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Petition: Darnell and Wiegman Films

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You are probably aware of the discovery last year of a statement by Oswald that he "went outside to watch the presidential parade" (http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/topic/25532-then-went-outside-to-watch-the-p-parade/).

You are probably also aware that two news films taken within seconds of the assassination show an unidentified figure standing on the front steps of the Texas School Book Depository.

You will certainly be aware of what would happen if the figure were to be identified confidently as Oswald.

Now you can do something to help determine whether or not Oswald did go outside to watch the parade. You can force the relevant authorities to make (or allow others to make) high-quality scans of frames from original or early copies of the Darnell and Wiegman films which are not currently available to the public.

Each signature to the petition sends an email to NBC and the National Archives and Records Administration. You can sign the petition here:


Here's the text of the petition:


Petition to Have the Darnell and Weigman Films made Assassination Records under the JFK Act

Dear Stakeholders,

NBC Cameramen Darnell and Weigman filmed scenes in Dealey Plaza at the time of the assassination of JFK.

These films meet the definition of a "JFK record" under the JFK Act as published in the Federal Register on June 28, 1995. and should have been obtained during the life of the Assassinations Record Review Board (ARRB) for inclusion in the records now held in the National Archives. Other films were obtained by the ARRB.

Although relevant sections of these films are not hard to obtain, as multi-generational copies, they are virtually useless for study purposes.

Of particular interest are frames from these films showing the front steps of the Texas School Book Depository at or about the time of the shots. Recently found interrogation notes of FBI agent Hosty reveal that Oswald told his interrogators in unequivocal terms that he went "outside to watch the presidential parade". Most of those shown on the steps have been positively identified through statements taken from employees outlining their whereabouts at the relevant time. One individual has not been identified via any statements is standing in the top left corner. It is reasonably clear that the person is a white male wearing workers clothing and that he is leaning against the wall, arms folded, with part of his reflection in the window behind blending in and giving the illusion of added bulk. A process of elimination shows that the only white male laborer not accounted for elsewhere is Oswald. The only alternative to it being Oswald is that it is a random person from the street.

Expert opinion from long-serving news cameramen is that a scan from the original or first generation copy would settle this issue in that there would be enough clarity to say definitively that this person is or is not Oswald

The potential importance of having the films available for study cannot be underlined strongly enough. On a micro level, it would be immeasurably beneficial to the surviving members of the Oswald family, not least being his wife and children. On a macro level, it will help repair the damage done to history and put the case back into an open category.

It is hoped, with all of this in mind, that NBC and the NARA can come to some arrangement in regard to having this work done, or to make the films available to private researchers to have the work done.

Thank you for consideration of this matter.

**your signature**

This is a chance for you to make a difference:


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