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Tippit Motive and Rifle Chain of Evidence, looking for some guidance.

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45 minutes ago, Mark Stevens said:

It's been some time since I was familiar with what all was done as far as rifle testing. I do recall that the FBI did test fire the weapon and did not find any nitrates on the person firing the gun. This included hands and face and included multiple firings.

Considering that, and the overall facts regarding gas ejection when firing a bolt action rifle, what you've stated is not actually "evidence for not firing a rifle." It fits with the characteristics of bolt action rifles and with that particular rifle. It really isn't evidence in either direction.

The false positives were on the cheek, depending on what you are referring to as false positives. The cheek was not negative but since the outside of the test was contaminated it was I believe either thrown out or considered a false positive.

Again, positive GSR tests for Oswald do not in any way indicate he handled, fired, or possessed a gun that day. All this indicates is that he came into contact with those substances at some point before he was tested. Since he was tested hours after being placed in at least 5 situations where cross-contamination from law enforcement was likely, any test in my mind is invalid and inaccurate.

Additionally, the NAA is not infallible and a judge would not allow an expert to state a person had definitely handled or fired a gun, only that they might have based on what the test indicates.


Ok -- thanks for that.

I'm under the impression that the FBI test subjects NAA turned out positive from the above site:



Eventually, nearly twenty years after the assassination, some of the results of the NAA tests were made available to Weisberg. He concluded that there had in fact been seven controlled tests:

The tests given me show that in seven ‘control’ cases where others had fired a rifle this evidence was left on the cheeks.

(Harold Weisberg, Post Mortem: JFK Assassination Cover–Up Smashed, Weisberg, 1975, p.437)



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