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Identity of "Leopoldo" (Silvia Odio visit)

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5 hours ago, David Boylan said:

There was early interest by the FBI concerning Diaz-Garcia.


I believe it. I've always personally held the belief that Hoover investigated the case until he knew what happened. I doubt any of that stuff would have been released by the ARRB though, I'm sure Hoover would have kept it segregated.

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On 7/31/2020 at 12:03 PM, David Boylan said:

So, if de Torres was Leopoldo, who would he be Angel/Angelo?  Who was de Torres hanging around with in 1963? It wouldn't be Murgado.

More than a few researchers believe it was Herminio Diaz-Garcia.

Joan MellenKey West Citizen (2nd September, 2005)  (Spartacus)

Angelo Murgado and a fellow veteran of the Bay of Pigs, in September, were the men who traveled with Oswald from New Orleans to Dallas where they visited Sylvia Odio. (Mrs. Odio testified that the three traveled together although Angelo says that when he and Leopoldo, who drove from New Orleans together, arrived at Sylvia Odio's, Oswald was already there, sitting in the apartment. That "Leopoldo" and Angelo both knew Oswald, there is no doubt). Their objective, or so Angelo thought, was to search for help in their anti-Castro efforts; they talked to Mrs. Odio about buying arms to overthrow Castro. Angelo believed he could trust his companion, referred to in the Warren Report as "Leopoldo," because not only was he a fellow veteran of the Bay of Pigs, but his brother was running for mayor of Miami. He was respectable.

In this image, the man on the right is Ed Collins... the other option for Angelo....


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