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Stanley Marks: Forgotten hero

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5 hours ago, Rob Couteau said:

On December 20th the two biggest Dylan blogs (Expectingrain.com and Dylanology on Facebook) posted a link to Len's interview with Bobbie Marks. Last I checked Expectingrain gets 25K unique visitors daily and the Facebook Dylanology group has 43K members. These were the same two that posted our links to the various Dylan / Marks pieces on K&K.

Dylanology link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/476048012559597/permalink/1748633891967663

Do you have a link for ER? Thanks...



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8 hours ago, Rob Couteau said:

Thanks Anthony! I was just thinking of you while I was thumbing through his book on Reagan, because the research you're doing would dovetail with so much of it.

It definitely looks that way. I'd love to read that book someday but a cursory search suggests that volume is hard to find, just like some of his other books. But I'm sure Stanley would have some interesting things to say about the folks from that era.

It's great Marks is coming back into print after all this time.


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18 minutes ago, Pamela Brown said:

Could you post the links? 

Hi Pamela,


Expecting Rain:

The Dylan/Kennedy Sensation, by James DiEugenio:

Stanley Marks and Murder Most Foul! — A Sequel to “The Kennedy / Dylan Sensation”:

The Stanley Marks Revival:

Black Op Radio Interview with Bobbie Marks:

Black Op Radio Interview with RC about Stanley Marks and MMF:

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13 hours ago, Rob Couteau said:

Thank you, Rob.

It can't be stressed too strongly that Bob Dylan has not only an interest, but also seems to claim some kind of a connection to the assassination of President Kennedy.  Among other things, he has confirmed its Masonic connections.  I don't think we can begin to understand the assassination unless we take this into account.

Dylan may be a Mason.



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On 11/10/2020 at 9:41 PM, Rob Couteau said:

I'm pleased to announce that Stanley J. Marks' MURDER MOST FOUL! is now back in print for the first time since 1967. Includes an in-depth biographical essay on the author's groundbreaking work and how it may have influenced Dylan. 400 pages, with illustrations. Available at Amazon, B&N, Bookfinder, and various other worldwide outlets.






I've just finally really gotten started on this, 50 pages.  Amazing already.  Marks got It better than anyone at the time.  The way Rob's intertwining what we know today reveals just how perceptive Stanley was.   

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