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"If you keep posting without clearing it with me first, I will see to it that you'll never publish Jimmy's book. That's a promise!

You probably have an idea that you can do what you please. Go for it and find out !"


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From: Wim Dankbaar

To: Pam

Cc: Daniel Marvin ; Kris Millegan

Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 12:19 PM

Subject: last chance


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I know you care about me and wonder why I am the way I am. Ask your wife what PMS and pre-menopausal problems are. She might not have personal experience with any of these problems because of her younger age and she has a loving rich husband who doesn't abuse her. She probably has friends or acquaintances who suffer with these conditions though.

After briefly explaining my life and last marriage, I've been diagnosed by my doctor with "post traumatic stress disorder". It is the same condition that a soldier returning from war is often diagnosed with. Continual stress often exasperates the condition.

I know you really want to understand me and why I do the things I do. Hyperviligance is one of the symptoms that can be associated with this problem. I trust God to heal me of everything. PTSD and PMS are on the list of "things to do."



I've given up understanding, Pam!

Apparently publishing the book is not that important to you.

It's not about free speech, it's about going against your partners, spread lies and false accusations about them, despite earlier promises to quit. That's called byting the hand that's feeding you. You may practice that "free speech" all you want, but don't expect me to soften up our agreements then.


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Hyper vigilance: Over; above; beyond - on the alert, watchfulness as it relates to being able to trust FBI people to tell the truth concerning the JFK assassination.

Zack Shelton and his denial about telling James Files on December 1, 1998 he was at the infamous torture session with Files in 1977 but “didn’t take part in it” comes to mind.

Thank you for making my point Wim that unnecessary stress from you only makes the situation worse with PMS and PTSD.

Oh yes, I will publish To Kill A Country and it is very important to me.

For anyone who has not read the story behind the book, here is the link:

I wanted Jimmy to comment on domestic assassination programs and the plans for civilian concentration camps and prisons here in the United States. I had him commenting on the drug trade sponsored by the CIA and DEA. Barry Seal, Mena, Arkansas, Florida’s key role in the drug business and other things he had first hand knowledge and participation in.

Let me back up for just a minute. Before I made my list of interview questions in February 2001, I had spoken with Kenny Larry on October 8, 2000. We had a great talk and I looked forward to meeting him and his wife the next time out to Chicago.

Jimmy, myself, Kenny, Big Mike, Mark, Danny and all the people I had contact with in September 2000 were in what could be called “the circle of trust” and we did not have any problems. They all trusted Jimmy and his judgment and Jimmy knew deep in his heart I wasn’t a government secret agent trying to pump him for information. God set up our relationship not the FBI, CIA or any alphabet group that I was accused later of being part of.

I think the suspicions started when Bob Vernon and Zack Shelton were trying to produce a documentary and they were going around the Chicago area, as Jimmy would say, “beatin’ doors down” trying to find out information about James Files from former associates in his old neighbor hoods. Zechariah “Zack” Shelton, badge number 6865, is the Special FBI Agent (now retired as of 1998 – officially) who gave Joe West the lead on a prisoner in Stateville who might know something about the JFK assassination. The FBI has known of James Files involvement in the JFK assassination since 1964. I have no idea how long Mr. Shelton knew about Jimmy and JFK before he gave the tip to Mr. West. Zack and Jimmy go way back and he has been chasing him for contract murder and the chop shops for many years in the Chicago area. Even though he denies it now, Zack admitted to Jimmy on December 1, 1998 in the Stateville visiting room he was present at the 1977 FBI torture session but did not take part in the torture. Jimmy said, “Well does that make it right?” This is when Jimmy was drugged, kidnapped, and tortured with a cattle prod until he lost consciousness and his voice from screaming. Like I said, Zack denies ever saying that to Jimmy and I have to believe Jimmy because he has never lied to me. This is a very touchy subject with Zack because his credibility is on the line with other statements he has made concerning the JFK assassination in his documentary project he started with Bob Vernon and is now with Wim Dankbaar.

So, when Bob and Zack and fellow associates in the entertainment production business who are either current or former FBI agents, were trying to get information from Jimmy’s acquaintances, Jimmy’s friends all started getting nervous and shut us out. Kenny moved. Big Mike and Mark moved. This was unexpected and they cut off all communication with Jimmy and I. No phone. No address. No forwarding address.

At the time I didn’t understand why they cut us off, but Jimmy said he did. They probably thought I was working with Bob Vernon and they all did not like him or his FBI buddies snooping around. Why would I love an old man in prison if I were young, beautiful, available and free? In their minds this could only be explained away by me being a G-Woman working covertly with the feds to bust the peons in the Outfit to make themselves look good.

“She’s a government snitch Jimmy! You’ve done too much time and this broad’s gotten to ya!” I don’t know exactly what they said but they all quit taking to us or accepting Jimmy’s calls from prison. Thanks Bob and Zack. Some of those friendships were 40 years old and now the only thing they honor is blood. Watch the Godfather again if you need a refresher on how these guys deal with betrayal of trust.

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