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Bagley and Rocca; Bagley-Rocca. The JFK Cover-up and 9/11 Cover-up Looks Like a Family Business

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It interesting that the same family names, if not the same people, tend to show up each time there is a False Flag, Assassination or Coup attempt (domestic and foreign!)

For example, way back in 1917, there was exiled Belgian banker Hector Prud'homme Sr. working the European side to get the US into WWI. George Herbert Walker was one of the Americans working the US side. The fortunes made from that War would keep the families in caviar for the next 100 years, and in power. So it's probably not a coincidence Hector Prud'homme Jr. is in Iran, working for the World Bank, for the 1953 Coup, there. Or that Hector Jr. married Richard Bissell's sister, or that Richard Bissell's Cousin, married Bob Mueller's father.

Coincidence Probably

The JFK Assassination of course occurred a long time ago. More time has passed between the Trump Coup Era and the JFK Assassination (56 years) than the time that passed between the JFK Assassination and the end of WWI (46 years) or maybe a Wilson coup, as some of have considered.

Fifty Six years is a long time, and no one really expects to find JFK Coup plotting suspects involved in the attempts to take out Trump, at least since the death of George H.W. Bush (there's that Walker name again!)

Still, sometimes the family business is handed down from father to son, or father to daughter, (uncle to niece, father-in-law to son-in-law, etc.)

These days, when a family business is transferred to the next generation, it is apparently called "23 and Me." It used to just be called a "legacy" transfer. (Legacy is a good word, because a legacy transfer includes, inheritances, formal pre-probate agreements, or just an informal pat on the back and wink from a father to a son. It doesn't have to be a business transaction, it could be a Club membership, or even just a family secret.) As George Bluth told Michael Bluth,  "There's Always Money In The Banana Stand.")

So maybe there are only a few apparent links between the JFK Assassination and the Trump Coups, given the separation in time. The Ray Cline to Stefan Halper connection suggests they were both members of the same Club.

Sometimes the Connections Run Through Earlier False Flags

The amateur conspiracy crowd will often entertain some discourse when considering possible JFK assassination connections to the events of 9/11. Once again, the Bush/Walker clan seems to be peering from behind a curtain.

Then Christina Bagley-Rocca shows up in “non-google” Internet searches. It is hard to come up with a more CIA name than “Bagley-Rocca.” There is the daughter of Pete Bagley and the daughter in law of Ray Rocca, promoted to Under Secretary of State, after 20 years with the CIA, apparently negotiating with the Taliban in August 2001 over pipe-line rights of way.

When one explains who Pete and Ray were, and what there role in the JFK assassination cover-up up was, people get indignant.

The JFK Assassination cover up had Bagley and Rocca.

The 9/11 Cover-up had Bagley-Rocca.

Thirty-eight years separated JFK and 9/11.

Nineteen years separate 9/11 and the Trump Coup.

If we find Ted Shackley protégé Cofer Black checking up on the Taliban in 2004 with Christina Bagley-Rocca in 2004, then wondering if Cofer Black’s directorship on the Board of Burisma had anything to do with yet another Coup attempt; this time against Trump, hardly seems like a "23-and-Me" type of ancestry exercise.


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