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Dorothey Murret

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from Harvey and Lee, p. 274:

In 1978 the HSCA wanted to interview Marilyn Murret. On January 31, 1978 the Act­-
ing Legislative Counsel for the CIA, Lyle L. Miller, wrote a letter to the HSCA (House
Select Committee on Assassinations). The letter stated, "So far as this Agency (CIA) is
concerned, there is no reason why Dorothy Marilyn Murret should not respond fully and
completely to any inquiry relevant to the investigation by the HSCA." Why would the
HSCA need to obtain the CIA's permission to question an ordinary US citizen who was
not supposed to have any connections to US intelligence agencies? The issuance of a let­-
ter by the CIA referring to Marilyn Murret strongly suggests that she was either working
for, or had connections to, the CIA.

The HSCA finally interviewed Marilyn Murret in 1978, but the 23-page transcript of
her interview to this day is marked, "Referred--postponed in full. " Why?

John also points out that she managed to travel the world on a teacher's salary.

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Thanks for the info. Coup D'Etat in America mentions her connection to Harold Isaacs who was connected to a CIA front organization. The fact that she is wandering all over the world on a teacher's salary could indicate that she was a domestic contact just like Shaw.

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Something suspicious from the internet on what Marilyn Murret knew and mayhaps connects her to some intelligence function:

Nov 1, 1959 Marilyn Dorthea Murret plus MACS 9

(too old to reply)


9 years ago


November 1 - Marilyn Dorthea Murret

On Sunday, November 1, John Pic's (and LEE Oswald's) cousin, Marilyn
Murret visited Pic and his family at Tachikawa Air Base in Japan. Pic
told the Warren Commission, "In approximately Oct-Nov, early November,
the end of October 1959 (probably October 25) she called me up at the
hospital......and I invited her out to the house the next weekend.
She visited us on Sunday (Nov. 1), I believe...she talked about the
family, and everything....she talked about LEE....she said, 'Do you
know that LEE is is in Europe?" Somewhat surprised Pic said, "No, I
don't know that." By reconstruction Pic's testimony and noting that
Pic contacted the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo on Thursday, November 6, we
realize the only Sunday that Marilyn Murret could have visited Pic and
his family was on Nov. 1, BEFORE Oswald's "defection" was made public
in Japan. Yet Marilyn Murret, the free-lance, globe-trotting school
teacher, somehow knew that Oswald had already left for Europe.

Pic did not know that LEE was in Europe, and somewhat curious, asked
Marilyn about him. Pic told Commission Attorney Jenner, "It was that
night, sir, onthe 9 o'clocknews (Sunday evening, Nov 1) that I learned
that Lee had defected...on the American Armed Forces Network......the
next day it appeared in the paper (Monday Nov. 2)....the Stars and

(The only English press in Japan at that time was the Stars and
Stripes and the American Armed Forces Network - neither of which had
published articles or broadcast news about Oswald's defection by the
time Marilyn had visited Pic and his family on November 1).

Marilyn Murret had unknown but very good sources of information about
Oswald's defection. When asked by Commission Attorney Liebeler, "Did
John (Pic) tell you that Lee had gone to Russia?" Marilyn responded,
"He didn't tell me, his WIFE told me. So I didn't bring the subject
at all with John." Someone is Lying!! - either John Pic or Marily


Which Oswald was it that Marilyn said was in Europe?

October, 1959 (mid-October?)- Lee Oswald takes a MATS flight to Germany.  This is dicussed in the Steenbarger interview at the HSCA in 1978. 


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