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22 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:

I just wonder how this helps Trump.

I mean I don't think he looks very good so far.

But I guess he could always plead that you don't switch horses in mid stream, or in this case, the middle of a flooding river..

That rehearsal last year is interesting.

In the last day or so, Trump's been giggling about now becoming a "wartime president."  I believe that's why the article was written. 

Trump gloating like that over Coronapowers plays into past conspiracy theory memes that he wouldn't relinquish office in 2024, were he re-elected.

More war reporting:


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Per W's topic.  Our statistics are off by about half per Johns Hopkins.  Republican Governor says "In next two weeks probably tens of thousands".  In part because of few tests given.  Not the right direction. 

https://www.statesman.com/news/20200320/officials-brace-for-dramatic-upturn-in-covid-19-cases?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Austin American-Statesman austin-morning 2020-03-21&utm_content=GCOX_AUS&utm_term=032120

I went to the grocery store this afternoon.  Not crowded, a lady met me at the door with a wipe for my cart handle and pointed me to the hand sanitizer stand. Some bread, a dozen or so tortilla packages.  No eggs, margarine or canned biscuits.  No flour, salt, chicken, very limited pork (chops, etc.), beef was pretty much 1# ground chuck packs or higher dollar steaks.  Of course no paper towels or TP.

Need to keep eating even to need TP.     


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20 minutes ago, David Andrews said:

Where is Doug Caddy the past couple days?  Doug?

The Texas Tribune shows 24 cases in Harris county - Houston.  The most in the state.  Then again they show 21 in Travis county - Austin.  However the Austin American-Statesman says they have 62 cases.  Hopefully Doug's alright.

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Went to Ralph's tonight, probably the number one supermarket in LA.  (I decided not to shop online since the number of products for sale is limited,)

First, a lady there ran disinfectant over your shopping cart outside the entry.

She then had you line up on the side of the door.  There were 17 of us in line.

They will not allow anyone in the store when there are more than three people in one line. Had to wait about ten minutes.

I actually got a package of TP, but that is because they are rationing it.  No more than one to customer. Plus they do not put it out all at once, its staggered.  I got most everything on my list this time except for diet yogurt.

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