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Counterpunch’s Jeffrey St Clair:

I have five really good friends who are emergency room doctors or nurses. It is grueling work in the best of times, often operating in a near-constant state of triage. They are among the most selfless and hardworking people I know and are all now working insane shifts treating dozens of people a day with coronavirus symptoms. Unable to confirm a diagnosis due to lack of tests, they are sending most of the patients back home, while placing themselves at extreme risk of contracting the virus. They are holding the system together while it splinters, quite literally performing triage on patients and the health care system itself. But it can’t be sustained much longer.”


“The first coronavirus case in the U.S. and South Korea was detected on the same day. By late January, Seoul had medical companies starting to work on a diagnostic test — one was approved a week later. Since then, South Korea has tested 290K people and the coronavirus outbreak is largely under control. The US has only tested 60,000 and cases are exploding.”

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1 hour ago, Pat Speer said:

If you quizzed most Americans at the beginning of the Great Depression and asked them if they would rather have a 2% die-off of the mostly elderly and sick, or a depression with 10-20% unemployment which ran simultaneous with the rise of fascism, and the prospect of another World War, I suspect they would choose the die-off. My point was that in a short-term scramble to "save lives", the long-term quality of life for the young will almost certainly be damaged, and more lives (or at the very least more quality years of life) will be lost down the road than saved in the short term.

Just thinking outside the box that's been built for us. Most see "Wow, they're trying to save lives!" But they should also see, "Wow, my son can't play with any of his friends, go to school, go out to eat, go to the library, or even go to a movie, and the nice people we chat with at the book store and breakfast place are all out of work and sweatin' how they're gonna pay their next rent, and if they can't pay their next rent, they're most certainly not gonna buy the (fill in the blank) my family needs them to buy for my family to stay employed...when there's not even one case of cornavirus in our town!"

And that's another thing. All this talk of handing out money indicates they plan on giving everyone the same amount of money. This is is yet another way for the Trump Administration to screw over those who didn't vote for him and reward those who did. Think about it. 1200 bucks is two months rent in the Bible belt but 3 weeks rent in Seattle, NYC, or L.A.

P.S. I wrote about the potential rise of fascism before I even read about what's going on in Israel.



    Think of the virus as a parasite that reproduces itself and proliferates within a host population-- a human "herd."

     By breaking up the "herd," the proliferation of the virus can be disrupted.

     As for the "stimulus" plans, I agree with your point.

     The GOP Senate will try to use COVID-19 as a pretext to further enrich their Robber Baron base-- because cutting taxes for corporations in 2017, obviously, worked brilliantly to stimulant U.S. GDP growth, eh?  🤨

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I went to the Doctor yesterday for my semi-annual check up.  I was sitting in the empty waiting room when my doctor pops out and scolds me say "What are you doing here?  Go home!."

I told him I needed to see him for various things and he said it had better be important in commanding voice.  He said I'm trying to keep you alive.

After discussing various medical issues we talked about the seriousness of the virus.  I had not been taking the virus seriously. I have a lot of respect for my GP.  When he said I should take this seriously, I did.  I decided to name this virus the Yellow Death after the Black Death of 1348, the original plague.

I live in Bardstown, Nelson Co. Ky.  Recently we had a man arrested and quarantined in his home with his family.  He and his wife claim they were never tested for the Corona Virus.  Nobody is paying attention to his claims.  I think our governor has gone overboard and closed just about everything except groceries.

I have tp, paper towels, but not Kleenexes.  Plenty food and bottled water for about 2 weeks.  I staying in and avoiding the Yellow Death.

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23 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

I' like to make a special request of the moderators that this topic be allowed to stay open in this locale even though it's not about JFK's Assassination per se, if it can be kept on topic.  The subject affects all members.


Suddenly that part about we all breathe the same air seems especially important.

I guess all the pubs are shut down in the UK, James, Bart?


"For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air.  We all cherish our children's futures.  We are all mortal."

Seems still a relevant quote these day's.  

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For two straight days it has been reported that there are no new cases of coronavirus in China. (Not counting those entering from other countries.)

That's really, really hard to believe, considering that China's population is one and a half billion people, and the virus is highly contagious.




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Uh oh, if Mark Zaid says its not kosher, by all means investigate Johnson.

After all, he wanted to impeach Trump right after he was elected, and we all know how that ended up.

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You are starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist.

Are you saying this was all done for Trump to stay in office?

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