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No I really don't Cliff....the monograph is my current view of the actual conspiracy,  motive, its evolution, and its operational aspects.  A good number of years ago I drew my on conclusion that the medical and a variety of other evidence supported multiple shooters and a conspiracy had been in play in the attack - in that I would defer to the position you have taken for a very long time as well. 

I really don't have any interest in arguing with or convincing anyone there was a conspiracy, my interest has been in coming up with my best estimate of that conspiracy, and that is what is going into the monograph.  I'm just using the monograph to share my own  views after some 30 years at it....and that means just "share", not argue or evangelize.   I'll be eager to discuss it and elaborate as I can, but in reality its an opinion piece (with lots and lots of citations...grin). Certainly there may be more to it than I do see and I'm not bashful about admitting that either.

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