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2nd (1963 issued) passport

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First off, this is a question about existing (so I think) evidence, which did not fit the strict posting rules of the two other 'evidence' related forum topics; thus this 'debate' topic was my only other option.

There is much reference to the first passport of Oswald, but other than the fact he was issued another passport in 1963, I can find no reference to that second passport.  Seeing as much as Oswald did not have a driver's license, and only a military issued ID from many years earlier, would not he have needed the passport to cross the Mexico border?  And if so, would not the passport, assuming it exists, and assuming he traveled to Mexico City, be stamped by the Mexican border officials?   I can find not a single reference anywhere stating (or showing photographic evidence of) such. 

Can anyone, here, elucidate on this point?    

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Hi Aldin,

At that time all you needed was a tourist visa, not a passport.  The passport could be the ID for the VISA... Oswald supposedly used his Birth Cert...despite having a passport.
The Passport has little to do with Mexico since they claimed he was showing them the older 1959 Russian stamped passport....  which is strange anyway...

You did need a Vaccination Cert to get back into the US, which we find later was created with Oswald's stamp kit (another story)


I'd suggest going to MARYFERRELL's site and do some digging...  all those docs are fairly easy to find....

The Passport is CE1969  https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=1139#relPageId=850&tab=page

Take care, welcome here... and please feel free to ask....  





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Thanks, David, for that info, image and link.  The 1963 passport pages have no stamps. 

Referencing the 1959 passport, I'd have thought that it would've been relinquished either upon his return from the USSR or upon being issued another one.  If indeed, he had retained the first passport, and assuming it hadn't expired, he'd not have needed to apply for another.  I know today, upon being issued a new passport, your current passport is cancelled and returned with holes punched in it.   I don't expect procedures to be exactly the same today and then.   It is amazing that it would be the procedure of any immigration office, at any time, to not document the date of entry of each foreigner into the country, particularly if a 'visa' is a requirement.       

I can't find at the Ferrell site any images of the (purported) Mexican visa.  And yet, there is reference to him and a CIA agent having been issued visas at the same time; I suppose that was deduced from sequence numbers.   Is the visa extant, or is it presumed to have been discarded, after his purported trip?  


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