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The inevitable end result of our last 56 years

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1 hour ago, Robert Wheeler said:

God bless Senior Citizens in Michigan who were able to make it to the polling station at great risk of immediate death from Covid, just to vote for Joe Biden.

Emerick Tufnell, at the age of 122 I salute you, and you have an awesome sounding name. May you live as long as Harry Kiesissewski, which is sort of a cumbersome name. 




Whatever. This is just a list off of some lady's twitter account of people who have passed. Just throwing stuff up there to see if it sticks. Looking around for any crap to post here.

And as for the 230 million thousand line he messed up, that's the only thing I caught, and you too evidently. That's pretty darn good for the length of the speech. And we knew what he meant, didn't we? I'm sure you and Mr. Burrows  have never flubbed up speaking ,have you? Ever take a speech class in college?

 I don't give a hang about your "owning the libs". There are real hurting people out here, who are breathing easier. I don't know if you saw this, but Robert, I'm sure it won't affect you.  This is for others who haven't seen it.


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Kathy - I saw Van Jones and it brings home the very different feeling that most people of color have felt during this presidency. It’s not a question of how much the Democrats have done for poor people and people of color. It’s the ugly rhetoric from Trump and his associates, it’s the inclusive nature of the a Democratic Party that matters. Biden won because people of color came out and voted. White people, shamefully, supported Trump on balance. I feel very grateful to people like Stacey Abrams, who has devoted her time and considerable energy to enable fuller voter participation. I want to live in a more diverse, inclusive country. 

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I thought Biden's speech tonight was terrific-- his best public address ever. 

It was intelligent, informed, conciliatory, honest, and empathic -- everything that has been utterly absent in the discourse of our 45th President during the past four years.

It's a shame that so many Americans have been brainwashed and blinded by Trump's chicanery, to the extent that they cannot even hear the remarkable words that Joe Biden had to say to the country, and to the world, this evening.

What is even worse than the cultic blindness is the persistent dishonesty of Trump and the scoundrels promoting his disastrous tenure in the White House.  It's like an epidemic of mendacity.


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6 hours ago, Kirk Gallaway said:

Hey what about a trophy for me? I got 49 out of 50!, and Biden at 291! The one miss is Georgia but that really hasn't been called yet, right 

Exactly Kirk!  Georgia goes blue I win.  If it goes red you win.  It's Wheeler's contest, he made a big deal about it.  We took part and made the best calls. ( Two you didn't have were Georgia and Omaha, right?)

Wheeler keeps the both of us on ignore -- although he always seems to know when we're knocking something he wrote.

Still, it was his contest and he needs to acknowledge the fact you and I are one-two in this thing.

6 hours ago, Kirk Gallaway said:



I just put Maine for Biden, I guess there's a split thing in Maine? Actually that is a pretty  good idea for all the states to do. It's more equitable, at least short of abolishing the electoral outright!

I see Wheeler with his calculations still wasn't aware of the "red mirage". That's what you get with one  sided sources. Everyone was warned for weeks. As Jim said, because some of the Republican state legislatures didn't let them count the early mail in ballots ahead of time. They counted them at the end, and everybody knew weeks in advance that the early mail in votes were largely for Biden! No amount of math and probability have anything to with it!  Trump himself, all but prohibited his voters from doing mail in ballots.   Hello!



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4 hours ago, Robert Wheeler said:

God bless Senior Citizens in Michigan who were able to make it to the polling station at great risk of immediate death from Covid, just to vote for Joe Biden.

Emerick Tufnell, at the age of 122 I salute you, and you have an awesome sounding name. May you live as long as Harry Kiesissewski, which is sort of a cumbersome name. 




Another worthless tweet.


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Well thank you Cliff, As I said at the time, you and I were pretty much in sync, and you did get Georgia, but you also gave Biden Florida and North Carolina. I said I thought there was an outside chance you could be right about Florida, but I didn't trust Florida. But I did complement you for your astuteness on Arizona. 

Contrast our performance to Wheeler, who  predicted 356-82 in electoral votes for Trump!   I'm sure that was well thought out.(Of course if that happened, what need would there be for a recount, that Wheeler is now so sure about?)

Has Wheeler ever gotten a prediction right? Just 2 weeks ago, he predicted they were going to drop the bomb about Hunter Biden's pedophilia and abuse of his niece, the day before election day. What he didn't calculate was that there was 101 million votes that were already mailed in?       hah hah!

Wheeler's like Trump, he has no performance standard, so he's never  a candidate to evaluate his performance and realize his mistakes, so he's condemned to a life of silly arguments, baseless scandalous accusations, and perpetual online blunder!

Now we're going to be seeing a slough of baseless allegations about the election.

Edited by Kirk Gallaway
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I don't think you understand some things I wrote or the history of the Florida heist in 2000. I do. I studied it at length and in depth.

Florida was called early in the night for Gore.  Then about two hours into the coverage, they had W on TV from his hotel room with his father and brother Jeb, the Florida governor.  W told the TV public, a nationwide audience, that he thought the call on Florida was in haste.  He had info that such was not the case.  Shortly after that, the networks took Florida away from Gore and made it undecided. 

As it turned out, once it was made undecided, it was a close race, but Gore never reached 271.  Then Fox called Florida for Bush, and the networks announced he was the president.  That was when the graphic went up that Bush was at 271, not Gore. Which is the opposite of what your visual says.  And for awhile, everyone assumed Bush had won. Gore conceded to Bush on a phone call.  A  bad mistake by him. He fell for the lie. Exit polls are almost always correct.

Later in the night it was  shown just how bad Gore had erred. The Bush 271 graphic was a lie. Florida now went back to being undecided.  We all know the rest of the story, which you leave out. Scalia stopped the recount when it looked like Gore would win.

You either know this or you do not.  But you can find it right here. At around the 2:17 hour mark plus, Bush is declared the winner. Gore never had 271.  Someone manufactured that graphic you displayed. The people in your party are professionals at this.  And I have a hard time thinking you do not know it.  After all, they stole 2 presidential elections.  With disastrous results. 



Edited by James DiEugenio
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My wife and I were celebrating with pizza and sparkling cider when Biden came jogging out onto the stage like a spry athletic 50 year old!

I almost choked to death calling my wife's attention to Biden's remarkable sprint while my mouth was full of thick crusted sausage and pineapple pizza...my favorite!

Most people probably don't know how athletic Biden has been his whole life. He was a star football player in high school and even played college football as a defensive back! He has ridden bikes and run recreationally for many years.

Not an ounce of fat on JB.

A visibly stark contrast to MacDonald's fast food tubby DT.

Biden's color looked much better last night than previously. He seemed rosy cheeked, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

He gave a great speech with a quick paced vigor and didn't miss a beat except for one hardly noticable slip with Covid death numbers.

And there was more common good humanity in Biden's well written 1/2 hour speech than Trump has expressed his entire life.

Biden's vigor last night was encouraging. He also has a much more sincerely empathetic and kind looking face than angry, pouting Il Duce Donald Trump.

I don't think Biden received a vitamin, steroid or meth shot before he spoke last night.

I think that Biden is really just more healthy and vigorous than 90% of men his age.

And Kamala Harris looked sharp ( even hot! ) in her perfect fashion statement choice. Not over or underdone yet classy. It's creamy white color complimemented her beautiful olive tan skin tone perfectly imo.

Her introduction speech was Biden complimenting in common man and women inspiring style, message and tone and just long enough and a perfect lead in to our new president.

And whoever created and performed that incredible fireworks display after Harris's and Biden's speeches deserves top kudo's. Even on TV it looked amazing! 


And lastly, gotta say it was good to see Hunter Biden up there on stage with his Dad last night. We thought he might have chosen to lay low after the massive public Trump/Guiliani campaign to ruin him as a corrupt, ex-druggie, military drop out low life.

Yet, he bravely took his place in the family appearance support photo-op after the speeches.  


Edited by Joe Bauer
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I thought the election would be more in Biden's favor than it was.

I had read over and over the poll numbers of women voters nationwide indicating a huge anti-Trump majority in the 20+% range!

And since women make up slightly more than half our voter base, I thought the election would be at least a 10% Biden win blowout.

I am still shocked at how close the women vote was in contrast to those consistent anti-Trump sentiment women voters poll numbers. 

It seems almost all the polling companies ended up way off the actual voting numbers in many areas. The women's vote. Florida and Texas.

Just before the election I said the same thing Jim D said about Florida. I didn't trust that state. It still has a Republican dirty tricks Kathryn Harris and Roger Stone Brooks Brothers smell to it imo.

 How much do these polling company folks charge? If they did the weather predicting we'd be in big trouble. 

One state's vote count troubles me more than others however. Suspiciously so.

And that is "The Pine Tree State"...Maine.

Again, the Maine senatorial poll numbers were skewed obviously but what the end voting results showed was just too illogical and too far off, even with those somewhat skewed pre-election poll numbers imo.

Polls consistently showed Democrat Sara Gideon beating Susan Collins handily for months, with a tightening to just a 1 or 2% point advantage by election day.

Okay, I understand sneaky silent ( called shy? ) Trump/Collins voters coming out for Collins in the end. However, how does one explain this very high contrasting mathmatical anomaly regards the final presidential vote count versus the senate vote count in Maine?

Maine voters chose Biden over Trump by a resoundingly solid 9% points!

Over 2 times higher than the final national Biden winning vote margin.

And yet these same voters supposedly did a complete 180 degree reversal in their senate choice of Collins over Gideon ... by a 9% margin?

That's an 18% point swing!

Sorry, but I can't buy that big a swing as rational. It was totally contrasting to any other other state's voting margins with senate candidates, corresponding to their final vote count for president.

Collins has taken so much heat in her years of defending and enabling Trump, her name was "Mudd" nationally.  Especially after her voting for Trump's SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh which really riled a huge base of American women everywhere including her home state.

How often do we see a state vote for a presidential candidate by 9% over another...and then scroll down their ballots and reverse this number in voting for a sycophant of the presidential candidate they just solidly rejected?

How about a re-count of Maine's highly illogical senatorial vote count?

I think even Hercule Poirot might say "sumsing smells fishy in Denmark- Oui? " in regards to this highly illogical Maine voting affair.


Edited by Joe Bauer
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