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Trump taking over YouTube

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From the Bloomberg News:


"In the immediate run up to the U.S. presidential election and on Election Day, the homepage of YouTube is set to advertise just one candidate: Donald Trump.

The president’s re-election campaign purchased the coveted advertising space atop the country’s most-visited video website for early November, said two people with knowledge of the transaction. The deal ensures Trump will be featured prominently in the key days when voters across the country prepare to head to the polls Nov. 3."


To read more, see:



Steve Thomas

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Wow Steve! This sounds pretty foreboding!  There has to be some kind equal time that an opponent can claim. I hope!

Just think of those 2 guys who started youtube, before Google bought them out. I don't even think Google thought this would rise to this hot a property!

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Chris Matthews had his shows on Thursday and Friday from the strip in Las Vegas. The mass of people and cars that were visible was astounding. Chris remarked that Bloomberg had anti-trump ads on billboards all around Vegas. These will have an impact.

I blame the worthless DNC and its chief who is a dunderhead for not reserving the YouTube spot many months ago..

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On 2/24/2020 at 4:24 PM, Jim Phelps said:

Trump is the New JFK---finishing what JFK started

Why bother responding?  The thread's been moved, nobody will read it.  Comparing JFK and trump as similar is ludicrous.  Comparing advertising in presidential elections in 1963 vs 2020 is an interesting and historically relevant subject.  They didn't have youtube in 1963 but they did have the first televised presidential debates and the first serious tv ads. 

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