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Confederate Counterinsurgencies And GLADIO Gambits: The JFK Murder Seen Thru A “Stay-Behind” Lens…

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Now, right off the bat, I would like to state quite plainly, that I realize I entered this forum with a bit of a bump.

However, it was not my intention to be a provocateur or a rabble-rousing, Cain-raise upstart. I apologize. 

I also realize perceptions are fixed and many of the forum members have been "tense" at one point in the past with another member. These squabbles are apt to cause a complete mess of a topic. 

I pray that, out of respect to a man suffering from combat-induced PTSD (myself), that it does not happen in the topic I am starting.

Tangents into other topics also occur with such regular ease that it is almost impossible to understand what the Hell is being talked about.

It is my sincere hope that it doesn't happen here.

What I mean to do with this topic is present, soundly, a viable presentation of linkages between the covert military "Stay-Behind" elements of Western Eurasia, the organized crime elements (legitimate businessmen and under-world cartels) surrounding the narcotics trafficking in Southeast Asia and the Caribbean, United States domestic "Far-Right" ideologues (eugenicists, racists, fascist revolutionaries), the Operation "PAPERCLIP" scientists in the U.S. defense industry/ Operation "BLOODSTONE" Einsatzgruppen elements in the U.S. intelligence community, and finally the movement of covert assets (money, guns, narcotics, petroleum, white-slavery, industrial secrets, ect.) that is the fiber that holds them all together.

Simply put, I mean to demonstrate that the murder of President Kennedy required a "flexing" of all these elements at once. 

A unified push against true democracy, from all angles.

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A quote from a real "Stay-behind" specialist seems fitting to kick off the festivities:

"Invisibility is better than protection and intimate knowledge of terrain is most important. Utilizing this knowledge of the countryside and employing guerilla tactics, units of the Home Guard have defeated troops of the Regular Army in war games in Britain. With such units in every town and hamlet, the English people form a widespread web to trap an invader from any direction."

—    Bert "Yank" Levy (5 October 1897 – 2 September 1965)

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This is what my departed friend H.P. “Hank” Albarelli Jr. told me in one our last conversations.

"...Dallas, Miami, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, New Orleans, any town where there was a major convergence of valuable military resources, raw materials moving in a strategic manner, you will find, that at the height of the Cold War, that city was controlled by "Stay-behind" elements of the U.S. intelligence community and it's Eurasian allies. A military presence could be felt in every facet of the economic infrastructure and political arena..."

Hank then told me something to the effect that "...Dallas, Texas was such a town in 1963. The Central Intelligence Agency saw it as a 'Langley away from Langley'..."

"...Dallas, the entire infrastructure of the town, was a CIA front company, the police, civil-defense, local government, munitions factories, the mayor's office, raw materials industry, whore-houses, the whole damn show!" 

"...the logic was that if the CIA's infrastructure was destroyed by a nuclear first-strike, it would have an emergency back-up operations nest operating out of the range of Soviet ICBMs..."

"...but the placement of medium-range ICBMs in Cuba placed major munitions factories in Texas and the vital trade routes into Latin America, via the ports littering New Orleans, into the crosshairs of atomic annihilation..."

"The moment that happened, President Kennedy's days were numbered. Any sign of détente would be an unforgivable act of treason." 

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The template described to me by Hank Albarelli, that CIA used "Stay-behind" experts to set the stage for the murder of President Kennedy, seems more viable the deeper I research the "Big Event" in Dallas thru that lens.


I will be quoting extensively now from a book recommended to me by Mr. Albarelli, authored by Professor Jeffrey M. Bale, titled "The Darkest Sides Of Politics, I: Postwar Fascism, Covert Operations And Terrorism"

The following quote can be found on page 120, in the reference section of Chapter 3 titled "Postwar Neo-Fascist Internationals, Part I: Nazi Escape Networks, The Mouvement Social Européennes, Europäische Neu-Ordnung, and Jeune Europe"


QUOTE — "... 66. For more information about Merex, see Heinz Vielain, Waffenschmuggel im Staatsauftrag was lange in Bonn geheim bleiben musste? (Herford: Busse Seewald, 1986); Lee, Beast Reawakens, pp. 183-4, who claims that Skorzeny helped found the company (in addition to doing business with ex-CIA officer Sam Cummings' Interarms Company and becoming a "major weapons broker" for the Salazar regime); and González-Mata, Terrorismo international, pp. 146-51, who quotes a 13 September 1975 telegram prepared by an official at the Portuguese embassy in Paris for the details concerning Spínola's contacts.

Among the other persons with whom Spínola supposedly met during his summer visits to several European countries were Franz-Josef Strauß of the Bavarian Christlich-Soziale Union (CSU: Christian Social Union); Sánchez Covisa of the GCR; billionaire Jorge Jardim, an ex-Secretary of State appointed by Salazar and a key financial backer of anti-independence organizations in Mozambique and other Portuguese colonies; Hermann Josef Abs of Krupp, previously head of the Deutsche Bank under the Nazi regime; leaders of the ELP; John McCone, formerly CIA director and at that timehead of the International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT), which had previously played a key role in anti-Allende subversion in Chile; several CIA officials including an adjutant of Lieutenant General Vernon A. Walters, then Deputy Director of the agency; and representatives from a number of other multinational companies and arms trafficking firms, including Belgium's Société Générale, Petrofina, ELF (a French oil company that was deeply implicated in the so-called sniffer plane scandal), MGM (an arms trading company in Modena that Italian judge Luciano Violante believed was linked to individuals associated with the Fronte Nationale (National Front), the organizational backbone of the December 1970 Borghese Coup and later plots), and Permindex (an alleged Swiss-based CIA proprietary company..."  — END QUOTE.


Now, a ton of vital information has been presented here (surely enough for a university-level history thesis or two), but in keeping with the goal of this post (presenting a "Stay-behind" army template to the JFK murder scenario) I will just point out what I have done in a previous (now deleted) post: 

The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency during the events climaxing to, during and in the subsequent cover-up of the murder of President Kennedy, one John Alexander McCone, was, for all intents, constructions, and purposes, a central player in the web of international fascist elements surrounding the phenomenon of state-sponsored terrorism and the propagation of "far-right" ideological hated towards legitimate democratic establishment (for what it's worth).

As late as 1975, CIA Director John McCone is covertly working with the fascist-filled organization PERMINDEX!

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To expound just for a moment on what exactly PERMINDEX was and what forces surrounded it, I will start by quoting from pgs. 385-386 of the book "Destiny Betrayed (Second Edition) JFK, Cuba, And The Garrison Case" by James DiEugenio.


QUOTE — "...When the announcement for Permindex was first made in Switzerland in late 1956, its principal backing was to come from a local banker named Hans Seligman. But as more investigation by the local papers was done, it became clear that the real backer was J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation. This information was quite revealing. Schroder's had been closely associated with Allen Dulles and the CIA for years. Allen Dulles's connections to the Schroder banking family went back to the thirties when his law firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, first began representing them through him. Later, Dulles was the bank's General Counsel. In fact, when Dulles was the CIA Director, Schroder's was reportedly a repository for a fifty million dollar contingency fund that Dulles personally controlled. Schroder’s was a welcome conduit because the bank benefited from previous CIA overthrows in Guatemala and Iran. Another reason that there began to be a furor over Permindex in Switzerland was the fact that the bank’s founder, Baron Kurt von Schroder, was associated with the Third Reich, specifically Heinrich Himmler.

The project now became stalled in Switzerland. It now moved to Rome. In a September 1969 interview Shaw did for Penthouse Magazine, he told James Phelan that he only grew interested in the project when it moved to Italy. Which was in October 1958. Yet a State Department cable dated April 9 of that year says that Shaw showed great interest in Permindex from the outset.

One can see why. The board of directors as made up of bankers who had been tied up with fascist governments, people who worked the Jewish refugee racket during World War II, a former member of Mussolini’s cabinet, and the son-in-law of Hjalmar Schacht, the economic wizard behind the Third Reich, who was a friend of Shaw’s. These people would all appeal to the conservative Shaw. There were at least four international newspapers that exposed the bizarre activities of Permindex when it was in Rome. One problem was the mysterious source of funding: no one knew where it was coming from. Another was that its activities reportedly included assassination attempts on French Premier Charles De Gaulle. Which would make sense since the founding member of Permindex, Ferenc Nagy, was a close friend of Jacques Soustelle. Soustelle was a leader of the OAS, a group of former French officers who broke with De Gaulle over his Algerian policy. They later made several attempts on De Gaulle’s life, which the CIA was privy to. Again, this mysterious source of funding, plus the rightwing, neo-Fascist directors created another wave of controversy. One newspaper wrote that the organization may have been “a creature of the CIA . . . set up as a cove for the transfer of CIA . . . funds in Italy for legal political-espionage activities.” The Schroder connection would certainly suggest that..." — END QUOTE.


Just to put that last part into perspective, Allen Welsh Dulles, the CIA Director who President Kennedy sacked, could at anytime, pull funds for his personal use, to the tune of $50,000,000.00 USD. Now, adjusting for a 737.9% cumulative rate of inflation, in this most foul year of our lord, two-thousand and twenty, that is the equivalent of $418,936,274.51 USD!

Allen Dulles (my personal prime suspect in the murder of President Kennedy) could, at any given moment, pull half a billion dollars out of thin air for his own personal use?!

Funds that were backing a CIA-front company filled with real, living and breathing World War II "Axis Power" financiers? 


Continuing with the PERMINDEX paradox, I shall now quote from the notes section of an article published by Professor Peter Dale Scott in The Asia-Pacific Journal. The article is titled, "The Dulles Brothers, Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss, and the Fate of the Private Pre-War International Banking System" and can be found at the following link: https://apjjf.org/2014/12/16/Peter-Dale-Scott/4109/article.html


QUOTE — "... 62. The J. Henry Schröder & Co. Bank and J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation (Schrobanco, the firm of which Allen Dulles had been an officer) had a financial stake in all three of Allen Dulles’ major CIA covert operations. Schröder had financed the creation of Anglo-Persian (later Anglo-Iranian) oil: thus Frank Cyril Tiarks was a partner both in J. Henry Schröder & Co., and also in the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (1917-1948). (He was also a member of the Ribbentrop-inspired Anglo-German Fellowship and of the British Union of Fascists.) Schrobanco had a stake in the International Railways of Central America, a firm developed in conjunction with what became United Fruit in order to ship out United Fruit’s bananas in Guatemala. Both Schröders and Schrobanco were heavily invested in Cuban sugar; and M.E. Rionda, president of Cuba Cane Corporation, was a member of Schrobanco’s board..." — END QUOTE.


The above information speaks for itself. In short, as far as I see it (and I have fought in combat for the United States), all U.S. covert action during the reign of Allen Dulles was for the benefit of his investors in Schorder Bank. PERIOD! The "Cold War" was a sham to keep him and a few hundred of his closest fascist business partners controlling 99% of all Earthly resources. 

The 1953 Iranian coup d'état code-named "Operation Ajax" and the torture and mass-murder of liberal social democrats that followed, was primarily for the benefit of J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation shareholders.

The 1954 Guatemalan coup d'état, code-named "Operation PBSUCCESS" and the indigenous genocide that followed, was primarily for the benefit of J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation shareholders.

The 1961 anti-Castro terrorist-led invasion at bahía de Cochinos, code-named "Operation Zapata" and the non-stop (to this very second) U.S. state-sponsored terrorist strikes against the peoples of that tiny island, was primarily for the benefit of J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation shareholders.

And J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation is the force behind PERMINDEX?

And PERMINDEX was financing the treasonous 1961 murder attempts against French President Charles de Gaulle?

Clearly, Allen Welsh Dulles was the point man to any covert operation PERMINDEX was involved with in 1963, domestically speaking, in the United States of America.

And Allen Dulles's replacement, John Alexander McCone knew all about these crypto-fascist machinations. PERIOD.




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Welcome back Robert - good to see your interesting posts again. I share the opinion that the Cold War was a sham. What interests me is to what extent were Soviet hardliners equally invested in this scheme. A few facts to consider: both JFK and Kruschchev were deposed, one by assassination, at a time when they were both interested in finding a new path, a time during which they were engaged in what they thought were private communications. And the thing that I’ve always wondered is what part Angleton played. It’s seems likely to me that the decade long mole hunt, which started with the defection of Golitsyn and ended when Angleton retired, was also a sham. The best explanation to my way of thinking is that Angleton himself was the ‘mole’. But he had impeccable fascist credentials. How to square this circle? Well, if we see through the Cold War we can make sense out of this. By feeding the anti-Soviet paranoia Angleton was serving the purposes of the military industrial complex, who needed, and still needs, powerful enemies to justify their relentless search for profit. In other words, there was no mole. Rather than see this as a successful Kremlin operation to disable and confuse the US national security establishment I prefer to see collusion at the deepest levels. 

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On 5/14/2020 at 9:36 AM, Paul Brancato said:

Welcome back Robert - good to see your interesting posts again. 

Thank you Mr. Brancato, I'm very glad to be back (and with legal council). I heartily agree with you about CIA Chief Of Counterintelligence James Jesus Angleton. He played all sides of the "Cold War" against each other, and was loyal not to the citizens of the United States of America, but to a very small clique within the CIA. 

Purportedly, Angleton said the following to author-researcher Joseph Trento, right before he died in 1987:

 "...Within the confines of (Angleton’s) remarkable life were most of America’s secrets. 'You know how I got to be in charge of counterintelligence? I agreed not to polygraph or require detailed background checks on Allen Dulles and 60 of his closest friends... They were afraid that their own business dealings with Hitler’s pals would come out. They were too arrogant to believe that the Russians would discover it all... You know, the CIA got tens of thousands of brave people killed... We played with lives as if we owned them. We gave false hope. We - I - so misjudged what happened.'

I asked the dying man how it all went so wrong.

With no emotion in his voice, but with his hand trembling, Angleton replied: 'Fundamentally, the founding fathers of U.S. intelligence were experts at pathological lying. The better you lied and the more you betrayed, the more likely you would be promoted. These people attracted and promoted each other. Outside of their duplicity, the only thing they had in common was a desire for absolute power. I did things that, in looking back on my life, I regret. But I was part of it and I loved being in it... Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, Carmel Offie, and Frank Wisner were the grand masters. If you were in a room with them you were in a room full of people that you had to believe would deservedly end up in hell.' Angleton slowly sipped his tea and then said, 'I guess I will see them there soon'...”

By his own admission, James Jesus Angleton was a fascist revolutionary, of the most lofty, elevated kind. No ideological beliefs. No fancy Hugo Boss uniforms. No Futurist inspired slogans. No nationalist loyalties. Just subjugate the many for the benefit of the few. 

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2 minutes ago, David Andrews said:

...If you stop linking my name, Pazuzu.

Ha! I completely forgot! I just got all of my wisdom teeth pulled and the pain-killers are making me loopy...

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The following is a quote from "Stay-behind" operative Guido Giannettini's (whom I'll have more to say about soon) personally written manual on commando operations titled "Tecniche della guerra rivoluzionaria":

QUOTE — "...As far terrorism is concerned, it should be specific that it can be of two types: indiscriminate terrorism and selective terrorism. The first involves making bombs explode in public offices or locales, in the street, at the gatherings of crowds, or randomly shooting down people with firearms . . . In contrast, selective terrorism is carried out by eliminating certain carefully selected persons, for a variety of reasons: either because they could be of use to the enemy; or because their death would paralyze (or impede) the adversary's organizational machine; or because, being moderates or moderators, they would inhibit the other side from intensifying the struggle; or, finally, because their elimination would provoke harsh retaliations that would further increase tension, creating an irreversible phenomenon which could lead to civil war..." — END QUOTE.

The above thought expressed by Guido Giannettini pretty much hits every note when it comes to asking the fundamental question of "why" President Kennedy was murdered, at least on a philosophical level...


I would now like to continue with my readings of Professor Jeffery M. Bale's stellar exposé "The Darkest Sides Of Politics I: Postwar Fascism, Covert Operations, And Terrorism", here is a little fascist ditty about a 1961 meeting between Organisation de l'Armée Secrète leaders, US Central Intelligence Agency operatives and der Führer's favorite little commando, Waffen-Schutzstaffel Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny. 

The following is are quotes from Professor Bale's "The Darkest Sides Of Politics I", can be found in main body, pgs. 76-78, for chapter three, entitled, "Postwar Neo-Fascist Internationals, Part I: Nazi escape networks, the Movement Social Européenne, Europäische Neu-Ordnung, and Jeune Europe".  

QUOTE: "...From this point on, certain factions within U.S. intelligence appear to have secretly protected Skorzeny in order to make special use of his specialized abilities, unbeknownst to other Allied security personnel without a "need to know," who tried to track his movements and prevent him from engaging in anti-democratic actions. This was a general pattern that has now been amply documented in the cases of many high-profile Nazi figures, such as Barbie, Brunner, and Schwend. In this case the protective group issued a warning to their famous prisoner, who was then supposed to be writing an account of Mussolini's rescue for the U.S. Army's Historical Division, to the effect that continued Czech demands for his extradition could not be ignored or delayed indefinitely. In all probability they then facilitated his escape from Darmstadt detention center by providing American military police uniforms for three former SS men, who were thereby able to dupe the German camp guards into releasing him into their custody. After a period of general confusion in which his whereabouts were only known to those who were actively involved in sheltering him, unsubstantiated stories appeared in the press which claimed the Skorzeny had been flown to an American base in Georgia to help train U.S. paratroopers. In 1950 he was definitely spotted in Paris, where politically motivated rumors were circulated that he was engaged in gathering information about the Parti Communiste Français (PCF: French Communist Party). 

     However propagandistic these specific claims may appear, report prepared by the 66th CIC group admitted that he might have been working for U.S. intelligence since his escape from prison, and another by the 7970th CIC group suggested that he may have been aided by the Americans during his subsequent flight from France and his secret re-entry into West Germany. There is no doubt, moreover, that the Anglo-American intelligence personnel kept him under regular observation after heh settled in Spain, because those outside the information loop did not know those affiliated with the latter were not yet entirely certain that he could be trusted. Indeed, in 1951 Skorzeny approached an American military attaché in Madrid and offered to recruit German veterans into anti-communist guerrilla units capable of fighting behind enemy lines should the Soviets invade Western Europe. Although this particular proposal was turned down — perhaps because the United States was already setting up such stay/behind groups throughout non-communist Europe — Skorzeny was at some point recruited as contract agent by Gehlen, a convenient arrangement that provided the Americans with a degree of "plausible deniability" had anyone asked if they were making use of his services themselves. It was in part due to these very intelligence contacts that Skorzeny became actively involved in a number of terrorist and covert operations over the course of the next twenty years. 

     Some of these operations deserve to be highlighted, because they provide a good illustration of the postwar utilization of European right-wing extremists by elements of Western Intelligence. Among other things, Skorzeny purportedly trained personnel from the Argentine secret police and the Buenos Aires police in torture and interrogation techniques during his periodic stays with Juan and Eva Perón prior to the dictator's 1955 ouster and flight to Spain. In late 1952, in response to a request from Jamāl ʻAbdu al-Nāṣir, CIA chief Allen Dulles turned to Gehlen for help in recruiting personnel to train the Egyptian intelligence and security services. With Schacht's help, Gehlen persuaded Skorzeny to take the job after assurancing him that the salary paid by al-Nāṣir would be supplemented by CIA funds laundered through the Org. So it was that the Austrian spent a total of eighteen months recruiting one hundred German advisors from the SS underground and neo-fascist outfits, and more suspect sources claim that he also trained Arab guerillas in commando tactics and protected some of the ex-Nazi technicians working for al-Nāṣir from Israeli "hit" teams. Furthermore, "Scarface" may have secretly met with three CIA officials, two West Germans, a Spaniard, and three French military officers in Madrid on 12 April 1961. Among these Frenchmen were two experienced soldiers who were later to play a key role in the Organisation de l'Armée Secrète (OAS: Secret Army Organization), General Paul Gardy, formerly Inspector general of the Légion Étrangère (Foreign Legion), and guerre révolutionnaire Colonel Jean Gardes, the most highly decorated officer in the French Army between 1944 and 1945 and eventually the head of the 5th (Psychological Warfare) Bureau in Algiers. Whether Skorzeny thereafter kept in contact with and provided operational or logistical assistance to elements of the OAS, as communist sources claim, is a controversial issue that deserves further study. In this connection, it should be pointed out that Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht veterans made up a substantial portion of the rank-and-file within the elite paratroop regiments of the Légion, the very units that were actively involved  in the military revolts in Algeria. 

     It is also worth noting the existence of various direct and indirect personal links between "Hitler's commando" and elements implicated in later acts of neo-fascist terrorist violence. For one thing, one of the key activists working for Aginter Presse, a press agency in Lisbon that served to disguise the activities of an international center of right-wing subversion, was Robert Leroy, formerly an instructor at Skorzeny's school for saboteurs. For another, one of Skorzeny's chief patrons and associates in Spain, the Duke of Valencia, was the principal shareholder in the bank which owned a company that was used to "cover" the activities of the Exército de Libertação Português (ELP: Portuguese Liberation Army), a clandestine right-wing paramilitary group that sought to overthrow the post-1974 regime set up by leftist elements within the Portuguese armed forces. In this context, it may also be significant that General António de Spínola, the titular leader of the Portuguese counterrevolutionary forces that had created the ELP, received a visit from a representative of the arms-trading company Merex during a July 1975 trip he took to Paris to develop a European support network. Merex, some of whose profits allegedly went into the coffers of certain neo-fascist organizations, exhibited other unusual characteristics. It had been founded in Bonn in 1963 by former SS man and wartime Skorzeny collaborator Gerhard Martins, was thereafter represented by some of "Scarfaces's" Nazi associates in various Latin American countries, and was reportedly a proprietary of Gehlen's BND. Last but not least, Skorzeny may have been one of the key figures in Gehard Hartmut von Schubert's Paladin Group, which specialized in recruiting mercenaries and counterguerrilla specialists to undertake anti-communist operations in every part of the globe..." — END QUOTE. 


Clearly, Waffen-SS Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny was working within the milieu of Central Intelligence Agency operations in full support of Organisation de l'Armée Secrète murder plots against Charles de Gaulle and wholesale terrorist activities concocted by the crypto-fascist 5th (Psychological Warfare) Bureau in Algiers. 

And he was being fully-funded by the Central Intelligence Agency, via Reinhard Gehlen's West German Intelligence, on the direct orders of CIA Director Allen Welsh Dulles.

Perhaps the J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation via PERMINDEX provided the funds to Otto Skorzeny's efforts for Organisation de l'Armée Secrète. 

This is in the same realm that OAS terrorist, CPT. Jean-René Marie Souètre operated, one of the three persons identified by PFC Eugene Barry Dinkin in his cryptographic message intercepts; the other two being William Guy Banister of the bloodthirsty "Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean" and William King "Bill" Harvey, chief of the joint Central Intelligence Agency-National Security Agency electronic-eavesdropping program "Staff D". Of course, "Bill" Harvey was also the founder of the CIA's Counter Intelligence staff (before James Jesus Angleton took over), the original commander of "Task Force W" anti-Castro terrorist organization before Dulles focal-point operatives USAF Maj. Gen. Edward Geary Lansdale, Charles Donald Ford AKA "Charley Fiscalini" and Samuel Halpern took over, and the commander of the "ZR/RIFLE" kidnapping/hijacking/smuggling/assassination program, originally run by US Army Col. Arnold M. Silver of "QJ/WIN" infamy.  

Of course in 1962, the legal council William Guy Banister's for "Anti-Communist League of the Caribbean" provided $200,000.00 USD (that's $1,697,940.40 USD in the year 2020) for Organisation de l'Armée Secrète terrorist activities in France, in the form of one Maurice Brooks Gatlin (but more on that later).

It is also interesting that the "Gehlen Org" front company "MEREX" was established in Switzerland, the same country where Allen Welsh Dulles was in charge of Office of Strategic Services operations  during World War II. Lee Harvey Oswald also entered the Soviet Union via a fake institution (probably a CIA-"Gehlen Org" front) called "Albert Schweitzer College" (but more on that later as well).




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On 5/14/2020 at 4:04 AM, Robert Montenegro said:

QUOTE — "...When the announcement for Permindex was first made in Switzerland in late 1956, its principal backing was to come from a local banker named Hans Seligman. But as more investigation by the local papers was done, it became clear that the real backer was J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation.


Does this book elaborate on the newspaper sources for Permindex's funding, does it say how they found out about the J. Henry Schroder Banking Corporation involvement with this company?

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Robert - I’ve long been interested in Dinkin. I have not read what you wrote anywhere. I can say that a few of us here - Steve Thomas in particular, dug up something interesting and previously unknown about him. In the official reports debunking his claim, the unit he worked for when he got the intercepts was misreported. It turns out that he worked for a highly sensitive unit, one that involved tracking nukes. This makes his claim much more believable. I am aware that his story was changed later, and that he was locked down for months in a psychiatric unit. But I’ve never heard that he named Souetre or Bannister. 

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8 hours ago, Paul Brancato said:

Robert - I’ve long been interested in Dinkin. I have not read what you wrote anywhere. I can say that a few of us here - Steve Thomas in particular, dug up something interesting and previously unknown about him. In the official reports debunking his claim, the unit he worked for when he got the intercepts was misreported. It turns out that he worked for a highly sensitive unit, one that involved tracking nukes. This makes his claim much more believable. I am aware that his story was changed later, and that he was locked down for months in a psychiatric unit. But I’ve never heard that he named Souetre or Bannister. 

I will make a genuine attempt to find the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations files that mention CPT. Jean-René Marie Souètre, William Guy Banister and William King "Bill" Harvey as the three persons identified by PFC Eugene Barry Dinkin in his cryptographic message intercepts.

I know for a fact that they were in the most recent "JFK Assassination Records - 2018 Additional Documents Release" from the National Archives website.

I'll find them again, don't worry. 

To be sure though, I have read them.

It is interesting though that PFC Eugene Barry Dinkin job was tracking the movement of classified nuclear materials over cryptographic networks.

I mean, consider who was in charge of the CIA on 22 November 1963, John Alexander McCone, a chairman of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and his deputy, US Army Lt. Gen. Marshall Sylvester Carter, who would later become the  Director of the National Security Agency!

Imagine,  just for a moment, if these two men had a program in place, where upon William King Harvey's "Staff-D" intercepts and Col. Arnold M. Silver's "ZR/RIFLE" transmissions were allowed to piggyback thru a "back door" special key access, via NSA transmissions concerning highly classified nuclear materials.

Like say flight schedules of the highly classified nuclear armed North American Aviation "Lenticular Reentry Vehicle" orbital space-based nuclear bomber, or the U.S. Army Special Forces Green Light Teams armed with B54 "Special Atomic Demolition Munition" device, or even the shipments of the General Dynamics WS-740A "Pye Wacket" nuclear Lenticular Defense Missile (all billion dollar covert weapons systems President Kennedy effectively brought to a grinding halt with his general disarmament agreements with Premier Nikita Khrushchev).

It is interesting that William Guy Banister had files on-site with indexes titled "B-70 Manned Bomber Force", "Dismantling of Ballistic Missile System",  "Dismantling of US Defense", "Fair Play for Cuba Committee", "International Trade Mart Italy", US Bases Dismantled in General Assembly of the United Nations", "Latin America Missile Bases, Dismantled -- Turkey and Italy".

I mean, who was feeding Mr. Banister such information and what was he using it for?

The way I see it, (and I'll expound on it later) William Guy Banister's 544 Camp Street front was a clearing-house for operations so covert, that the normal chain of command in the U.S. intelligence community could not act on them.

Like say, infiltrating "Stay-behind" agent provocateurs into a company that produces maps for nuclear first strikes into Cuba, to maybe see if anyone in the company has communist leanings or pro-Castro sympathies.

Kinda like what Lee Harvey Oswald was doing at Jaggers-Chiles-Stovall.

Or ferreting out leftist sympathizers in the ICBM front program that was NASA.

Kinda like what Lee Harvey Oswald was doing at Reily Coffee Company.

Or photographing and identifying persons who were trying to help Afro-Americans register to vote in the American South.

Kinda like what Lee Harvey Oswald was doing Jackson and Clinton, Louisiana.

Or entrapping potential pro-Castro ideologues by getting into a fight to make yourself look like a helpless wimp liberal Marxist-Leninist.

Kinda Like what Lee Harvey Oswald did on the front steps of Clay LaVerne Shaw's International Trade Mart in New Orleans.



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