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Two Revolutions At Once

Harry J.Dean

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A second revolution was raging. The so-called Liberal establishment

in the U.S. was under attack by 'ULTRA Conservative' forces that had

begun to organize in 1958. This fast growing power absorbed the Anti-

Castro movement there.

They used these Cubans to further their own 'rightist' goals, such as the

American Communist Party was doing by exploiting the opposing Pro-

Castro Cubans. But among the new and widespread 'rightist' {Americanist}

movement were assassin-minded persons that would take action to aid in

seizing control of the U.S. Government, if only given the word!

'So we welcome into the { JBS } Society A, who disagrees with B's ideas on how to

fight Communists; and B who dislikes A; and C who looks scornfully at them

both; and D who is to rabid; and E who is to restrained; and F who can stand

nobody except those who land on middle ground; and G who wants to get his

gun and come out shooting { if only we would say the word }.'

....unless we can have enough of an awakening in this country, and enough

of a rebellion against the appeasement policies of our government outside,

and it's communizing policies inside America, the Communists are going to


....in the course of awakening America, there was a rapidly rising identification

of the policies of the Kennedy administration with the plans of the Communists.

....for unless we can eventually, and in time, reverse by political action, the

gradual surrender of the United States to communism, the ultimate alternative

of reversal by military uprising is fearful to contemplate.

....we are opposing a conspiracy...our determination to overthrow an entrenched tyranny is the very stuff of which revolutions are made.

....the result of our failure in this fight most positively will be consentration camps

or worse, and soon.....

President Kennedy stated,' the very system of government is in dire peril and may not survive my term in office' Kennedy was describing the severe threat posed

by extremely powerful co-operative civil and military sedition at work.

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