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The inevitable end result of our last 56 years

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Really W. bring in the ref and stop this!, If the Emperor Trump ever saw such a masochistic devotional display as Wheeler has made for him in the last month, he'd undoubtedly call him a "sucker and a loser" and spit on him!!!


 Should Lindsey Graham be prosecuted for phoning up state "Secretary of States"  and trying to give them legal cover to throw out votes?! This guy thinks so.

For the chairman of the Senate committee charged with oversight of our legal system to have reportedly suggested that an election official toss out large numbers of legal ballots from American voters is appalling,” says Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington Executive Director Noah Bookbinder. “Not only is it wrong for Sen. Graham to apparently contemplate illegal behavior, but his suggestion undermines the integrity of our elections and the faith of the American people in our democracy.” He alleges, “Under the guise of rooting out election fraud, it looks like Graham is suggesting committing it. That is unacceptable, and Sen. Graham should step down from his chairmanship immediately.”

Hey Republicans, I found the real voter fraud right here.

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Just finished reading former Trump fixer/consigliere attorney Michael Cohen's book "Disloyal-A Memoir."

For 10 years the man was literally Trump's super charged personal pitbull attack dog.

Often right at his side more than anyone.

Carrying out Trump's business and legal dirty work and attacking his enemies with all out stick fetching dog owner pleasing devotion and enthusiasm and at times with a proud relish visciousness.

Cohen writes he admittedly was under a one track, blind cult follower mindset like spell as Trump's number one Capo / confidant hit man. Riding a continuous power trip high being close to his world famous "Boss" and doing his bidding with the 24/7 rush chasing energy of a meth addict.

Seemingly every two pages of Cohen's tome reveals enough outrageous Trump character corruption "alone" to bring down in scandal most other idolized high position celebrity icons. And there's 275 more!

Before reading Cohen's Trump insider tell-all I already sensed it was common knowledge Trump was extraordinarily morally, self-centered and greed obsessed corrupt.

There have been so many other published best seller Trump expose books, nationally broadcast film documentaries and personal take interviews in the public domain about Trump in this vein that one would have to be remarkably disinterested to not have heard or read at least some dark side tidbits of the eccentrically famous "You're Fired!" , "Grab Em By The Pu$$Y" and "Russia if you're listening ... " quoted celebrity.

Cohen's Trump corruption tale is interestingly different than the other takes.

It's personal. It's down and dirty pay back. 

It's Mafia Godfather throwing his most loyal capo under the bus with ratting out consequences theater.

It's disturbing ( and yet with a perverse voyeuristic attractiveness ) in it's grossly raw depiction of Trump's real and monumentally extreme flawed self.

Shamelessly, obsessively and immaturely self-centered, self-promoting and aggrandizing to a laughably overly exaggerated, grandiose and, as many have stated, a sociopathic degree.

Even if Cohen's "Disloyal-A Memoir" book sells a million copies, that equates into just .03 percent of our society reading for themselves the incredible bad character corruptness of Trump, from the view point of a 10 year extremely close and personally involved confidant - albeit with a grudge.

99.6 % of Americans will never buy this book. 97 to 98 % will probably never read Cohen's book outside of brief excerpts one would imagine.

Too bad.  It's a worthy Trump insider reveal eye opener imo. 

Although perhaps a little too heavy in it's straight shots of whiskey doses of Trump's sordid bad side exposing and trashing for some I would imagine.

It seems responsibly important however, that more Americans should know the fuller truth of a man who was our president for four turbulent years.

If for any other reason than to learn about how this supremely flawed, super controversial and aggressively driven man ever got elected and why his leadership was so extremely devisive of our society in so many unprecedented ways. 

And to learn about themselves as contributing members of our democracy and in what ways they either helped elect, support and enable this president or actively opposed and voted for his removal.

We are all a significant part of the Trump presidency and it's societal effect on us all collectively and it's carried on effect and legacy for years to come.




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9 hours ago, W. Niederhut said:

How many more knock out punches to the cabeza can Wheeler take before the refs finally stop this fight?

First it was weeks of posts about Joe Biden's alleged dementia, then about Hunter Biden's laptop.  Now it's alleged election fraud.

I was right about Wayne County for about 5 minutes. It looks like the ref gave the election board a 60 second standing 8 count and the two Republicans backed down.

Here is the Zoom call replay video where the Wayne County Dem berates the Repub. official



The county received 284 affidavits attesting to fraud and 28% of the ballots were unverified, nevertheless, Wayne did certify after initially a 2 for to 2 against stalemate.

Yes - Joe Biden remains demented, and Yes, Hunter Biden is not allowed in the same room as his 14 year old-niece unless another adult is present.


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— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 18, 2020

For me, the question is now becoming, who is using who?

People have been saying that Republican legislators are afraid of Donald Trump and his supporters.


Knowing that this guy is as crazy as a loon however, are these people just feeding Trump’s ego and narcissism in order to maintain their own hold on power? Are they just stringing him along, feeding him conspiracy theories until the runoff in Georgia in hopes that they maintain control of the Senate? Are we going to have to endure this for the next 48 days or so?

Steve Thomas

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2 hours ago, Steve Thomas said:

People have been saying that Republican legislators are afraid of Donald Trump and his supporters.

They're afraid of his supporters "their majority constituents" and "their" blind love, devotion and loyalty to Trump more than Trump himself imo. 

If you know the majority of your states voters will turn on you if you dare show any serious defection from Trump and his ideology and you crave your position as much as most elected officials always seem to do ... it's child understanding obvious what you need to do or not do.

As someone earlier posted the factual numbers showing white men and even white "women" favoring Trump nationally this election by an 8 point margin, a simple demographic analysis of your state's and district's ethnic make up will decide where you need to be in the Trump blind support enabling world.




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Latest national Presidential election vote count results show Biden beating Trump by 5.8 million votes.

79,200,000 to 73,400,000 ...with possibly another 750,000 + more votes yet to count.

New York State has only reported 84 % of their vote results.

Biden's winning popular vote margin is "double" that of Hillary Clinton's 2.9 million winning margin in the 2016 election.

Biden's popular vote winning margin over Trump will probably hit 6 million in it's final end count.

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For some reason, out of everything that has happened in 2020, the choice of this Christmas Tree (supposedly chosen by de Blasio) for Rockefeller Center makes me believe we are all in the middle of a global scale psy-op that is just too incomprehensible to ever comprehend.


Charlie Brown wants his tree back.

Rockefeller trees in normal years here.

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Deep Thoughts:
If Trump is so concerned about how may dead people voted for Biden, maybe he shouldn't have made so many dead people.
The Latest in Rudy's adventures-- Rudy's being paid $22,000 a day from his Trump Election Defense fund to make Trump's case for election fraud. Which I'm sure all the contributors think is money well spent.
Update from U.S. district court in Williamsport P.A., one of the Trump campaigns last stands.
Giuliani: I'm not sure what opacity means. It probably means you can  see.
Judge Brann: it means you can't see.
President Donald Trump handed the case to Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday. But rather than salvage it, the former New York mayor found himself grilled for hours by a skeptical federal judge over his unsupported claims of a conspiracy to steal the election.

During a five-hour hearing in Williamsport, U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann appeared mystified as Giuliani asserted without evidence that a “Mafia-like” cabal of Democratic leaders in cities nationwide used mail ballots to rig the election in Joe Biden’s favor.

Rudy sure earned his money yesterday!
Post image


Post image


 Icon Republican pollster and Wheeler Idol Frank  Luntz comented.

Post image





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1 hour ago, Dennis Berube said:

Questioning social media censorship and Russia gate equals blind agreement with everything Trump said or did? Poor form ole boy.



I simply asked you a question.  No need to get defensive.

Have you ever met a Trump talking point you didn’t like?  Please share.

I’ll be happy to stand corrected in my skepticism.

Perhaps we could start with all your posts condemning Trump’s white supremacy?

Edited by Cliff Varnell
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1 hour ago, Dennis Berube said:

Questioning social media censorship and Russia gate equals blind agreement with everything Trump said or did? Poor form ole boy.



If Cliff is not calling you a Grand Pooh-Bah of KKK, then you are not doing it right. 

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