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No Author even get close to the JFK hit motives

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The truth on JFK runs deep and is extremely complicated---no author to date has even come close to the truth on JFK's hit.

The JFK hit was and still is a National Security issue related to deuterium knowledge and uses to kill Castro via cancer. As such, the USAEC, CIA, Mafia, and DISC/Div5 were all in on the hit to kill both LHO and JFK to maintain concealment of multiple deuterium issues highly related to the USAEC's special compartmentalized and extremely sensitive knowledge regarding deuterium.

Deuterium has a long history related to religions and once exposed would dethrone all Royals akin to dependency from King David's ancestry. As such one finds English Zionist despots like Louis Bloomfield in the DISC mix.

The origin of the kill LHO and JFK plot originates in Oak Ridge's National Laboratory in Summer of '63 and a Mason named Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. who was in the military with Jack Ruby, and motivated Ruby to use his Mafia and CIA connections to kill LHO and JFK to support Zionism and Royalism and protect jobs on Oak Ridge. Tucker's father was TVA and that related to long history of DISC connections, TVA, NASA, USAEC, and so on. Ruby was also highly involved Dallas Zionists and with LBJ's protection of Zionist issues, which led to LBJ's complicity with the JFK/LHO hits as well as the WC cover up on the hits and the protection of USAEC's deuterium secrets to protect Royalist and Zionists.

The issues involving the JFK hit run as deep as the Deep State issues that Trump is encountering as to the extent of Treason, Insurrection, and subterfuge that Trump is cleaning out these days. JFK intended to do the same type clean outs.

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