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Bus passengers to Mexico City

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Has any forum members any knowledge of authors/researchers who may have tracked down any of the named fellow travellers to Mexico City?

Albert Osborne aka John Howard Bowen died in San Antonio in '66.

Patricia Clare Rashleigh Winston & Pamela Lillian Mumford gave ambiguous statements regarding which bus they travelled on from Monterrey to Mexico City!  Both names absent from the Flecha Roja bus manifest.  Winston was the only witness who put LHO on the Flecha Roja bus #516.  Mumford stating they travelled by Transportes del Norte bus!

Dr. John McFarland was doing research at the University of Mississippi prior to his trip with wife Meryl to Mexico.  McFarland later returned to U.K. as surgeon/lecturer at Liverpool University & the Royal Liverpool Hospital.  He would later be contacted by FBI investigating the assassination.  c1990 he retired and lived in Soller on the island of Majorca.  He died in 2013.

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1 hour ago, Paul Brancato said:

David Josephs is resident expert on Oswald’s possible trip to Mexico. I’m sure he will weigh in. 

Cheers Paul.

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