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Trying to locate people aboard Air Force 2

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I emailed the Boston Kennedy Library asking them who was

aboard AF2 on November 22, 1963, to find out who could have taken the colour photo showing the arrival of the hearse carrying JFK to AF1- see thread

entitled "Is this the only photograph taken...".

According to the Godfrey McHugh (President John F. Kennedy's Air Force

Aide) Papers at the John F. Kennedy Library the following individuals were

aboard air craft number 86970 traveling from Dallas, Texas to Andrews Air

Force Base on November 22, 1963. The name of Tom Atkins does not appear. He may be the one who took the photograph.

The photo can be found on www.corbis.com. Use DALLAS PLANE KENNEDY as keywords to view it.


From Godfrey McHugh:

Dear Mr. Morissette...

Senator Ralph Yarborough

Congressman G. Mahon

Congressman J. Young

Congressman L. Beckworth

Congressman H. Gonzales

Congressman O. Teague

Congressman R. Roberts

Congressman J. Wright

Mr. Underwood

Mr. Ellis Hendrix

Sue Vogelsinger

Chris Camp

John Ready

Emory Roberts

Donald Lawton

William T. McIntyre

Donald Barnes

According to Death of a President by William Manchester there was no

official designation of "Air Force Two." This was a name that Vice

President Lyndon Johnson assigned to his aircraft.

Thank you for your interest.

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