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Harvey and Lee side-by-side timeline

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Megathanks, DJ.  This is a wonderful resource!

The spreadsheet (.xlsx) version always seemed more flexible and useful to me.  The spreadsheet program in Libre Office (used to be Open Office) displays and manipulates the data the the timeline beautifully.  Libre Office is available without charge in versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux.  Many people think it is actually better than M$ Office.  Thanks again!

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Thanks Andrew... only way I could keep things straight...

So why do you suppose the FBI moved San Saba from 1947 to 1948?

Divorce is final JUNE 16, 1947... with Marge specifically asking that her name OSWALD be reinstated...
yet the first thing she buys as a divorced woman, she doesn't change her name back?

While Ekdahl gave her $1500 for the divorce, she had to pay the lawyers $250... yet still has the cash to buy San Saba... also meaning the house was built very quickly.


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1 hour ago, Gary Murr said:

Another fantastic work, David – impressive and useful. Kudos …


Thanks Gary...  Labor of love...    (and catches Robert in that juicy lie about 1945/46)


Mr. JENNER - Excuse me, was that 101 San Saba?
Mr. PIC - No, sir; I don't know nothing about 101 San Saba.


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