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14 minutes ago, Ron Bulman said:

A month ago today we were isolating even more than usual due to blowing snow and plunging temperatures.

I'd guess maybe W's snowed in today.

Winter storm pounds Denver; Colorado could get up to 4 feet of snow; 2,000 flights canceled; tornadoes, baseball-size hail hit Texas (msn.com)

This Denver blizzard is kicking my a-- today.  I shoveled 8 inches of very heavy, wet snow this morning at 7:00 AM, then went back out at 11:00 AM and shoveled another 8 inches in 20+ mph winds.  The snow has been falling so fast that the sidewalks are covered with 1-2 inches before I can even hike back up to the house.   Trying to rest up before going back out there this afternoon.  I think I'm getting old, because I don't usually feel this beat shoveling snow.

On the positive side-- no power outages yet in our neighborhood.

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I'm happy to say that yesterday afternoon the four employee's and all others seen at Home Depot in south Fort Worth were all still masking.  In spite of the governor's opening of everything.  Maybe it's mandated by management but it seems like some people get it.  About the same number masking in the grocery store this morning as have been the last few month's.

Read of positive reviews of Biden's speech.  While he stumbled, and stuttered a few times I thought he made sense.  Hold on just a little longer until we get everyone (or as many as will) vaccinated.  Go slow, hopefully small gatherings by the 4th of July.  I'm still not going into a crowded restaurant in prime time among other things, until two weeks after my second shot, whenever that may be.  

Today I isolated with my new grill/grill/smoker.  Seasoned 2/3 of it with vegetable oil per instructions, the charcoal/wood grill and attached smoker portion.  With the gas grill it's 6 1/2' long, must weigh 300 pounds.  Took 2 young men and me a second effort to load it.   Best rib's I've  ever cooked, maybe best I've ever eaten.  Beautiful day, 70 ish, sunshine, variable mediocre winds.

Char-Griller Texas Trio 3-Burner Dual Fuel Grill with Smoker in Black-3070 - The Home Depot  

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2 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

Fourth heaviest snow storm in recorded history for Denver.  Almost 46" in 1913, that was over a 4 day period but still.  Worst ever for Cheyenne Wyoming.

Biggest total from record-shattering snowstorm tops 50 inches (msn.com)

     This one wasn't the worst I've seen.

     I survived the Blizzard of '78 in Providence, Rhode Island when I was in college.  I joined a group of guys from my dorm who decided to shovel snow at a local hospital, and we ended up on the television news. 

     The main thing I remember about that Blizzard of '78 were the long rows of abandoned cars and trucks on I-95 in Providence.  It was eerie-- like a scene out of the Twilight Zone.

Gallery: A look back at the Blizzard of 1978 - providencejournal.com -  Providence, RI


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I'm amazed.  I get shot tomorrow at 11:00.  Calls yesterday from Tarrant County, regional HQ in Fort Worth, where I'd registered per instructions about them and Baylor Scott and White about if I was still interested.   Called county covid hotline confused about a supposed referral from TC.  We have openings tomorrow.  2 miles away vs 75.

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9 hours ago, Kirk Gallaway said:

Unreal.  These varying "public health" standards would be laughable if the virus weren't so deadly.  Friends of the Alcalde of Manaus?

Grocery workers in Texas still don't qualify?  It reminds me of the grocery worker here in Colorado who got the vaccine the same day I did this month, on March 5th -- her first day of eligibility.  I was truly surprised to learn that she had to wait so long to get vaccinated.

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Received my first Pfizer Covid vaccination shot yesterday.

A less than great report I'm afraid.

No side effects for several hours into the evening except my tinnitus increasing 50% and feeling more drained than usual, however I often feel that way so not sure if it was my imagination?

Later though about 10PM and since then my upper arm is hurting, especially right at the injection point. Just touching it hurts much worse than I had heard others say it did for them. Deep soreness pain, even without any contact with anything.

Can't lay on that side.  

Don't want to be too negative ( no breathing problems at all and no fever or chills )  but I have not slept one second all night. My upper and lower insides feel tense, agitated, stressed, kind of sick feeling, especially my stomach and intestinal tract. Constant loud growls, rumbling, stress and again slight nausea in that area.

Is this a Covid vaccination side effect? I had been feeling quite well in this regards until today. My guess is that it probably is?

I am sure about the tinnitus side effect however.

I noticed just 3 or 4 hours after my shot that the tinnitus I already have in my left ear increased in loudness 50%. Still this loud at 4:05 AM this morning. Not my imagination.

I am obviously somewhat anxious about these post shot side effect symptoms.

The arm pain is expected and will fade I am sure.

Hoping the other physical stresses somehow dissipate throughout the day today as well. We'll see.

Wish I could say I felt no different after the shot than before. Just can't though.

Edited by Joe Bauer
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On 2/17/2021 at 7:57 PM, Ron Bulman said:

"Texans would willingly go without heat or electricity for days rather than give the federal government any more power...".

Not all of us Rick.  Bet it's not in the 30's to 40's in your house with no light in the dark or water for day's.

Rick Perry says Texans would rather go without electricity than give the federal government more power over them (msn.com)

I guess freezing to death at home does prevent the spread of covid, and the number of deaths reported from it.

These people can no longer say screw Rick Perry.

111 Deaths Now Attributed To Texas’ Winter Storms In February (msn.com)

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