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Randy Owen's JFK Dallas Motorcade video

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Updated version of my JFK Motorcade Video. I've decided not to add music, leaving only the original audio (in this case only audio was during WFAA-TV's live broadcast of JFK's arrival in Dallas at Love Field). I felt any non-original audio, including background music, could unintentionally influence the viewer. Because this deals only with the motorcade, it begins with coverage of the motorcade about to begin and does not include WFAA's coverage of Air Force One landng or the Kennedys greeting the crowd. Still needs some tweaking (more additions to be made), but here's what I have so far....


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13 hours ago, John Bockmon said:

Always wondered why the Secret Service guy at Love Field threw his hands up in the air and walked away from the limo.....Interesting, because it started a day of weird SS actions. 



Frustration with his boss for being purposefully left behind, kept from doing his sworn duty, protecting the president.

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From decades of experience, do not rely on Texas Monthly as a final source for anything.  They are one of the worst in America on the JFK case.  Ron Rosenabum did his 2oth annviersary hack job for them, which got him on Nightline.

The idea that Oswald was working as a dishwasher in the middle two weeks of November is simply unfounded.  And the description of Ruby might as well be written by someone like Garry Wills. 

Marrs says there were 17 agents there that night and they were already drinking at the Press Club before they got there, they called in advance. Management gave away booze to VIPS, which they were.  They sat around at 3:30 AM,  giggling about how they were getting bombed while paying firemen to protect Kennedy.  The manager said, these guys were bombed, they were drinking Everclear.  Everclear is grain alcohol, its about 190 proof. A friend of mine accidentally drank it one night.  He literally fell backwards on his butt,  and was bombed all night.

According to the handbook, each one of those guys should have faced termination.  Rowley, clearly part of the cover up, intervened to save face.  

There is no way in the world you can be drinking grain alcohol until 3:30 and wake up at 7 and be ready to go. In the real world they would have been charged with criminal negligence.


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