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Mexico City: A possible scenario of the 'little incident in Mexico City' as a counter-intelligence operation

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What a sweet set of documentation Bill... 

my conclusions the subject come from a few docs I've come across... a couple attached... as I did my reaseach and going thru the new release.

It seemed to me that JUNE COBB LICOOKIE was also backing the GARRO/??? play... . (attached).... 

I like to ponder the chances the "Spread art via the CIA to the World" program would back Ms Garros via Phillips to make such an accusation...
and stick to it......  seems to me again that many many roads lead to DAP...

Thanks again




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On whether it was Oswald or an impersonator in Mexico City, I just received Nechiporenko's book today and was reading it, who was in the Soviet Embassy and tells of Oswald's  two visits there. Oswald brought documents with him, and Nechiporenko and the others knew of Oswald's background in the Soviet Union. Neither Nechiporenko nor any of the others had any doubts it was Oswald. Would they not have been sharp enough not to be pranked by an imposter?

Oswald's address book has contact information for Horace Twiford of Houston, whom he tried to call when in Houston on his way to Mexico City. He was unable to reach Twiford who was not yet home and could only talk to Twiford's wife. One of the reasons Silvia Duran of the Cuban consulate cited for refusing an immediate visa to Cuba to Oswald was a lack of personal references. It could be that if Oswald had been able to reach Twiford he would have asked for such a letter. The visit to Silvia Odio earlier, which I believe was part of the Mexico City trip as far as Oswald was concerned, also involved a request for letters of reference (not done by Silvia).

Silvia Duran and the Cuban consulate in Mexico City is in Oswald's address book. Nechiporenko's description of Oswald's visit sounds like it is Oswald. The WC claimed there was a conflict in timing between Oswald being part of the three who visited Silvia Odio, and Oswald going to Mexico City, but there is not; all one needs to assume is that Oswald was driven from Dallas to Houston, rather than getting there by public transportation.  

Silvia Duran sure says it was Oswald, in this account written by her: http://merdist.com/wp/2017/12/21/sylvia-duran-in-her-own-words/ ("Saturday, November 23; the morning newspaper arrives. There is his face, now in black and white. I have no doubts.")

This alleged impersonator business just strikes me as very elaborate and odd, given that no one at the time in either the Cuban consulate or the Soviet embassy, involving three and two visits respectively, would notice that the man bearing Oswald's photo ID was pranking them and an imposter. Who was this maestro of impersonation, so good that he was never caught out in his magician-like impersonationmanship? Why is this maestro of impersonation unknown to history, unknown to FOIA documents, not ever having later outed himself or been outed by someone who knew his secret life impersonating the presumed assassin of President Kennedy? Did the impersonator have family? Did any of the impersonator's family know of this?

Marina initially denied and wouldn't talk, but quickly with the Secret Service in isolation Nov 24-26 opened up and talked, and she said Oswald went to Mexico City, and to the present day has not changed on that point even though in later years she came to claim Oswald was innocent. A lot of researchers think an early threat from FBI agents basically saying she could be deported if she did not cooperate ... means she was fed fabrications which she, scared, told as she was told. That makes no sense. The threat was true, but what the Secret Service and FBI wanted was for her to talk. They didn't program what she said. They wanted her to talk--to tell what she knew, to answer their questions, to give them information. One of those things Marina told was Oswald went to Mexico City. There is no evidence whatever that someone was feeding Marina her lines to say, feeding her her stories to say, choreographing her answers to FBI agents questioning her like some marionette. Is that how law enforcement officers normally question witnesses in a criminal investigation? No. 

Oswald wrote in his own handwriting in his draft of the Russian Embassy letter, the one Oswald typed and mailed and of which Ruth Paine made her own handwritten copy--told of going to Mexico City. Was Oswald's whole address book and everything he wrote forged too? Where does this end?

I think this alleged impersonator of Oswald is like a snipe hunt--kids are told he's always around the next bend, but no one ever actually sees one. 

The impersonator never retired and in his old age wrote a book about it? Or was the subject of a feature documentary? What a great story it would have made! Nothing like that ever happened. Could it be the reason why that never happened is because this idea of an elaborate impersonator of Oswald is a figment of researchers' imagination?

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On doubts of Silvia Duran and (more unambiguously) Azcue later that it was the same Oswald in the Cuban consulate, apart from an arguable possible factor on Azcue's part to prefer that it was not the assassin of JFK, think of the Charles Bronson movie "From Noon till Three", and the way Amanda writes a best-selling romance novel about her encounter and seduction by the dashing escaped fugitive Graham (played by Bronson). Graham reads about himself in her romance novel and shows up, wanting a real relationship with her, but she does not believe its him--because she knows the real Graham was taller! She rejects him as an imposter. 

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