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The inevitable end result of our last 56 years

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Mac Connell's talking tougher. The real issue with him is how much power does he have to preserve the future Republican  brand by purging Trump?

In the house he'd have little sway  because they're 2/3 Trump in favor of the recount.. But in the Senate  only 14%of the Republicans favored  the recount. 

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3 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

The above is kind of important. 

It indicates that McConnell is not going to whip his party into defending Trump. 

It also would suggest that he would not object to a censure declaration against Hawley and Cruz.


The problem is the two terms "incite" versus "provoke" which are legal terms of art that make a distinction between levels of culpability. Provoke is a softer term which seems to indicate he's keeping the option open of letting the scum bag escape once again. I don't think they actually whip votes in an impeachment generally but it's not like the chickens can't find the coup. We'll see but the spineless AH's that make up the republican party these days aren't likely to muster 17 votes. They'll throw the clown into double secret probation for an attempted coup d'état. Ridiculous.

We'll have to wait for the states to tune him up.

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3 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

Useless. Into congressional hearings he goes without being able to claim the fifth. States hold their cards until that is over with and into the piranha pen forthwith as he walks out the door. He's in a very tough spot whereas if he was actually given the usual pardon based on mercy or contrition he might have skated.

This likely gives more ammo to Republicans to convict Trump too. The good part is if he's not convicted Trump is mumbling about forming his own party which would sideline the Republicans for the next few cycles by peeling off ten or twenty million (or possibly less)voters. They deserve it for backing this waste of carbon.

Edited by Bob Ness
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I like the one where Rudy Giuliani blames Bill Barr for the riot.

It was treacherous': Rudy Giuliani hits out at Bill Barr for blaming Trump for Capitol riots and says cause of unrest was the ex-Attorney General's 'failure to investigate voter fraud' which left mob 'angry'

By Luke Kenton For Dailymail.com 20 January 2021


Rudy Giuliani said Tuesday that blame over the violent US Capitol riots should, at least in part, be attributed to former Attorney General William Barr – and not Donald Trump.

The former New York City Mayor made the comments in response to an assertion made by Barr on Monday in which he said Trump ‘precipitated’ the deadly unrest in Washington DC on January 6.

‘The real cause of the violence, I think, if you want something other than Antifa, is Bill Barr not investigating [election fraud],’ Giuliani added. ‘If the people are angry, they are angry that these crimes have gone unredressed, and we’ve gone two years with crimes unredressed.’”

It's nice to see the rats eating their own.

Steve Thomas

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Typical terrible twos tantrum throwing Trump just can't help himself.

Out the door on his last day in office he's dropping his drawers and mooning the American people with a final "Kiss My A$$" abuse of presidential perp pardon power performance.

A disgustingly blatant cynical and amoral middle finger thrusting TAKE THAT act of pissed off pay back for him being denied his delusional demands and way.

What a disturbed mind double whammy of legacy ruining conflict and chaos creating carnage the "fired" and disgrunted Trump leaves the American people in his last two weeks in office.

An encouraged and promoted violent insurrection ( with deaths ) upon our own highest body level of government and sacred Democracy institutions. 

Coupled with a gut cringing coup de grace gaggle of gleefully granted grand injustice pardons to his most loyal perp pals no matter how egregious their crimes.

What a magnificent send off display of ... well ... Trumpism.

Goodbye Mr.Trump and  ...  "Good Riddance!"

And please ( like the "Terminator" president you have been) ... please don't say that most famous line ..."I'LL BE BACK!" 

We've had enough of your unbelievably narcissistic, self-obsessed and mad with power constant conflict creating, nation dividing delusional nightmare.

We all need a deserved rest to start recovering from all the "PTTSD."

Post Traumatic Trump Stress Syndrome.




Edited by Joe Bauer
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I hope to God Joe Biden smudges the White House.

Purification Through the Ancient Practice of Smudging


"Smudging is an ancient purification ritual originally practiced by Native Americans. It involves igniting a bundle or braidof dried herbs and waving the smoke to purify people or spaces. Smudging metaphorically renews and cleanses the body, the mind and the spirit.

Smudging creates a “cleansing” smoke bath which mystics say purifies the physical and spiritual body and brings harmony and emotional balance. It releases negative ions, which research shows creates a more positive environment allowing spiritual cleansing and connectedness with the spiritual realm. Some say burning herbs releases the scents and vibrations into the air, replacing negative energies with the healing properties of herbs from the earth."


Oh, and he needs to sweep the White House for listening devices too.

Steve Thomas

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What was in those boxes of files that Donald Trump loaded aboard Marine One on the White House lawn just before he left for Andrews Air Force base?

What was so important that he couldn't trust them to ordinary shipping methods and couldn't afford to let them out of his sight?

I wonder.

Steve Thomas

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