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Gov. Cuomo will replace Biden. Take that Bernie Bros!

Robert Wheeler

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After the impeachment failed, Gov. Murphy of NJ, Gov. Newsom of California and Gov. Cuomo of NY were told to get ready in case they were "called" to run for President.

As anyone who has ever Biden on TV for more than 5 minutes, he is not capable of handling the rigors of the Campaign.

Moreover, Biden has a ton of baggage. Not only is he on video threatening to withhold aid to Ukraine, his son made $80k a month in a no show Job at Burisma. Aside from that, there all those uncomfortable and cringy videos of the old man sniffing kids hair.

But Biden Did His Job

Biden just had to stay in their long enough to keep Bernie from getting the nomination. Bernie must be a man of principal. He apparently had no intention of towing the DNC's line of malfeasance. (I would say "party Line", but "party" implies all Democrats, including the average voter. The DNC is more appropriate because the DNC leadership are the ones that screwed Bernie, not the voters.)

Biden Disappears

Biden is being kept away from the Cameras for the coronavirus part of the show.

Gov. Cuomo is looking pretty presidential in his press conferences. He is not taking jabs at the President. He looks focused on keeping the public informed and is otherwise not looking like a lunatic. I am sure he is getting decent national coverage. Many of you outside of the NYC area are probably not seeing NYC Mayor deBlassio. He is the perfect contrast to Cuomo. DeBlassio goes on Hyperbolic rants at his news conferences, blaming President Trump, Melania Trump, Baron Trump, etc.

Biden will Disappear for Good   

He'll probably come down with the coronavirus. He'll be incapacitated and then issue a press release saying that he will not be able to campaign because of his ill health. They are just waiting for Bernie to throw in the towel.

Bernie is Screwing Up the Timing of the Plan

Tulsi was probably promised the VP spot under the Cuomo ticket. That's why she endorsed Biden. 

The DNC is also hoping Tulsi can mollify the Bernie Bros who see the obvious "switcheroo" coming.


1. Demented old man (Biden) gets rid of Bernie.

2. Coronavirus comes out of "nowhere."

3. Panic in the Streets of New Rochelle.

4. "Damn that Cuomo Kid is composed, especially next to that maniac Mayor de Blassio."

5. Biden catches the corona virus, or drives his Golf Cart into the water hazard at the 11th hole of Sunny Acres.

6. Andrew Cuomo steps up.



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