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Don't worry, I'm OK. 

Nice post by William above.

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Not just that but Corner Bakery.

Corner Bakery  looks completely  shut down now.  Denny's is only doing take out.

My street used to have four places I could eat at.  Bring my books, notepads and pen.  No more.

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It's official out here in the country midnight tonight, shelter in place.  Both the one city (20K) and largest town (3800) in the county issued proclamations today.  Several exceptions.  Obtaining feed for cattle, horses, goats, whatever, is one.  A lot of milk is produced here.  I wonder how well the instructions will be observed or enforced.  There are still a lot of skeptics out there regarding the danger of not stopping it now.  I saw  a picture this evening of people ignoring the (?) order in Austin on a beach on Barton creek below the springs, about 50 of them.

I'm lucky compared to many and thankful for it.  I live a couple of miles out side of the "city" on the back side of 15 acres.  Pretty isolated.  But I can roam the property, mow (in March!), walk to the mail box.  If I'll stay here.  Even when off work I go into town and interact with others. Also thankful for my wife for so much more than company.  And a pretty full freezer. 

Pessimistic me thinks the one week April 1 dead line might likely be extended.  The numbers are still going up. Significantly.  Daily.

(?) are the police going to be stopping people asking them where they are going, running them off from the creek party at gunpoint if necessary, or arresting them? 

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8 hours ago, Robert Wheeler said:

I’m guessing most of you West Coasters don’t get to see NYC Mayor de Blasio “beclown” himself everyday. The only thing he hasn’t called for yet is Marines with flame throwers to battle the wretched Pandemic.

Anyway, de Blasio is his mother’s maiden name. He started using it when he got into politics. His real last name is Wilhelm. 

His uncle was a guy named Donald Wilhelm. Donald was with the CIA and was the ghost writer of the Shahs memoirs after the 1953 Coup.

Small world.



That guy is worthless. Your Governor is making me proud in this crisis though. I am definitely not a fan of his politics, but he is doing a good job managing the crisis and fighting for his people.

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1 hour ago, Robert Wheeler said:

Andrew Cuomo is running for President. He is Biden's replacement.

The de Blasio / Cuomo press conferences are a school play. de Blasio plays the buffoon and Cuomo looks Presidential.

There is no way in hell that Biden is going to be allowed to run against Trump. He has no where near the energy and sharpness as Trump and Sanders.

Biden is going to drop out.

They will come up with some excuse. Coronavirus, another stroke, he got lost in a Walmart, he got in his Buick and drove across three states trying to find a liquor store, anything.

Cuomo looks Presidential, but the dirt on his Family and himself is a mile thick. They are trying to bring him in as late as possible to keep the dirt away from the voting public.

Cuomo2020 and deBlasio - The President and the clown

Yo, Rob, if you're interested in Presidential clown shows, cheggidout...  🤥

Trump team failed to follow NSC’s pandemic playbook



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8 hours ago, David Andrews said:

You didn't seriously buy this record, did you?

Nah.  I was just googling songs with shelter in them and I've linked Gimmie Shelter more than once.  Made me think of Leon Russell and The Shelter People though.  I do have this one on an old album though and it seems to relate to things at the moment.


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1 hour ago, Robert Wheeler said:

I'll bookmark that article in my folder of "possibly agenda driven journalism. My favorite is still,

"North Carolina Farmer Says Smoking is Good for You"

Reporting the facts is now "agenda driven journalism," Rob?  

I'll bookmark that in my folder of Goofy GOP Euphemisms-- along with, "Wise Use," for environmental desecration, and, "Virtue Signalling," for discussing social ethics in matters of public policy...  🙄

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That seemed like a pretty good guideline to follow. But I guess it went by the wayside when Trump dumped it from the NSC.

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Things to do in Denver when you're not dead yet?

I've been watching Season 3 of Babylon Berlin on Netflix this week.

It's a terrific series produced by Sky Television-- a detective thriller set in Berlin in 1929, with complex subplots involving floundering Weimar Republic politicians, wealthy industrialists, scheming generals, racketeers, cabaret flappers, beleaguered socialists, and Nazi SA thugs.

Somewhat similar to the great film, Cabaret, but more complex and realistic.

In Hollywood productions, Germans are stereotypically depicted as either hideously ugly, misanthropic Nazi colonels, or mad scientists.

But, in German films the actors always look like people from my old high school in Denver.  The main character in Babylon Berlin, Gereon Rath, looks eerily like my late father looked when he was 40.

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Geez Bob, or Mr Wheeler or Robert:

All I said was that seemed like a good guidebook. And that Trump removed that aspect from the NSC level.  I could also add that he reduced the budget.

These are all true.

Then you start talking about Mark Zaid, which this thread is not based on, and how its manmade, which we really do not know yet do we?

And then you say dump the thread?


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