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2 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

I think your thread's being hijacked.  I read the local, state and national news this morning.  We are Number 1 now in terms of cases, I guess everybody saw that.  Kept checking email and the phone for missed messages from work as I'm 'working from home'.  Nothing.   Went outside and weed eated and mowed late afternoon.  Weeds, not grass are going wild after much rain lately, in March.  Came back in to an email about training to mentor students transitioning  to on line learning.  Which i know nothing about, my main activity is purchasing.  Using technology I've never heard of.  I suppose I should embrace it as something to do, if I want to hang on for that increasingly elusive thing called retirement, should I survive another year.

A little later tonight I'm gong to watch Peyton Manning and the Broncos beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in the 2015 season AFC championship on their way to winning the Superbowl.  For free on the NFL network for the next two months as a result of the corona virus.  It's been long enough I don't remember the details of the game and it's better than the news.

      I remember that game well.  Von Miller and the Denver defense (coached by the indefatigable Wade Phillips) really got after Tom Brady to eke out that win and a trip to Super Bowl 50.  Von Miller had a post-season for the ages that year, ultimately finishing the season as MVP of Super Bowl 50.  But the Broncos had been power-ranked down at #8 in the NFL that December, before Peyton returned from IR.

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Like most everyone else I don't want to think the worst regards this monster virus.

Even though I am reading and hearing about growing numbers of ominous reports.

I read personal accounts of those who have the virus. Their stories are mostly not good and hopeful.

The experts are saying it is much worse than Trump is saying it is.

Yet, ignoring these experts the majority of Americans believe Trump over them according to poll results I have seen in the last 3 days. That fact is as troubling as can be imo.

A nation mostly in denial?

A nation believing a science denying cult leader over truly society protecting scientists?

But, now we are more and more having to face the possibility of desperate action chaos happening in at least some of our nation's hardest hit areas of large and dense population.

In Madrid I just read a news report of workers abandoning rest homes.

The military there came into two or more of these homes to disinfect them and found the residents left to fend for themselves with some dead bodies in beds.

Sounds like New Orleans when many rest homes were abandoned during Hurricane Katrina. Or concentration camps littered with dead bodies.

Could that happen here? New York City sounds like it could devolve into an all out panic situation in certain areas.

Martial Law seems a very real possibility now more than even a week ago.

And we are even discussing the idea of letting our over 60 aged population take one for the Gipper and go out into the mine fields to clear them for the rest of society.

Our very own "Final Solution" plan!

Herd us all out into some isolated rural areas where we can just let the virus take us out?

Maybe while singing "God Bless America" or Abba songs?

And maybe with a little quick pain and suffering relief Jim Jones Kool Aid assistance?

This almost unbelievable discussion is real now!

It's as real as the Titanic ordering able bodied men to place themselves in certain death open waters to allow the women and children on board their sinking ship's limited lifeboats to save "their" lives.

All civil arguments, debates and law abiding behavior can quickly crumble once things turn into an all out run for pure survival.

It's going to take some incredible leadership and even "luck" now to make sure we don't fall into such straights. Luck in a quick cure?

Personally, I am having to seriously entertain the very real thought that my wife and I could be taken out by this virus, if it continues to spread and perhaps even mutate to stronger and more deadly degrees.

Like soldiers being sent into battle who are forced to mentally condition themselves to accept the reality that they may not come back alive once they are thrust into it.

As unbelievable as this new and over-night arriving nightmare reality seems and our psychs wanting to believe it is just a bad dream ... I breath a sad sigh and am forced to face the fact that it is not.

In deference to Doug C. , if the ET presence story is actually true, maybe now would be a good time to ask them for some help in turning back this humanity threatening monster?

Oh, and Bill Gates is now going public with his personal view of Trump's "go back to work" campaign as nuts.

20 hours ago - Microsoft founder Bill Gates says it will be necessary to live in isolation for at least six weeks. Source: AAP. Bill Gates has blasted the idea of ...



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55 minutes ago, Joe Bauer said:

Oh, and Bill Gates is now going public with his personal view of Trump's "go back to work" campaign as nuts.

A lot of us have problems with Bill Gates recommendations since he seems to have made population control a hobby after switching to full time Foundation work in 2006.

His sponsorship of Event 201 at Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum is one of the latest examples of fortuitous pre-planning. (Also, a lot of bad medical ideas came out of Johns Hopkins in the decades after WWII. In addition to being one of the centers of MK Ultra related projects, there was a decent amount of research on cancer, infectious diseases, and birth control. The first "gender transformation" surgery was done at Johns Hopkins in the 60s. Dr. Hoopes also lived on Gibson Island.) 

Gates of course has been coming up with all kinds of ideas that make people uncomfortable, coming from a guy who has enough money to buy Island chains around the world if he wants to be alone. He has been talking about personal vaccine markers and quantum dot tattoos so its easier to keep track of the population. His sponsorship of some Jeff Epstein "transhumanist" projects is another eyebrow raising philanthropic effort.

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5 minutes ago, James DiEugenio said:

The only thing more karmic would be televangelist Jim Baker dying of Silver Solution poisoning.  🤥

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3 hours ago, W. Niederhut said:

The only thing more karmic would be televangelist Jim Baker dying of Silver Solution poisoning.  🤥

The Man who Turned Blue


The man became famous after an appearance on the ‘Today’ show, where he explained how he had used silver internally and externally to treat dermatitis on his face.(NBC NewsWire/Getty Images)

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4 hours ago, Robert Wheeler said:

Trump is about to Nationalize the Fed if you’re paying attention. Titanic.

Details, please.   What are the implications for us-- the little people?

And, if the Titanic sinks, who will be in the luxury yachts and lifeboats, besides Moochin' Mnuchin and the Trump Crime Family?

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