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How to delete photos to free up attachment space.

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In the upper-right corner of the forum window is your photo and name. Click on your name and a popup window will appear. Click on My Attachments.

You will now see a list of photos you've uploaded and to the right of each photo is the post you attached the photo to.

Find the photo you want to delete. Then click the name of the thread (on the right) where you attached the photo.

This will open a new window and, if you wait a few seconds, your browser should automatically go to the post where that photo is attached. (In my case, I often need scroll down a little. That's due to a flaw in my version of FireFox.)

Click the Edit link for the post where the photo is attached, just as you would to edit any post. At the bottom of the editor window you will see a thumbnail copy of the photo that is attached. In the corner of the thumbnail you will see a tiny trash can icon. Click this to remove the photo from your allotted attachment space. Click Save to save your change.


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