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Is anyone interested in Apollo missions...

Jack White

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"Jet Fuel could not have melted steel," Kevin Ryan of UL Labs to (NIST).

Any person / site that uses "Kevin Ryan" and "UL Labs" in the same sentence or paragraph trying to prove his credibility is being blatantly dishonest.

Mr. Ryan himself has admitted:

He wrote to Dr. Gayle on his own capacity and not on behalf of his employer, UL. Subsequently, UL disavowed Ryan's expertise because he was not employed in the Fire Protection Department and fired him.

FYI - Kevin R. Ryan was the Site Manager of the Environmental Health Laboratories (Now called Drinking Water Laboratory) at South Bend, Indiana, is a division of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. His job would not have given him any insight into the strength of steel. The quality of water used to put out the fires maybe, but not the effects of the fire on the steel.

Then the site goes on to reassert the fallacy that Larry Silverstein ordered the demolition of WTC 7 by rehashing his "pull it" comment.

Come on Jack - is there a crackpot on the planet you won't believe?

[Edited to expand on Mr. Ryan's "qualifications"]

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He's been pimping the Fox News series on Israeli spying in America for awhile now, which very prominently features the art student ring.

More odd sexual innuendo.

A week ago, I was accused of 'masturbation' on this forum. Whatever next? Paeodophilia?

Relax, Sid. I just like using the word "pimping." :P

In this context, I recommend a couple of recent articles by Christopher Bollyn, an investigative journalist who writes for American Free Press:

Israelis Hold Keys to NSA and U.S. Government Computers

Ehud Olmert's Ties to 9/11

Those articles may contain true information. I would prefer it, however, if they were not written by Bollyn, who has a very serious record of dubious associations and bad "investigative reporting."

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Relax, Sid. I just like using the word "pimping."

Oh I see. Guess that's fine then. Go ahead and impute that I purvey sex for cash. Whatever turns you on.

In this context, I recommend a couple of recent articles by Christopher Bollyn, an investigative journalist who writes for American Free Press:

Israelis Hold Keys to NSA and U.S. Government Computers

Ehud Olmert's Ties to 9/11

Those articles may contain true information. I would prefer it, however, if they were not written by Bollyn, who has a very serious record of dubious associations and bad "investigative reporting."

I note your concerns about a journalist's alleged "very serious record of dubious associations" appear to upset you more than the possibility that the world's only superpower is an open book to another State led by a man with such "dubious associations" he may be connected to the perpetrators of 9-11.

Incidentally, the State in question just murdered another score or two of children in the last 24 hours, while the world's only superpower continues to block international consensus for immediate ceasefire.

Even CNN reports that as "true information".

But when will CNN/BBC/ABC investigate and report on the Israeli company with super-user access to the NSA's security software, so I can spare your sensibilities by quoting from a 'respectable' media source?

You remind me of someone who, having silently witnessed a mass murder and the escape of the perpetrators, reserves howls of disgust for what he perceives to be a turd on the pavement.

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Relax, Sid. I just like using the word "pimping."

Oh I see. Guess that's fine then. Go ahead and impute that I purvey sex for cash. Whatever turns you on.

But I didn't "impute that [you] purvey sex for cash." I said that you were pushing the material in the manner that a pimp would do for a "ho," not that you are literally a pimp. Its a metaphor I use frequently (though maybe not so much on this forum). Sorry it so offends your sensibilities.

In this context, I recommend a couple of recent articles by Christopher Bollyn, an investigative journalist who writes for American Free Press:

Israelis Hold Keys to NSA and U.S. Government Computers

Ehud Olmert's Ties to 9/11

Those articles may contain true information. I would prefer it, however, if they were not written by Bollyn, who has a very serious record of dubious associations and bad "investigative reporting."

I note your concerns about a journalist's alleged "very serious record of dubious associations" appear to upset you more than the possibility that the world's only superpower is an open book to another State led by a man with such "dubious associations" he may be connected to the perpetrators of 9-11.

Bollyn's dubious associations (i.e. working for Carto) are plain for all to see. He also has a track record of purveying bad or misleading information (such as about the Pentagon debris [here] and the WTC seismic spikes [here]). I have no problem with believing all sorts of bad things about Olmert, but I'd prefer to have something I can actually take to the bank.

Incidentally, the State in question just murdered another score or two of children in the last 24 hours, while the world's only superpower continues to block international consensus for immediate ceasefire.

Even CNN reports that as "true information".

Of course its true. The good thing about it, though, is that I don't have to rely on Bollyn for the information.

But when will CNN/BBC/ABC investigate and report on the Israeli company with super-user access to the NSA's security software, so I can spare your sensibilities by quoting from a 'respectable' media source?

It doesn't need to be from the mainstream media at all. There are plenty of alternative media sources I trust; Bollyn isn't one of them.

You remind me of someone who, having silently witnessed a mass murder and the escape of the perpetrators, reserves howls of disgust for what he perceives to be a turd on the pavement.

I'm not sure if I've witnessed anything or not. To use your metaphor, the turd on the pavement is the only source of information I have for the mass murder, and that can hardly be classified as reliable.

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He's been pimping the Fox News series on Israeli spying in America for awhile now, which very prominently features the art student ring.

More odd sexual innuendo.

A week ago, I was accused of 'masturbation' on this forum. Whatever next? Paeodophilia?

The truth is that Len started this thread - not me.

He may very well prefer to confine debate to 'faux arts students in Florida' or some other distraction, but his intent was clear: to suggest that massive Israeli 'intelligence' penetration of American society is purely mythic. If he can also insinuate that the suggestion arises from malice alone, so much the better...

A confession. I have no real idea what the 200 Israeli spies were doing in the USA between 2000 and 2001. How could I? The authorities in the USA simply want to forget about the whole incident. Israeli ain't saying. The mass media is not following up.

In any case, this particular Israeli spook 'operation', while significant because there were so many arrests (it was by far the largest 'intelligence' bust on home soil in US history), is in the past.

More important, perhaps, to consider more current events.

In this context, I recommend a couple of recent articles by Christopher Bollyn, an investigative journalist who writes for American Free Press:

Israelis Hold Keys to NSA and U.S. Government Computers

Ehud Olmert's Ties to 9/11


A short quote from the former article:

The most critical computer and communication networks used by the U.S. government and military are secured by encryption software written by an Israeli "code breaker" tied to an Israeli state-run scientific institution.

The National Security Agency (NSA), the U.S. intelligence agency with the mandate to protect government and military computer networks and provide secure communications for all branches of the U.S. government uses security software written by an Israeli code breaker whose home office is located at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

Here's an extract from the latter:

Olmert, who has long been tarnished by allegations of financial crimes, was implicated in a financial scandal involving forged receipts for donations to the 1988 Likud campaign, of which he was co-treasurer. This affair culminated in the March 1996 conviction of three other Likudniks, including Menahem Atzmon, the Likud treasurer. Olmert was also later indicted in the Likud affair, but was acquitted.

During the 1970s Olmert had worked in the law firm owned by another Atzmon, Uzi Atzmon.

Menahem Atzmon, convicted in Israel, went on to become the founder and head of International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS), the parent company of Huntleigh USA, the airport security firm that ran passenger screening operations at the airports of Boston and Newark on 9/11.

Huntleigh USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of an Israeli company called International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS) International N.V., a Netherlands-based aviation and transportation security firm headed by “former [israeli] military commanding officers and veterans of government intelligence and security agencies.”

Menachem Atzmon, convicted in Israel in 1996 for campaign finance fraud, and his business partner Ezra Harel, took over management of security at the Boston and Newark airports when their company ICTS bought Huntleigh USA in 1999. UAL Flight 175 and AA 11, which allegedly struck the twin towers, both originated in Boston, while UAL 93, which purportedly crashed in Pennsylvania, departed from the Newark airport. The convicted Israeli criminal Atzmon also controls and operates the German port of Rostock on the Baltic Sea.

Some 9/11 victims’ families brought lawsuits against Huntleigh claiming the security firm had been grossly negligent on 9-11. While these relatives have a right to discovery and to know what Huntleigh did or did not do to protect their loved ones on 9-11, Huntleigh, along with the other security companies, was granted complete congressional protection in 2002 and will not be called to account for its actions on 9-11 in any U.S. court.

Atzmon, a convicted criminal, political ally and co-defendant of Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, was directly responsible for passenger and airline security at Boston's Logan Airport, whence the two airliners which struck the World Trade Center originated.

Bollyn recently began a weekly two-hour radio program - the archives are freely available HERE.

Bollyn's interview with international lawyer Francis Boyle (second half of second hour on July 28th) is especially recommended.


I just listened to an hour of Bollyn's radio show from the archive link you posted. The interview with Professor Boyle was fascinating. It provides a great insight into the way the Israelis and their neocon buddies in Washington view the Middle East. Israel considers Palestinians to be a lower life form, unworthy of protection within the Geneva Convention provisions, which is why they sought to have them excluded.

The two articles by Bollyn were also interesting. Thanks again. It seems that America's defence and security is inextricably tied to Israel. Maybe its time for Israel to become the 51st state, or more accurately, for America to declare it is merely a colony, wholly controlled by Israel.

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Maybe its time for Israel to become the 51st state, or more accurately, for America to declare it is merely a colony, wholly controlled by Israel.

Yep, that's right. American imperialism is wholly controlled by tiny Israel. :) I've gone over the evidence that leads me to believe that this is untrue in my "Israel Lobby" thread, which Sid has opted not to challenge or debate. The neocons, while having a policy that is fairly Israel-centric, nevertheless are pursuing agendas that often differ from those of the Likud party which they supposedly serve.

Edited by Owen Parsons
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NORAD – FAA Timeline – per 911 Commission Final Report

06:00 am – Mohamed Atta and Abdul Aziz al Omari board flight from Portland, Maine to Boston’s Logan International Airport.

06:45 am – Atta and Omari arrive in Boston.

06:45-07:40 – Atta (Business class 8D) and Omari (8G), w/ Satam al Suqami (10B), Wail al Shehri (1st class 2A) and Waleed al Shehri (1st class 2B), check in and board American Airline Flight 11 (AA11), Boston-LA, scheduled to deparat 7:45 am. At another terminal Shehhi (2B), Fayez Banihammad (2A), Mohamd al Shehri (6C), Ahmed al Ghamdi (9D) and Hamza al Ghamdi (9C) check in for United Airlines Flight 175, Boston-LA, set for 08:00 am departure.

06:52 am – Atta takes a 3 minute call from Marwan al Shehhi at another terminal at Logan.

07:15 am – Khalid al Mihdhar (12B) and Majed Moqed (12A) check in at the American Airlines ticket counter at Washington Dulles Airport for Flight 77 (AA77), DC-LA, followed shortly thereafter by Hani Hanjour (1st C 1B) and brothers Nawaf al Hazmi (5E) and Salem al Hazmi (5E).

07:35 am – Hani Hanjour places two carry on bags on the x-ray belt in the Main Terminal’s west checkpoint, followed by Nawaf and Salem al Hazmi to AA77.

07:58 am – UA175 departs gate at Logan Boston-LA; Captain Victor Saracini; First Officer Michael Horrocks, seven flight attendants, fifty-six passengers.

07:59 am – American Airlines Flight 11 (AA11) takes off - Boston – LA. Captain John Ogonowski; First Officer Thomas McGuinness; 9 flight attendants, full capacity 81 passengers.

08:01 am – United Airlines 93 (UA93) leaves gate at Newark- San Fran. 41 min. delay and doesn’t take off until 08:42, unaware of other hijacking.

08:10 am – AA77 scheduled to depart DC Dulles for LA. Captain Charles F. Burlingame pilot; David Charlebois First Officer; four flight attendants, fifty-eight passengers.

08:13 am – AA11 acknowledges instruction f/ FAA Boston Center (in New Hampshire)

08:13:30 am – AA11 hijacked. Pilot John Ogonowski activates talk-back button, enabling Boston controllers to hear cockpit conversations.

08:14 am – United Airlines 175 UA175 takes off for Logan Boston-LA.

08:14 am – Hijacking of AA11 begins, cruising altitude 29,000 feet. Daniel Lewin, seated behind Atta and Omari, is stabbed by hijacker, most likely Satam al Suqami, seated directly behind Lewin, an Israeli military officer.

08:15 am – AA11 fails to acknowledge FAA Boston Center

O8:19 am – Flight attendant Betty Ong calls [Vanessa Minter] the AA Southeastern Reservations Office in Cary, N.C., via ATT airphone to report an emergency aboard the flight: “The cockpit is not answering, somebody’s stabbed in business class, I think there’s Mace – that we can’t breath – I don’t know, I think we’re getting hijacked.” Also two flight attendants stabbed.

08:20 am – AA11 turns of IFF (identify friend or foe) beacon signal.

08:20 am – AA77 takes off from Dulles IA DC – LA.

08:21 am – Boston air traffic controller reports to supervisor that something is seriously wrong. Follow SOP for “no radio” contact. AA11 off radar.

08:21 am – Vanessa Minter at AA North Carolina relays info to Craig Marquis, manager of AA ops center, Fort Worth, Texas. FBI logs onto call and tapes it. AA11 Flight attendant Amy Sweeney calls AA ground manager Michael Woodward, who takes notes.

“Listen and listen to me very carefully. I’m on Flight 11. The airplane has been hijacked.” Gives seat numbers to four of five hijackers of Middle East descent and reports that two flight attendants have been stabbed and a passenger’s throat slashed. Woodward quickly identifies all four including Mohamed Atta and Abdulaziz Alomari.

08:23 am – AA dispatcher unsuccessfully tires to contact AA11.

08:24:38 am – AA11 transmits “We have some planes. Just stay quiet, and you’ll be okay. We are returning to the airport” Then after a pause, “….Nobody move. Everything will be okay. If you try to make any moves, you’ll endanger yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet.”

08:24:40 am – FAA Boston Center Air Traffic Control (BCATC) notifies superior that AA11 hijacked. Manager of BCATC orders the tape of transmission “pulled” to determine if the transmission said “Planes” – as in plural.

08:25 am - Amy Sweeney calls American Flight Services Office in Boston and reports someone aboard flight is hurt, but is cut off.

08:25 am – FAA BCATC, per protocol, begins notifying chain of command that AA11 hijacked.

08:26 am – Ong reports that the plane was “flying erratically.”

08:27 am – AA supervisor Nydia Gonzales begins to listen in to Ong-Minter call.

08:28 am – FAA Boston Center ATC notifies New York Center ATC that hijacked AA11 is entering it’s airspace, heading south.

08:29 am – AA11 fails to acknowledge AA Boston; AA dispatcher notifies FAA Boston Air Traffic Control Center, already aware of the problem, because of AA11 radio transmissions.

08:29 am – Amy Sweeney reconnected to the AA office and begins reports to manger Michael Woodward, including seat numbers of hijackers so he immediately obtains their names.

08:30 am – Brigadier Gen. Montague Winfield leaves the National Military Command Center (NMCC) – the War Room at the Pentagon, and is replaced by Navy Capt., per arrangement from the day before.

08:31 am – FAA Command Center tells FAA Operations Center at FAA HQ of possible hijackings.

08:31 am – FAA Boston Center notifies NORAD (Lt. Col. Dawne Deskins) of AA11 hijacking.

08:33 am – UA175 reaches cruising altitude of 31,000 feet. Flight attendants begin cabin service.

08:34 am – FAA Boston Center – Air traffic controller makes telephone calls outside of chain of command to Otis ANG and 177th NJANG in Atlantic City, requesting fighter interceptors, unaware that NJANG in Atlantic City had been taken off alert more than two years earlier.

8:34 am – Two F-16s from the 177th NJANG are reportedly in the air making making practice bombing runs over the New Jersey Pine Barrens, and two F-16s are on the tarmac ready to take off on a practice bombing mission in upstate New York. They are kept on the runway and eventually ordered not to take off and return to base. They arm with air-to-air missiles and prepare to go up once armed.

08:34 am – Third transmission from AA11 : “Nobody move please. We are going back to the airport. Don’t try to make any stupid moves.”

08:37 – FAA Boston Center communicates with UA175 about AA11 and UA175 reports of suspicious transmissions. Last contact with UA175.

08:37:52 – FAA Boston Center notifies NORAD NEADS (North East Air Defense Sector) in Rome, New York : “Hi. Boston Center TMU, we have a problem here. We have a hijacked aircraft headed towards New York, and we need you guys to, we need someone to scramble some F-16s or something up there, help us out.”

08:38 am – NEADS responds: “Is this real-world or exercise?”

FAA: “No, this is not an exercise, not a test.”

08:40 am – AA77 handed off routinely from DC to Indianapolis Center.

0840 am – NEADS senior tech. Jeremy Powell calls Otis ANG to upgrade their “readiness posture.” Maj. Daniel Nash (“Nasty”) and Lt. Col. Timothy Duffy (“Duff”) are notified “by colleague” about hijacking.

08:41 am – American Airline’s Operations Center declares AA11 a hijacking.

08:42 am – United 93 (UA93) takes off from Newark, N.J. to LA. Jason Dahl Captain; Leroy Homer First Officer; five flight attendants, thirty-seven passengers.

08:42 am – UA175 reports “suspicious transmissions” from another airliner were received while taking off at 08:14. Last communication with ground.

08:43 am – 08:46 – UA175 hijacked, stabbing both pilots, two passengers and a flight attendant.

08:44 am – Gonzalez loses phone contact with Ong. Sweeney reports to Woodward, “Something is wrong. We are in rapid descent…we are all over the place…We are flying low. We are flying very, very low. We are flying way too low…Oh my God we are way too low.”

08:44 am – Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld at the Pentagon says of terrorism, “Let me tell ya, I’ve been around the block a few times. There will be another event. There will be another event.”

08:46 am – (approx.) UA93 hijacked.

08:46 am – AA77 reaches cruising altitude of 35,000 feet.

08:46:40 am – AA11 impacts World Trade Center 1 (WTC1 North Tower)

08:46 am – CIA Director Tenent is told of the WTC “attack” over breakfast with former Sen. David Boren. Tenent : “You know, this has bin Laden’s fingerprints all over it.”

08:46 am – Two F-15s scrambled Otis ANG, Falmouth, Mass (Cape Cod) 153 miles out.

08:46 am – Two F-16s assigned to Andrews AFB, flying bombing practice mission over North Carolina, recalled to DC, 207 miles away.

08:46 am – FAA opens telephone line with Secret Service.

08:46 am – NORAD Command Capt. Micahel Jellinek reports telephone links established with the National Military Command Center (NMCC)- the war room at the Pentagon, Canada command, theater commanders and federal emergency-response agencies.

08:47 am – UA175 changes transponder codes, which went unnoticed for several minutes

08:48 am – First news reports that plane has hit the WTC1. Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, learns of WTC1 crash from TV report before entering a meeting with Sen. Max Cleland on Capitol Hill.

08:48 am – FAA New York Center reports to FAA HQ Command Center (Herndon, Va) that American Airlines (Dallas, Tx) reported in that one of their flight stewards was stabbed and hijackers in cockpit, unaware AA11 had crashed into WTC1.

08:50 am – FAA Indianapolis Center radios AA77. Acknowledged, last transmission.

08:51 am – FAA New York Center notices UA175 code changed. No radio response, and flight deviating from assigned altitude.

08:51 am – AA77 makes last routine transmission.

08:51:30 – 08:54 – AA77 hijacking takes place.

08:52 am – Fighters airborne from Otis, ordered to staging area south of Long Island, NY and into a holding pattern.

08:52 am – Lee Hanson, in Easton, Conn. Receives call form son Peter on UA175, “I think they’ve taken over the cockpit – An attendant has been stabbed, and someone else up front may have been killed. The plane is making strange moves. Call United Airlines – Tell them it’s Flight 175, Boston to LA.” Hanson then calls Easton PD. Flight attendant on UA175 calls United office in San Francisco and tells Marc Policastro the flight has been hijacked, both pilots killed and flight attendant stabbed, and hijackers flying the plane.

08:53 am – FAA NYC air traffic controller reports “we may have a hijack” re:US175.

08:54 am – FAA Indy notices AA77 deviates from flight plan.

08:54 am – Capt. Deborah Loewer, director of the White House Situation Room, traveling with Bush in Florida, receives message from WHSR about WTC1, and she informs Bush.

08:55 am – FAA NYC air traffic control (a women) notifies manager US175 probably hijacked, but FAA regional managers, discussing AA11, “refuse to be disturbed.”

08:56 am – AA77 transponder turned off, now off radar. No radio response.

08:58 am – UA175 turns around and heads for NYC.

08:59 am – UA175 passenger Brian David Sweeney calls wife and leaves message on her answering machine, calls mother, tells her plane hijacked.

09:00 am – Lee Hanson gets second call from son Peter on UA175. “It’s getting bad, Dad – A stewardess was stabbed – They seem to have knives and Mace – They said they have a bomb – It’s getting very bad on the plane – Passengers are throwing up and getting sick – The plane is making jerking movements – I don’t think the pilot is flying the plane – I think we are going down – I think they intend to go to Chicago or someplace and fly into a building – Don’t worry Dad – If it happens it’ll be very fast – My God, my God.” Hanson heard a women scream before the phone call was cut off.

09:00 am – AA Ex. VP Geral Arpey learns that communication lost with AA77, the second AA plane in trouble. He orders all AA planes on the ground in the Northeast to remain on ground.

09:00 am – FAA Indy notifies other agencies AA77 missing, believed crashed.

09:00 am – Pentagon moves its alert status up one notch to Alpha, United warns all aircraft of potential cockpit intrusion, Flight 93 acknowledges.

09:01 am – NYC calls FAA HQ Command Center (Herndon) “We have several situations going on here. It’s escalating big, big time. We need to get the military involved with us….we’re, we’re involved with something else, we have other aircraft that may have a similar situation going on here.”

09:02 am – NYC Center: “Alright, heads up man, it looks like another one coming in.”

09:03:02 am – US175 impacts WTC2 (South Tower)

09:03 am – Bush enters Florida school.

09:03 am – Gen. M. Winfield, (absent from his station at NMCC) later said, “When the second aircraft flew into the second tower, it was at that point we realized that the seemingly unrelated hijackings that the FAA was dealing with were in fact a part of a coordinated terrorist attack on the United States.”

09:03 am – Secret Service agents carry VP Cheney into basement to underground bunker; calls Andrews AFB and requests F-16s CAP, but Andrews off alert, not battle ready and must arm planes with air-to-air missiles.

09:03 am – Boston Center reports they deciphered the transmission, “I’m gonna reconfirm with, with downstairs, but the, as far as the tape…seemed to think the guy said that ‘we have planes.’ Now I don’t know if it was the accent, or if there’s more than one, but I’m gonna reconfirm that for you, and I’ll get back to you real qick, Okay?”

09:03 – NORAD receives calls from fighter units, “What can we do to help?” Marr replies, “I want it all. Get to the phones. Call every major National Guard unit in the land. Prepare to put jets in the air. The nation is under attack!”

09:04 am - Boston Center: “A second one just hit the trade center.” New England Region: “Okay, yea, we gotta get – we gotta alert the military real quick on this.”

09:05 am – FAA New York Center declares ATC Zero, no aircraft permitted to depart from, arrive at or travel through New York Center airspace until further notice.

09:05 am – Boston Center radios all aircraft of New York situation and to secure cockpits

09:05 am – AA77 reemerges on FAA Indy Center radar, east of last known position.

09:07 am – FAA Boston ATC requests FAA Herndon Command Center “get messages to airborne aircraft to increase security for the cockpit.” No evidence Herndon did this.

09:08 am – FAA Indy Center notifies Langley and W.V. State PD of possible crash.

09:08 am – NEADS learns of WTC2 impact and sends F-16s to Manhattan. “This is what I forsee that we probably need to do. We need to talk to FAA. WE need to tell em’ if this stuff is gonna keep on going, we need to take those fighters, put ‘em over Manhattan. That’s the best thing, that’s the best play right now. So coordinate with the FAA. Tell ‘em if there’s more out there, which we don’t know, let’s get ‘em over Manhattan. At least we got some kind of play.”

09:09 am – Langley F-16s placed at battle stations.

09:10 am – AA77 reenters DC airspace.

09:10 am – AA orders all planes on the ground nationwide grounded.

09:12 am – Passenger Renee May calls mother, tells her to alert AA of hijacking.

09:16 am – FAA informs NORAD Flight 93 hijacked.

09:16 am – Passenger Barbara Olson calls her husband Ted Olson, solicitor general of US, reporting the flight AA77 has been hijacked. Call cut off.

09:20 am – FAA Indy learns of other hijacked aircraft.

09:21 am – FAA reports to NEADS “I just heard a report that AA77 is still in the air, and it’s on its way toward – heading towards Washington.”

09:21 am – NY Port Authority closes all bridges and tunnels in NYC.

09:23 am – UA93 notified to beef up cockpit security.

09:24 am – FAA HQ CC Notifies NEADS of hijacking of AA77 – Dulles – LA

09:24 am – Three F-16s scrambled from Langley AFB, Hampton, Va. Fly east to staging area over the ocean.

09:25 am – Combat Air Patrol (CAP) established over Manhattan. Fuel now low, Langley planes considered as back-up.

09:25 am – Barbara Olson, passenger on Flight 77, calls husband, Theodore Olson at Justice Dept. again, mentions hijackers used knives and box cutters. Ted Olson tells wife of other hijackings.

09:25 am – FAA orders grounding of all commercial air traffic.

09:27 am – Chaney and Rice, in WH bunker, are told that an airplane is 50 miles out, bearing in.

09:27 am – UA93 passenger Tom Burnett calls wife, “They already knifed a guy. There’s a bomb on board. Call the FBI.”

09:28 am – UA93 at 35,000 feet, drops 700 feet. “Mayday” broadcast amid sounds of physical struggle in the cockpit. “Hey get out of here – get out of here – get out of here.”

09:29 am – UA93 acknowledges ATC radio transmission. Last pilot contact.

09:29 am – AA77 auto-pilot disengaged at 7,000 feet, 38 miles west of Pentagon.

09:30 am – Radio transmission “Get out of here, get out of here!” Transponder from Flight 93 goes off.

09:30 am – Hijackers of Flight 77 tell the passengers to phone home because “they are all going to die,” by hitting the White House. Barbara Olson calls husband Ted a second time, five minutes after first call.

09:30 am – No radio response from UA93.

09:30 am – Radar tracks Flight 77 30 miles from DC.

09:30 am – FAA’s Emergency Operations Center is up and running.

09:30 am – Secret Service call Chris Stephenson, flight controller at Washington airport tower, re: unidentified plane heading for DC, and he makes visual contact as it flies by Crystal City, Virginia, 30 out of DC.

09:30 am – Three F-16s from the North Dakota ANG 119th fighter wing, stationed at Langley are airborne over the Atlantic Ocean – Maj. Brad Derrig, Capt. Craig Borgstrom and Maj. Dean Eckmann.

09:31 am – Flight 93 cockpit transmission of flight attendent “Don’t, Don’t Please, I don’t want to die,” shortly before she is stabbed.

09:32 am – UA93 radio transmission: (probably Jarrah) “Ladies and gentlemen: Here the captain, please sit down and keep remaining seating. We have a bomb on board. So sit.” UA93’s flight data recorder that was recovered indicates the autopilot was instructed to turn the flight around and head east. Voice data recorder indicates a struggling female flight steward was killed in the cockpit at this time.

09:32 am – New York Stock Exchange closes.

09:32 am – FAA Dulles DC ATC observes target (later determined to be AA77) tracking eastbound at high rate of speed, notify Reagan airport and Secret Service.

09:33 am – C-130H military cargo plane, taking off from Reagan DC to Minnesota, identifies incoming unknown target as an American Airlines Boeing 757.

09:34 am – Tom Burnett calls wife a second time, “They’re in the cockpit,” he said, as he checked the pulse of the knifed, dead man in seat 5B (Mark Rothenberg). She tells him about the WTC. “Oh my God, it’s a suicide mission.”

09:34 – FAA Command Center tells FAA HQ that UA175 may have bomb on board.

09:34 am – NEADS contacts FAA CC DC re: AA11, and FAA reports AA77 missing.

09:34 am – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport advises Secret Service of unknown aircraft heading in the direction of the White House; AA77 5 miles west-south-west of the Pentagon.

09:35 am – AA77 flys across Captitol Parkway at 400 + mph, crosses the Pentagon at 7,000 feet, makes a high speed descending turn, spirals in almost a complete circle and drops the final 7,000 feet in two-and-a-half minutes.

09:36 am – FAA Boston calls NEADS “Latest report. Aircraft…six miles southeast of White House, deviating away.” NEADS: “Okay, we’re going to turn it, crank it up, run them to the White House.” When NEADS discovers that Langley F-16s staged over the ocean instead of heading north as expected, he ordered them to DC, “I don’t care how many windows you break, Damn it, Okay. Push them back.”

09:36 am – FAA Cleveland Center asks FAA Command Center whether someone had requested military to launch fighters to intercept UA93. Cleveland Center offers to contact nearby military base. “Command Center replies that FAA personnel well above them in the chain of command had to make that decision and were working on the issue.”

09:37 am – Flight 93 passenger Jeremy Glick calls wife, describes hijackers as Middle Eastern, Iranian looking, who put on read headbands and ran into the cockpit. She tells him about the WTC.

09:37 am – Radar image of AA77 disappears from screen, four minutes from White House, six miles from Pentagon.

09:37 am – Defense Secretary Rumsfield is in the Pentagon meeting with Rep. Cox, watching TV, and says, “Believe me, this isn’t over yet. There’s going to be another attack and it could be us.”

09:37:46 am – AA77 impacts Pentagon. (Langley fighters 150 miles away).

09:38:30 am – C-130H pilot : “Looks like that aircraft crashed into the Pentagon, sir.”

09:38 am – Secret Service calls Andrews, “Get in the air now!”

09:39 am – Rumsfield went downstairs, outside and sees a young women sitting on the ground, bleeding who says to him “she could see people holding, drips going into people, IV of some kind, and she said, something to the effect, if people would, if someone could bring that person over, I could hold it.” (huh?). (He helps people into ambulances until 10:30).

09:39 am – FAA’s Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control Center overhears second announcement about bomb on board and plane.

09:40 ? – F-16s from 177th NJANG are armed and scrambled, ordered vector West, towards Pennsylvania, then north to New York City. Others from the 177th are scrambled and sent to DC, the first non-alert air wing to arrive at both cities.

09:41am – UA93 transponder turned off. Lost on radar. Passengers and flight crew from UA93 make GET airphone and cellular phone calls to

09:41 am – Passenger on Flight 93 Marion Birtton calls a friend and reports that two people have been killed and the plane turned around.

09:42 am – Passenger Mark Bingham calls home.

09:42 am - FAA Command Center learns of Pentagon plane crash, FAA’s National Operations Manager Ben Sliney, orders nationwide shutdown of all commercial air traffic

09:43 am – Bush’s motorcade arrives at Sarasota airport AF1. He learns plane has hit Pentagon.

09:44 am - Three F-16s from Langley are five minutes out from DC, flying at 650 (top speed: 1500 mph), armed with Sidewinder heat seeking missles. The pilot “Honey” hears a garbled message about Flight 93, and “White House and important asset to protect.” Neither Honey nor another pilot, Lew, are never given shoot down orders.

09:45 am - Tom Burnett calls his wife a third time, she tells him about Pentagon. He doubts hijackers really have bomb, and “a group of us are making a plan.”

09:45 am - Passenger Tod Beamer speaks with phone operator Lisa Jefferson from the back of the plane and talks for about 15 minutes, with FBI listening in.

09:45 am – FAA National Operations Mgr. Ben Sliney orders nationwide commercial air traffic shutdown.

09:45 am – White House evacuated.

09:46 am –FAA Command Center updates FAA HQ that UA93 was “twenty-nine minutes out of Washington D.C.”

09:47 am – Flight 93 passenger Jeremy Glick is still on the phone with wife, and says that the passengers are taking a vote on whether to try to take back the plane, and all the men say yea.

09:48 am – Capitol building begins evacuation. House Speaker, third in line after Chaney, is still there.

09:49 am – Three F-16s from Langley arrive in DC airspace and set up a Combat Air Patrol (CAP) over the Capitol.

09:49 am – FAA Command Center suggests that someone at HQ should decide whether to request military assistance. FAA HQ : “…scrambling aircraft?…FAA CC: “Uh, God. I don’t know…Uh, that’s a decision somebody’s gonna have to make probably in the next ten minutes.” FAA HQ: “Uh, ya know, everybody just left the room.”

09:50 am – Three F-16s from Andrews (Maj. Billy Hutchison, Lt. Col. Marc H. “Sass” Sasseville, aka “Lucky” arrive to support CAP, but only one is armed.

09:50 am – Flight 93 passenger Sandra Bradshaw calls her husband. They are filling pitchers with hot water to use against the hijackers.

09:53 am – FAA HQ informs FAA CC that DD for ATS was talking to Dept. Adm. Monte Belger about scrambling aircraft. UA93 lost over Pittsburgh.

09:53 am – The National Security Agency (NSA) intercepts a phone call from a bin Laden operative in Afghanistan to the Republic of Georgia “heard good news,” and another target is to come.

09:54 am – FAA HQ informed that visual sighting of UA93 placed it 20 miles NW of Johnstown.

09:54 am – Tom Burnett calls wife fourth time. “I know we’re all going to die. There’s three of us who are going to do something about it. It’s up to us. I think we can do it. Don’t worry, we’re going to do something.” They were waiting until they were over a rural area.

09:56 am – Air Force One airborne – AF Col. Mark Tillman pilot. Bush talks to VP Cheney by phone. Cheney recommends that Bush authorize the military to shoot down any planes under the control of hijackers. “You bet.”

09:56 am – F-16 pilots are told over the radio by Secret Service “I want you to protect the White House at all costs.”

09:57 am - ? A military aid to VP Cheney asks, “There is a plane 80 miles out. There is a fighter in the area. Should we engage? Cheney, “Yes.”

09:57 am – Todd Beamer ends his phone conversation “You ready? Okay, Let’s roll.”

09:57 am – Passenger assault begins. Fighting reported outside the cockpit of Flight 93.

09:58 am – CeeCee Lyles on phone to husband tells him they are forcing their way into the cockpit. Sandy Bradshaw tells her husband, “Everyone’s running to first class, I’ve got to go, Bye.” Male passenger calls 911 from bathroom on the plane.

09:58 am – Two jet fighters from Selfridge Michigan ANG ordered after Flight 93, without any weapons.

09:59 am – The South Tower of the WTC collapses.

10:01 am – Visual contact with UA93 seen “waving wings,” radical gyrations.

10:01 am – FAA requests F-16s from Toledo, Ohio scrambled, though off alert.

10:02 am – Hijacker says “Pull it down! Pull it down!…Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest.”

10:03:11 am – UF93 impacts the ground in Western Pennsylvania.

10:04 am – C-130H that witnessed Pentagon crash, reports black smoke from UA93 crash site.

10:05 am – Flight 93 begins breaking up before crashing.

10:06 am – NORAD diverts an unarmed Michigan ANG fighter to Pennsylvania.

10:07 am – Military liaison to FAA Cleveland Center notifies NEADS UA93 hijacked, unaware it had crashed.

10:08 am – Bush informed of crash of Flight 93. “Did we shoot it down or did it crash?”

10:08 am – White House surrounded by armed guards.

10:10 am – All military forces ordered to Defcon Three – Delta (highest alert in 30 years)

10:15 am – FAA Command Center advises FAA HQ that UA93 crashed.

10:16 am – Toledo fighters take off – 16 minutes after being called.

12:16 pm – Benjamin Sliney (FAA) announces that the air is clear of all commercial air traffic, and no additional hijacked planes aloft.


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Webster Tarpley on the Real Causes of 9/11

By Bill Hare

07/30/2006 12:06:05 AM EST

Webster Tarpley has a long background of service in international journalism. His lengthy record of service in the field has provided him with many contacts, which he uses judiciously, as well as an international perspective, enabling him to see well beyond the smoke and mirrors generated by governments functioning as self-serving mechanisms.

Tarpley, who received richly deserved praise for an earlier unauthorized biography of George Bush the Elder, which exposed the family's involvement in providing funding for Hitler's Third Reich, has delivered a prolifically researched and dramatic work detailing the real causes of 9/11.

He makes the case for continuing investigation into the series of tragedies that transformed the entire world amid the plumes of smoke surfacing from New York's burning Twin Towers.

9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in U.S.A., now in its third edition, is an indispensable work in that it tackles the number one issue that America and the world needs to currently confront.

While many might state that issues such as affordable jobs and medical care surpass all other issues in importance, the one concerning which Tarpley has devoted this informative volume - that of state-sponsored, false flag synthetic terror - surpasses in overall importance everything else within both national and international boundaries.

If you are one of the many skeptics of the pat explanation provided by the government and the 9/11 Commission that the attacks on that fateful day were all interlinked with the terrorist network of Osama bin Laden, a genius of mythical proportions controlling the world from an Afghanistan cave, this book will loom as a welcome and illuminating volume of reason and penetrating insight.

Tarpley debunks this prevailing myth with precise insight.

The reason why this issue exceeds all others in importance is that, until the network behind the Cheney-Bush Junta is fully exposed, a group or groups representing the same line of thought will remain in Washington.

As Tarpley points out, evicting the ruling Junta from office is imperative to eliminate the dire and imminent threat of nuclear war, as evidenced by the truculent stands of neoconservatives in the Middle East, with Syria looming close on the prospective nuclear radar screen.

Tarpley makes the same basic points that have been consistently made here regarding who is actually in charge and how the ruling Junta developed. He notes that a shadow government would never entrust strategic decision making to a "moron" such as George W. Bush. He sees the sage of Halliburton and the oil-military axis, Dick Cheney, as a major spokesperson but takes one significant step beyond this perspective.

In tracing the events of 9/11, Tarpley naturally covers the bizarre and fearful behavior of George W. Bush in Sarasota, where America could have been facing a nuclear threat or coup, only to see the putative chief executive continue a photo opportunity session with an elementary school girl reading "My Pet Goat." He probes the reader's mind, however, with where he proceeds from there.

Tarpley drops a bombshell as he recounts the message received by Cheney and communicated to him from Washington to Bush aboard Air Force One. According to no less an insider than Bob Woodward the message communicated was "Angel is next." In White House jargon Angel represents Air Force One.

A case is built beginning with this reference of a bloodless coup in progress. Tarpley's explanation resonates with reason based on what we saw and were told at the time. There was Bush's long absence from Washington and his engaging in what to outside observers could represent wandering flight missions to nowhere.

There was also the period where Air Force One zigzagged and flew at low altitude. Such activity is consistent with seeking to become a more difficult target for an attacker.

Tarpley's contention that any power takeover involved some of the highest sources in government was buttressed by the fact that the planes involved in the 9/11 crash disasters were never scrambled, when such a response is automatic under Federal Aviation Administration rules whenever aircraft display erratic behavior.

He also focuses on unanswered questions regarding the crashed plane in a Pennsylvania field and the holes left in the Pentagon following what was described as an attack by a plane. According to aeronautical engineering experts, it appeared from the size and shape of the holes that the damage more likely resulted from a missile attack.

Another fascinating area of Tarpley exploration is that of the scene at the Twin Towers. The author minces no words in his denunciation of New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's decision, clearly at the behest of Cheney and Bush, to remove all of the charred steel following the crashes and subsequent fires.

In one particularly telling ring of irony, the company hired to clear away what could have represented vital evidence was the same one used after the Oklahoma City bombing for the same purpose.

While Rudolph Giuliani, through mainstream media post-9/11 spin, was exalted almost to the level of sainthood, Tarpley is to be admired for seeing through the smoke and mirrors. He reveals that it is a felony to remove potential evidence from a crime scene, which Guiliani did to a marked degree. The question is why?

Tarpley's disclosures concerning the response of the Cheney-Bush Junta to the tragedy and the ultimate appointment of an investigating commission, only after prolonged pressure was applied, are some of the best of a work filled with crucial information.

Tarpley provides brief background sketches of the 9/11 Commission members, proving conclusively that, with the exception of the group's single "wild card," former Vietnam War hero and U.S. Senator, Max Cleland, the group consisted of Washington Beltway insiders more conducive to holding the line and not making waves than probing for fresh answers.

It is particularly significant that Colleen Rowley, a Time "Person of the Year" and foremost 9/11 whistleblower, was never called to testify.

Tarpley's main scorn reserved for the 9/11 Commission process is directed toward John Lehman. Tarpley reveals that Lehman, a former Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan Administration, was a signer of the September 20,2001 letter from the Project for the New American Century calling for a "war on terror" against Iraq.

He also discloses that, rather than probing for new information pertaining to the Twin Towers scene, Lehman instead unfairly scapegoated valiant New York City firefighters, contending that they had not done enough. Naturally nothing was said about removing potential evidence from the crime scene over the protests of those same firefighters.

Another significant point covered by Tarpley was the overlooked evidence that the 9/11 Commission ignored. Scores of experts have insisted that it is impossible to generate fires of the nature that occurred at the Twin Towers, as well as another building nearby that caught fire without being hit by aircraft, based on the official explanation.

Past experiences reveal that buildings remain standing after being hit by aircraft. It requires explosive devices to trigger the fiery destruction and collapses that reeked havoc in New York's financial district on 9/11.

Prominent Indian author Arundhati Roy uttered my favorite quote from 9/11 Synthetic Terror. On August 16, 2004, Roy told the American Sociological Association in San Francisco: "Terrorism is the privatization of war" and that "terrorists are the free marketers of war."

Webster Tarpley has extended his efforts beyond the research and writing of this comprehensive work on 9/11 to the realm of cohesive action. He is currently interacting with others to seek answers to questions being dodged rather than investigated.

Tarpley is a prominent member of the 9/11 Commission for Truth. He urges those reading his book to join in that effort. The Commission met recently in Chicago, listening to an address from Tarpley as well as a speech from Dr. Bob Bowman, candidate for Congress from District 15 in Florida.

The book contains such a breadth of research that to fully review it would require space commensurate with the length of the work itself. Tarpley's ambitious undertaking demolishes the accepted mainstream media and political explanation of events in the same manner that Mark Lane in the sixties demolished the official Warren Commission Report on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

9/11 Synthetic Terror can be purchased at ProgressivePress.com. It supplies a needed wakeup call to Americans at a pivotal period of history when the maniacal and predatory actions of neoconservatives, with many focused in the ranks of the Project for the New American Century, threaten the world with nuclear extinction.

As Tarpley indicates, it is time to remove the "nuclear football" from the clutches of the ruling Junta in the same way that, in the final days of the Nixon Administration in 1974, Alexander Haig and Henry Kissinger removed that deadly option from a highly disturbed, paranoiac American leader.

The current bloodthirsty, power mad Washington neocons need to be stopped before it is too late. Americans need to vigilantly demand answers to important questions that have heretofore been swept under the rug.

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On the JFK Timeline Database thread Bill Kelly wrote:

Michael, I met Paul in DC and his testimony before Cynthia McKinney's Congressional Briefing last July was important. His Timeline book is also necessary to understand the events of 911.

His Timeline is so detailed however and covers so many years and so much ground, it can do the opposite of what a Timeline is suppose to do, and make things that happen over time more clear.

Here's my timeline on 911 which I did myself from the times mentioned and published in the 911 Commission Final Report.

Thanks Bill,

As you probably noticed, Thompson made the same point:

This story is so complicated and long, I've tried to break it into threads of different colors to make it easier to digest. I've made separate pages for each thread, in addition to webpages with all the threads together.

For example, like you, Thompson makes a timeline for the day of September 11 only:


He has also broken down timelines into many other specific subjects. The JFK assassination would lend itself well to this technique, I think.

Mike Hogan

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IMO the military's original story about 9/11, that no jet fighters took off until after the Pentagon was hit, was true. This is the story that General Myers gave at his confirmation hearing, and what NORAD told the nation through an official spokesman. IOW there was indeed a stand-down, except with respect to Flight 93, whose take off had been delayed and which was possibly shot down.

This story was soon changed, with contrived timelines released for the scrambling of the Otis and Langley jets along with other lies, when it became obvious that the original story wouldn't fly. Myers in fact was pressured into changing the military's story right in the middle of his testimony.


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