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Identification of two men in Alyea film

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On 7/30/2020 at 2:34 PM, Joe Bauer said:

Who are those two guys?

The taller man has some type of odd uniform looking shirt on.

Is that a badge above his left breast shirt pocket?

If so, representing what employer?

And does he also have shoulder patches?

Why would the older man so deliberately be holding and guiding the younger man away from the building? 

They're a little too close than even two co-worker friends might be in just deciding to walk out and away from the TXSBD together, imo.

Strange looking characters. Strange photo. One I have never seen before.

Does the rifle Lt.Day is holding in the film look exactly like the Italian Carcano, or a Mauser as Constable Seymour Weitzman  ( former sporting goods shop owner and gun buff ) identified just minutes earlier?



Nothing strange about the man or the photo. Only your thoughts are. He’s a jailer working for the Sheriff’s office. 

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On 7/31/2020 at 4:54 AM, Steve Thomas said:


Based on the badge over his left shirt pocket, the shoulder patch on his left bicep, the non-blue color of his uniform, and the papers sticking out of right shirt pocket, I'm going to guess and say that he might be a Deputy Constable working for Robie Love.

Constable Duties & Responsibilities



Although the constable is considered a local precinct officer, his territorial jurisdiction, like that of sheriff, extends to the entire county. He is entitled to serve civil process in those counties contiguous to his own, and with a warrant, to make arrests beyond the limit of his county.

Civil court actions in the state of Texas begin with the service of different types of citations, writs, or subpoenas. The county or state charges various fees for such documents, and for legal service thereof to a defendant or witness in a civil suit. Deputy sheriffs, municipal police officers, constables, and private process servers are authorized to serve these civil papers.

Steve Thomas

Seymour Weizman was also working for Robbie Love. He’s wearing a civilian suit with a hat in the Alyea film.

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