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Marie Muchmore Interview?

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FBI Report, 12/4/63 (CD7, pg.31)

As the parade passed by there she heard the first shot but from where they were standing could not observe where the shot came from. She said she panicked after this shot and ran back to the office, later becoming deathly sick over the incident when learning of the President’s death. She said she had a movie camera with her at the time and Wilma Bond had a box camera but she advised that she did not obtain any photographs of the assassination scene.



FBI Report, 2/14/64 (CD735, pg.8)

Mrs. Muchmore stated that after the car turned on Elm Street from Houston Street, she heard a loud noise which at first she thought was a firecracker but then with the crowd of people running in all directions and hearing the two further noises, sounding like gunfire, she advised that she began to run to find a place to hide… She advised that she is positive that she only heard three shots but as to the direction or location of the noises, she would be unable to give an accurate location.

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