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The inevitable end result of our last 56 years

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16 minutes ago, Bob Ness said:

Is, was and always will be a grifter. 

A con man works by giving you his confidence so he can take yours. That's how it works. That's why he is inappropriately welcoming and complimentary to people he doesn't even know. That's the tell and a common trait of all con men. A good con is the type where the mark becomes more invested in the con as time goes on. If you've done it really well, you can take their wallet and they'll be to embarrassed to tell anyone.

Years ago I did a screenplay about con men and researched all that stuff. The real deal guys, the still living con men from by-gone eras, all said these things. They also said it's true "you can't cheat an honest man".

All cons know how to appeal to the larceny in us all, particularly the simple minded or people predisposed to believing without critically weighing information (or are unqualified for one reason or the other).

It's all snake oil in one form or the other isn't it?

Your under arrest.

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I remember waking up in a hotel room one morning and tuning around to the TV oldies station and seeing this, Ron.It's an excellent TV time piece. I recognize  a lot of on air voices, and I notice the narrator is William Conrad of "Cannon".


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1 hour ago, Ron Bulman said:

Your under arrest.

You can't fool me.  This whole episode is an outtake from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.  Somebody wake up Jim.

From Hollywood Afternoons, the unpublished Jacqueline Susann novel:

Back in his trailer, Robert Culp poured a paper containing a gram of cocaine across the crevice he’d folded lengthwise in a fifty-dollar bill.  Fifty dollars meant a lot in those days.  With practiced precision, Culp licked the empty paper bindle, crumpled it, and threw it aside.  Then, leaning back in his naugahyde swivel chair, he hooned the entire amount into his sinuses, working one nostril at a time.  After pinching his nose shut in a long moment of satisfaction, he applied his attentions to the TV starlet wriggling, and giggling, upon the trailer’s round bed, with its velvet spread…

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Don't worry Trump isn't finished yet. Watch him construct a military problem in January,  which will mean he has to call out a National Emergency. Trouble is, he doesn't realise that Biden will still take over at 12 pm on the 20th January.

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Trump unleashes an army of sore losers

By DAVID SIDERS 12/13/2020


“In California, a Republican congressional candidate trounced in Democratic-heavy Los Angeles is still refusing to concede — while simultaneously announcing he’s running for governor. In Maryland, a congressional candidate beaten by more than 40 percentage points is still complaining about “irregularities” in her election. And in Tennessee, a House candidate defeated by more than 57 percentage points has reached out to the ubiquitous pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell to air her grievances about an election that no Republican had any chance of winning — but that she’s convinced she did.

The down-ballot parroting of Trump’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud began right after the election. But in the weeks since, it has evolved into a self-sustaining phenomenon of its own. Republican candidates for House, legislative and gubernatorial races in more than half a dozen states are still refusing to concede.

Echoing the president, these candidates are an early sign of what Republicans say will be a sustained, post-Trump effort to tighten voting restrictions and to reverse measures implemented in many states to make voting easier. They also may mark the beginning of a Trump-inspired trend of candidates who never fold — they just fade away after weeks and months of unsubstantiated allegations of fraud.

In the pre-Trump era, the campaign season grew longer on the front end, as candidates started campaigning earlier and earlier each year. In the post-Trump era, the opposite may be true: campaigns may never truly die.”

Steve Thomas


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It's a disturbing, disheartening and even sickening new reality Trump has created.

We've never seen a president do so much damage in so many ways to our society and to such exponentially unfathomable degrees. And in just 4 years!

Almost daily sowing angry hate and fear mongering divisiveness, mistrust of our most important and revered democratic institutions like Congress, the press and the voting process, flaunting and violating rules of law and respectful tradition, creating fear amongst anyone in public and even foreign service by publicly ridiculing or even firing those in this realm who dare disobey or criticize him.

The man spends far more time than any other president in his representing "all" Americans responsibilities playing golf at his own resorts, jetting around to well over 300 rallies ( an average of 1 and 1/2 per week! ) composing and posting angry, attacking and totally self-absorbed and self aggrandizing tweets thousands of times, staging pompous, self promoting/bragging PR photo ops, and constantly looking for ways to publicly insult or hurt his enemies and reward his family and loyalists.

Trump's daily cosmetic make up routine of hair cutting,styling and dye, facial skin coloring and who knows what other procedures is so obsessively and expensively out of the norm it's perversely over-the-top vain.

Never has a President inspired more insider tell-all best seller books and that have exposed more bad character traits and unethical and possible criminal charge doings than Trump.

Never has an American President been accused of more unwanted, inappropriate and even criminal sexual behavior and by more women victims than Trump.

One book alone ... "All The President's Women-Donald Trump And The Making Of A Predator" contains the Trump sexual predator experiences of more than 20 women who were willing to place their stories or even actual names into the public realm to inform the world of this man's true predator type character and behavior towards women.

One well known female journalist in New York City ( E. Jean Carroll ) has actually filed suit against Trump, accusing him of high end department store changing room rape!

Trump's most well known legacy quote may very well end up being ... I like to " Grab em by the pu$$y" !!!

Or, "Russia if you're listening ..." or regards the Proud Boys "Stand back and stand by" or "I won this election by a landslide!"

Just the fact that many in future generations will rationally and seriously ponder these disturbing Trump quotes as his most lasting and well known legacy ones is a tragic reality.

Anyone who dares to read even half of these national best seller insider tell-all books revealing the real Donald Trump will never to be able to defend him or promote him in a positive character and behavior light versus the most negative and disturbing with a straight and honest face.

Michael Cohen's Trump expose book "Disloyal - A Memoir" is the most graphic and disturbing insider expose of Trump. Every other page reveals a new Trump bad character shocker cumulatively building up to an almost monster like final assessment and depiction.

Trump's niece Mary Trump's book conveys much of the same but in a less graphic "street tough" even Mafia lingo type way as Cohen's.

I think most Americans truly wish Trump would just go away and take his constant anxiety creating, divisive conflict and confrontation loving and extreme insecurity bragging and bullying ways with him.

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I am surprised it took this long for someone to say this in a major venue.  Because I think its utterly accurate.  What Trump, and McConnell, and the Federalist Society  have done to the GOP is turn its underlying motivating factor into a hatred of liberalism.  Thus the whole "libtard" motto, and "cry more libs", by Madison Cawthorn, the newly elected congressman from North Carolina.  The GOP was headed in this direction under Gingrich and DeLay, but Trump's employment of people like Bannon and Bossie in the White House--who were really political operatives--made it all accelerated and more in the open. Its really kind of amazing when you realize that in the fifties, the two leaders of the party were Taft and Eisenhower.  Whatever one thought of those two men overall, they really did stand for something.  Ike once said, words to the effect, he would not be the one to tear down the New Deal. 

But today, as demonstrated by the rallies yesterday in Washington, the GOP has become a party of destruction.

Which actually makes forums like this kind of important historically. Because when you look at the presidents since JFK, he was the last one to really have a successful liberal term. (Click here and  go to Kennedy presidency 1961. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/jfk-at-100


Believe me, they know this, which is why they try and hijack him.

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1 hour ago, James DiEugenio said:

 What Trump, and McConnell, and the Federalist Society  have done to the GOP is turn its underlying motivating factor into a hatred of liberalism. 

Because when you look at the presidents since JFK, he was the last one to really have a successful liberal term.  

So DiEugenio denies the successful liberal policies of Obama’s last two years while decrying the right-wing attack on liberalism?

DiEugenio gave Trump’s fascism mostly a pass for four years while routinely attacking Obama.

Go figure.



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On 12/10/2020 at 3:09 PM, Dennis Berube said:

1.) Lincoln
2.) Washington
3.) FDR
4.) Monroe
5.) Madison
6.) Jefferson
7.) JQA
8.) JFK
9.) Arthur
10.) Garfield   ;)



Thanks for your reply.

The reason I asked for your presidential rankings is because you so quickly dismissed the list I presented (with Obama at #8) because it has Truman in the top 10. And then said the list was too generous with the rankings of T. Roosevelt, Jefferson, Eisenhower, and Reagan.

So in the list I presented, you rejected those that I've crossed out here:

  1. Lincoln
  2. Washington
  3. F.D. Roosevelt
  4. T. Roosevelt
  5. Jefferson
  6. Truman
  7. Eisenhower
  8. Obama
  9. Reagan
  10. L.B. Johnson

I was surprised because T. Roosevelt, Jefferson, and Truman have ranked in the top 10 of virtually every major poll taken of scholars. (Anyone interested can see a list of presidential poll results in a side-by-side comparison here.) Furthermore, Eisenhower has ranked in the top 10 in all but four polls. While results are mixed for Reagan and LBJ, they are still quite high. (Obama hasn't been in many polls due to his presidency being so recent.)

You rank Arthur and Garfield in your top 10, compared to their poor rankings in ALL the scholars' polls. I'm curious as to what they did that impresses you.


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The problem is that, as we have found out through the work of Paul Bleau, academia is establishment oriented.  Which roughly means, to get along, you go along. Therefore, someone like Truman, who I argue in my review of The Jakarta  Method, actually altered FDR's foreign policy, has been lavishly overrated.  I mean when Condi RIce likes your presidency, something is wrong somewhere.  Rice likes Truman, as many Republicans, like George Will also, because he encouraged the Cold War.  Which is a path I do not think FDR and Hull would have gone down. I mean we know that is what Anthony Eden said in a secret interview he did with Bob Sherwood.

But to show you how the Establishment encourages this, McCullough's book, which lavishly praised Truman, and covered up his horrible decision to drop the atomic bombs, becomes a bestseller and gets a mini series. (See this for McCullough's faux pas with both Truman and Adams.  I actually think he covered up the stuff with Truman https://hnn.us/articles/157.html.) If you recall, McCullough did the speech at Dealey Plaza on the 50th, when the mayor decided to rope it off and pass names of spectators through DHS.

Same with Eisenhower.  Eisenhower deliberately avoided enforcing the Brown vs Board decision, even in the face of the insurrection that took place by Orval Faubus at Little Rock in 1957.  He let that affair go on for weeks until he finally had to send in the military to protect the students from getting attacked.  He left that whole Brown vs Board mess up to the Kennedys to deal with.

And it was Ike who got us into Vietnam. He and Foster Dulles broke the Geneva Accords, and then CREATED a new country, South Vietnam. They then installed a whole new leadership which won through rigged elections.  Lansdale would tell Diem I can get you 60%, and Diem would say, how about 90%. This gave the illusion that somehow America was fighting for democracy.  Well, yeah when you have more people voting in a district than the eligible voters who live there, it looks like democracy.  And Foster Dulles saying, well now that the French are out, we can go in without a hint of colonialism. Figure that one out.

Needless to say Ike and Allen Dulles started the art of overthrowing democratically elected governments, in Iran and in Guatemala. They also began the method of assassination of foreign leaders: the Lumumba case being a very bad example. So, today, I am not a big fan of the allegedly avuncular Eisenhower.

The whole BLM movement has made us examine this whole presidency ranking business.  Washington and Jefferson both owned hundreds of slaves. Madison and Monroe owned scores. Grant owned at least one.  IMO, if I had to rank them, I would probably still include Washington and Jefferson, but I would have to gravely qualify that ranking.

And my God LBJ? That is just nutty.  Johnson altered so many of Kennedy's foreign policy moves, and for the worse, that its really ridiculous to try and count them.  And the Establishment historians who do these rankings helped cover that up.  To use just one example: Indonesia.  What Johnson did there led to the death of over a half million people.  Try and find one cable where anyone in the WH or State Department says, "Isn't that enough killing of innocent people?"

This is why I have never bought the whole American Exceptionalism rubric. Its a mask for people who do not want to deal with these issues, and also exalt people like Truman, Ike and LBJ.

Edited by James DiEugenio
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On 12/12/2020 at 4:18 AM, Ron Ecker said:

In 1990 Willie Nelson's assets were seized by the IRS because he owed them more than $16 million due to a tax shelter that was illegal. He was eventually able to pay off the debt (negotiated down to $6 million) by the auction of his assets and his release of "The IRS Tapes: Who'll Buy My Memories?"


A year or two ago I heard that Willie Nelson sold his 100 acre ranch near Birdseye, Utah. We pass by it on Memorial Days to visit my parents' graves. (My mother was born in nearby Fairview, current population 1247.) I wonder if that sale was to help pay off his IRS debt. It a nice area for horse riding, if that's your thing.




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"CCP & 1000’s of US citizens worked together to try to steal 2020 election at top of ticket & selected down ballot races. Serbia, Canada, Venezuela, Cuba, CIA, George Soros, Bill Gates, Biden, Clinton Foundation & many national state & local officials from both parties involved."

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 13, 2020

I wonder if they all got together over lunch.

I say we invade Canada, but let's wait until summer when it's warmer; or maybe send the Proud Boys up there now...

Steve Thomas

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The Russians have hacked into computer systems at Commerce and Treasury according to reports by various news agencies.  They happen all the time and we do it to other countries as well.  Is this just another day in the worldwide cyber wars?  Then again, is this possibly the kompromat on Trump coming to fruition as he pushes his "loyalist" into positions in every agency.  These people may be loyalist to Trump, but they may have ties to Russians or be compromised also.  Thirty eight days to go, if we're lucky.

The national media is all reporting on the coming transfer of power, but Trump is still saying "We're going to win this".  They haven't been paying attention.  He says exactly what he means, he has from day ONE.  Everyone is getting lulled to sleep by thinking this is all going to go the way it always does.  2021 may not signal the end of the nightmare of 2020.

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