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The inevitable end result of our last 56 years

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Super-rich will be able to buy £8million apartments on the world's largest yacht: Stunning 728ft-long £430m 'floating condo' will have 39 ultra-luxury onboard homes

By Ted Thornhill, Mailonline Travel Editor 28 June 2021


'Somnio' will launch in 2024, with the apartments spread over six decks - each one fully customisable

  • Owners will have access to a 'spectacular' 10,000-bottle capacity wine cellar and tasting room  

  • A lounge in the ship's bow, meanwhile, will provide for 'spectacular views' when sailing in scenic areas 

  • The owners will enjoy a life on the ocean waves like no other - enjoying service found only in the finest hotels 

'Somnio' will launch in 2024 and, with a length of 222m (728ft), will be easy to spot from the outside. Only a privileged few, though, will get to view the 500million-euro (£430million/$600million) boat from the inside. That's because she'll serve as a jaw-dropping floating condo for the super-rich, offering 39 ultra-luxury apartments starting at 9.5million euros (£8.1million/$11.2million)”.

The identity of the owners will remain a tightly guarded secret, with the chance to buy one of the apartments coming by invitation or referral only.”


'nuff said

Steve Thomas

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Useful article in The New Yorker on Kyle Rittenhouse, James Blake, and the Kenosha riot.  The post-shooting peripheral players, influencers and funders are...something else.  This link is to an audio reading, but you may be able to find a print copy on the New Yorker site:



Or are we done with all that?...

Edited by David Andrews
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Tennessee megadonor behind the demand to deploy South Dakota National Guard to Mexico border

By Sarah K. Burris June 29, 2021


“The Republican governor of South Dakota appears to have deployed the National Guard at the demand of a Tennessee GOP megadonor who agreed to pay for it.

According to a report by Insider, Kristi Noem made an announcement that she would deploy her state's troops to the Texas border. According to the news release, Noem said that the soldiers "will be paid for by a private donation."

It's drawing questions by folks wondering if it's legal for a private donor to buy American soldiers to use as his own mercenary troops.”

Steve Thomas


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 So, Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem-- the two front runners for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination in the recent CPAC straw poll-- are both sending armed guards to the Texas border, ostensibly to protect 'Murica from the Mexicans.

The Repubs are working this border/xenophobia thing in a big way.

Hopefully, no one will get massacred in another Walmart down there this summer... 🤥 

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2 hours ago, Steve Thomas said:

It's drawing questions by folks wondering if it's legal for a private donor to buy American soldiers to use as his own mercenary troops.”



Back to the 19th century.  We'll whup that thar Santy-Anny yet, by gum!



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New reports reveal a much larger plot and conspiracy by Trump before the Jan. 6 coup attempt

By Chauncey Devega, Salon June 30, 2021


“But the fundamental reason why Trump is targeting Milley and other national security leaders is because they stood up to him, and opposed his efforts to use the military as a personal weapon in service to his coup and his egomaniacal fantasies. Trump also believes that by attacking senior military officials for "disloyalty" and "betrayal," he can provoke dissent among supposedly "loyal" enlisted personnel.”

“In an essay at the Washington Spectator, George Black explains how former military officers and retired members of elite military units are organizing right-wing paramilitaries. Their purported goal is to "save" American democracy from the "socialists" and "liberals" by using violence against a government that has supposedly been taken over by "the enemy." Black's essay merits being quoted at length:

The biggest risk here is not that we fail to understand what happened in the past and breathe a sigh of relief that American democracy dodged a bullet. It's that we don't recognize what some have called a process of "ongoing incitement." The main significance of January 6 is that it failed. But failure is a learning experience, and those who propelled the insurrection are determined not to fail again. In that sense, the storming of the Capitol was not a culmination: it was one event in a sequence, even a dress rehearsal, just as the invasion of the Michigan State Capitol by armed militants last April can be seen as a dry run for January 6. …
The gutting and takeover of the [Republican] party has progressed in plain sight since January 6, embodied in the state-level drive to curtail voting rights and driven by the zeal of the two-thirds of Republican voters who have embraced Trump's Big Lie of a stolen election. The advance of the "cutting edge" — the military veterans of the Vietnam era and their present-day acolytes, however, has been less visible, though no less real. Perhaps the most important, though scantly reported, manifestation of this has been the emergence of a new group of retired officers called Flag Officers 4 America — "flag officers" meaning generals and admirals.

Black continues with a discussion of a veteran-centered far-right organization called 1st Amendment Praetorian, which says it is committed to violent resistance. He quotes one former Special Forces officer saying, "If you vote your way into socialism, you have to shoot your way out."

This new organization ... has much in common with the Oath Keepers — the invocation of the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam as the starting-point of the global anti-American conspiracy incarnated in the Democratic Party and the Deep State, the vow to defend the Constitution "against all enemies foreign and domestic," and the special role of elite units of the military. The group's leader, Robert Patrick Lewis, a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, says that the group was founded last October and provided security and intelligence, including the high-tech surveillance of protesters, to a string of Stop the Steal, MAGA, and other "patriot" rallies in the weeks following the election. By January, it had organized a security detachment for retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn — who helped raise funds for the group — and Trump's lawyer Sidney Powell. It performed this function at a Memorial Day weekend rally in Dallas where Flynn mooted the idea of a Myanmar-style military coup in the United States. What comes next, according to the group's website, is a "Coalition to Defend America" event in Palm Beach, Florida, on July 4 and the formation, together with "constitutional sheriffs," of grassroots "resilience groups, training them to free the oppressed."
Like the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters, 1st Amendment Praetorian is wedded to the idea that small numbers of highly trained individuals can move mountains. The key, Lewis says, is the unique organizational structure of the Special Forces, the 12-man Operational Detachment Alpha, which is "trained and equipped and operates under the knowledge that one ODA of 12 Green Berets can take down an entire nation."”
Steve Thomas


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Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg Expected to Be Charged Thursday

The Manhattan district attorney’s first charges in three-year probe will focus on alleged tax-related crimes at former president’s company

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Edited by Douglas Caddy
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      Here's a related article about the estimated prevalence of extreme right wing authoritarian beliefs in the U.S. today.  It's creepy-- about 25%.  The prevalence is much higher in military and police circles.

      This reminds me of circumstances in the Weimar Republic after 1929.  If I recall correctly, Hitler "won" the 1932 election with only one-third of the popular vote, before Von Hindenburg made him Chancellor.  

A Disturbing Number of Americans Have Right-Wing Authoritarian Views
A new poll shows a higher percentage of people in the U.S. qualify as "highly right-wing authoritarian" compared to other Western countries

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