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New Essay by Bill Simpich - The Twelve Who Built the Oswald Legend

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53 minutes ago, Bill Simpich said:

Oswald typed a letter to the CIA-friendly International Rescue Committee (IRC) in 1962 -- and the Committee commented that Oswald's letter matched the typeface of a related letter from the State Department!)

I see that Oswald's letter is not signed by him and has no return address... nor is there any indication of a mode of transportation, and there is another follow up letter in his handwriting which makes no mention of the January 61 letter.  https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=11279#relPageId=8&tab=page

There is no indication in any of the other related exhibits that this was a letter he actually was involved in producing.

Here is the WCR list of all letters FROM LEE HARVEY and does not include the one to IRC...  In chrono order it's easier to trace these letters' timelines.  LEE wrote MARGE quite often yet they are not part of the record as they have addresses at which the short fat Marge never lived.   Another discussion for another day...

What significance do you attribute here ?




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Katrina vanden Heuvel is a granddaughter of Jules Stein,

the longtime head of MCA, who had extensive criminal

contacts. Dan Moldea, before he started covering up

the assassinations, did an excellent book called DARK


is surprising among film history books for its frankness

and depth into delving into the nexus between crime

and the film industry, which I describe as "a criminal enterprise."

There were rumors about the mysterious death of Taft

Schreiber, the longtime MCA exec who was called their "house liberal" even

though he also had connections with Nixon and Gerald Ford.

A well-connected Universal producer told me there were

those in the Black Tower who thought Schreiber was

deliberately murdered in an internecine power struggle (the

official story was that he was given the wrong blood

as a transfusion at the UCLA Medical Center, where Stein

was a big wheel). Dr. Stein called me out of the blue to give me what could

have been disinformation about that case (he rarely talked to the press).

A studio chief told me that Reagan was anointed as the next

GOP presidential hopeful in 1964 at a meeting at the Beverly

Wilshire Hotel called by Lew Wasserman of MCA with Hollywood

moguls. They realized Goldwater would go bust and needed to pledge to support

a new rightwing standard-bearer. Wasserman was nominally

a Democrat, but MCA played it safe by donating to both parties.

And MCA worked closely with Sidney Korshak, the connection

between the mob and Hollywood. My French documentary director

friends Clara and Julia Kuperberg made a good documentary about

Korshak, a subject most American journalists or filmmakers are

afraid to touch. My friend Dave Robb is an exception; he spent

a lot of time trying to dig into Korshak. These are hard subjects

to research.

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  • 3 weeks later...

After a number of years, I finally got this epilogue written wrapping up the Oswald Legend series.

The great thing about it for me is that I learned new things writing the revision - the biggest one may have been about Oswald's push to obtain his GI benefits and how that affected everything.

The process really drove home to me how much disinformation was embedded in this case before 11/22 - immediately afterwards, and in the following months and years.  All comments welcomed.


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3 hours ago, Bill Simpich said:

QUOTE — "...There has been much discussion of a report by a third party that Michael Paine said to Ruth over the phone that Lee killed JFK but "we both know who is responsible." I don't think this story came from a wiretap - rather, I think that this story was entirely made up by an intelligence operative. This operative - who either was a telephone repairman or gave the story to the repairman - passed on this planted story to Irving police chief Paul Barger with the hope of linking Oswald to the Communist menace and instigating an attack on Cuba..."

"...Furthermore, I think the whole story that the Paines "knew who was responsible" was made up, and was part of a plan to point the assassination on Castro's Cubans. This story was a "spare part" - linking Oswald to a larger Communist plot - that in the end was not used..." — END QUOTE.



If your conclusion is factual Mr. Simpich, and a highly-motivated, mission-oriented intelligence operative tried to force the Paine's hands in the matter of the "...we both know who is responsible..." phone call, then that paints the Paines in an entirely new light.

The idea that Ruth and Michael were manipulated just as much as Oswald and Marina is disturbing, to say the least.

But, then again, fascists like Allen Welsh Dulles, James Jesus Angleton and William King Harvey are on the other end of the line.

That, a hangman and a ton of money!


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