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The inevitable end result of our last 56 years

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1 hour ago, Kirk Gallaway said:

Unfortunately, it looks like the Democrats are just going to rush through this thing and fail for a second time, when new evidence could be coming in after it's finished. If there's an eventual goal of prohibiting Trump from running again,  I don't know what the hurry is.  They've got a few years, but realistically it should be done this year.

They could just postpone the start,  lie low, continue with their legislative agenda, and let the DOJ investigation take it's course, and then proceed, and continue to let Vance and the New York courts and whatever other state courts prosecute Trump. 

Like it


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I wonder.

How long before Dick Cheney reacts to this Trump vigilante movement to destroy his daughter politically?

One would imagine Dick Cheney still has friends in the highest places and he will come to the defense of his daughter if this goes too far imo.

This attack on Liz Cheney and the other Republican representatives who have decided to abandon their loyalty to Trump is a stupidity reveal of him and his rabid followers who still blindly listen to and obey their fearless leader's intimidating getting back wishes no matter how recklessly wanton they are.

You'd think these Trump Yahoos who are saddling up onto this latest Trump ship jumper "go get em" posse would have some slight pause after seeing the price other Trump followers are now paying after also blindly following their master's none-too-subtle vindictive encouragement orders to march down to that Capital Building on January 6th and ... don't be weak!

You might guess that these blindly riled up and obeying Trump vindictive vigilante groups will eventually target someone they ought not be messing with and I would think Dick Cheney's daughter might fit into that category?

Just wondering.

Edited by Joe Bauer
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5 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

A republican Florida congressman campaigning in Wyoming against the former veep's daughter at this point?  Could it backfire?

George W. Bush Wades into GOP Civil War as Matt Gaetz Stirs Wyoming Revolt (msn.com)


What astounded me, was that in his appearance in Wyoming, Gaetz wasn't just there to campaign against Liz Cheney, he announced his intention to take on Mitch McConnell for leadership of the the Republican Party.

At his appearance, he said,

"We are in a battle for the soul of the Republican party, and I intend to win it," said Gaetz

"The truth is that the establishment in both political parties have teamed up to screw our fellow Americans for generations," Gaetz said. "The private insider club of Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney, they want to return our government to its default setting: enriching them."

With Kevin McCarthy traveling to Mar Lago, and Gaetz making this appearance in Wyoming, we can see where this is heading.

Steve Thomas

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4 hours ago, Ron Bulman said:

Why does Trump need a defense? He's not going to be convicted, so why should he bother with any lawyer low enough to work for him? (The only reason would be to hear himself being talked about on TV, which is what he lives for.) He could just have his puppet Kevin McCarthy tell the Senate trial that Trump does not recognize this unconstitutional proceeding. (Anyone else old enough to remember the ventriloquist act Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy? Now it's Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy.)



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Russian Intelligence Cultivated Donald Trump for Decades, Says Former KGB Agent

And the Kremlin was delighted with the results, former KGB major Yuri Shvets tells The Guardian.

The KGB Soviet spy agency and later Russian intelligence cultivated Donald Trump as an “asset” for 40 years, a former spy told The Guardian in a bombshell interview. And the Kremlin was delighted with the results, said former KGB major Yuri Shvets.

The strategy was typical: Focus on reasonably good prospects and hope one of the wooed Americans rises to a position of power or access that can be beneficial, said Shvets, who now lives in Virginia.

“People were recruited when they were just students and then they rose to important positions; something like that was happening with Trump,” explained Shvets, who worked as a KGB major in the 1980s in the U.S. with a cover job as a Washington correspondent for the Russian news agency Tass.


Shvets is a crucial source in the new book “American Kompromat,” written by investigative journalist and former Vanity Fair contributing editor Craig Unger, who has also penned “House of Trump, House of Putin.”

The KGB — and Czechoslovakian agents — first noticed Trump in 1977 when he married his first wife, Czech Ivana Zelnickova, Shvets told The Guardian.

Trump was wooed during his first visit with his wife to Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1987, as intelligence operatives flattered him, floated talking points they hoped he would push in the U.S., and urged Trump to go into politics, said Shvets. 


“For the KGB, it was a charm offensive,” he explained. “They had collected a lot of information on his personality so they knew who he was personally. The feeling was that he was extremely vulnerable intellectually, and psychologically — and he was prone to flattery. This is what they exploited.”

They “played the game as if they were immensely impressed by his personality and believed this is the guy who should be the president of the United States one day.”

The intelligence service was blown away by how eagerly Trump appeared to embrace the perspectives operatives pushed, said Shvets. Trump took out full-page ads in three major newspapers the year of his Moscow visit attacking western alliances by complaining that allies weren’t paying their fair share for defense. It was a theme he would push from the White House, chipping away at the bonds among Western nations. 

Trump’s links to Russia continued to strengthen when he held his Miss Universe beauty pageant in Moscow in 2013, sought a deal to build Trump Tower Moscow even as he was running for president in 2016, and developed other business links.

Trump’s 2016 campaign and presidential transition team had more than 100 contacts with Russian-linked operatives between September 2015 and January 2017, according to a report by the Center for American Progress’ Moscow Project.

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