about his time in NO and also known for being involved some shady business and religious doings throughout his adult life. He doesn't come across as some innocent, humble and honest average Cuban heritage Joe type.

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I wish I had lots of extra funds to hire a few top human body identification experts and submit to them the photo of the suited, lanky man walking past the three tramps in front of the Texas School Book Depository the afternoon of 11,22,1963.

The photo is known as the Edward Lansdale picture.

The photo shows this man from the back only, but it is almost a full body shot and clearly shows the actual walking gate of this person which is a telling dynamic in comparative body type analysis.

There are many photos of Lansdale at different ages in the public domain. I feel sure there are enough of these that experts could have solid reference material for adequate comparison.

Both Colonel L.Fletcher Prouty and Marine General Victor Krulak worked with and knew Lansdale very well over many years and after viewing the Dealey Plaza Tramp photo they were certain it was Lansdale in it.

Can you imagine the implications if it can be proved that the man in the Tramp photo was truly Lansdale?

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Does anyone have an idea who this is?  In the New Orleans film he always has his back to the camera.  Suspicious?  He may be the most interesting person there.  I often call this the 3-patsy photo.  It has Oswald, Chauncy Holt, and Bill Shelley (I know there is controversy on this).  One of these men will be selected as the Patsy on Nov. 22, 1963.  Shelley is arrested and Holt, in the boxcar, dreads being blown up and used as the dead assassin. 


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3 hours ago, John Butler said:

Can a good photo of the Cruz who is Ted Cruz's dad be posted?  One that is relevant to the time period.  I am not disagreeing with the individual that you hold as not Cruz.  I checked this out when Trump made his accusations.  It's not he father of Ted Cruz.

original.jpg Image: A Time for Truth

Cruz Sr. was born the same year as Oswald -1939.

 He would be 24 at the time of Oswald's leaflet passing. 

I see similar hair lines in both these pictures of Cruz Sr. 

Same hair style too.

The foreheads seem similar in vertical length, receding farther back from brows to hair line and overall outline shape.

Face shape similar with pronounced receding chin.

Both have skinny necks.

Eyes not noticeably different.

Ears and their vertical location on the side of the head as well.

If the Oswald leaflet worker isn't Cruz Sr. he at least looks more like the Cruz Sr. mug shot than not.

And Cruz Sr. was involved in anti-Castro group gatherings when he lived in Texas just before moving to N.O. He gave talks to interested groups about his story of coming to America and making an improbable successful effort to get a college education here despite being poverty stricken when he arrived.

It is also improbable that politically minded Cruz Sr. would not have known about the DRE in New Orleans when he arrived and lived there. Or that he never once met or had any discussions with other ex-pat Cubans while he was there.

He surely knew who some of the most prominent politically involved New Orleans Cubans like 29 year old Carlos Bringuier were at the time.

And it is improbable that Cruz Sr. didn't read about the Carlos Bringuier/Lee Oswald physical confrontation in downtown N.O. as it was in the paper and also reported on the radio and television news. Plus, there was even a broadcast debate between Bringuier and Oswald soon after the incident.

Cruz Sr. had to have known about these events. He was right there in N.O. when they all happened and he was too intelligent and politically minded himself not to have been aware of them.

Cruz Sr.s later adult life is full of out of the ordinary odd doings ( church leader especially ) that compels you to look at him and his vague statements regards them with rational truth questioning suspicion ... imo.


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I wonder what other members here think of the other person shown in the Oswald N.O. leaflet passing photo who looks remarkably like Texas School Book Depository employee Bill Shelley? 

The resemblance is close enough to seriously consider it as a match imo.

There are photos of Shelley standing right outside the Texas School Book Depository building in the immediate aftermath of the JFK shooting with his exaggerated pompadour hair style and extremely sunken cheek bony face that seem to be so similar to the Oswald N.O. photo person.

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I am of the firm opinion that it is Shelley.  However, I understand the controversy. 

Here's a montage of Rafael Cruz, Ted's dad, showing older and younger versions.


The middle photo and the left photo resemble each other.  They say this is Rafael Cruz.  If so, he is not the Latin in the New Orleans film featuring LHO, Holt, and IMO Bill Shelley.

The older version of Cruz looks different from the younger version. The Cruz in the middle has light colored eyes, maybe blue or grey, and the older version has green or brown, but certainly darker than the middle pic.

They say your ears and nose grow larger with time.  If the middle and left hand pics are Rafael Cruz then that would certainly be so.  The nose appears to be the same with little growth.  The older version looks more like the left hand pic rather than the middle.  The middle pic has some features of the older version.

I don't know what to say about the eye color.  Maybe the older version shows Rafael's eyes as darker due to film peculiarities and nothing more.


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