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Gerald Hill’s filing cabinet

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Looks like someone has obtained Gerald Hill’s old filing cabinet and is listing items on Ebay..Not my auction and have no association I just happened to come across it and thought others might be interested.


One listing is a letter from December 1963 about a rumour that he had spoken with Ruby on Nov 22 and denying same….The last image is apparently from a request for immunity in 1978. 

“He also knew Jack Ruby and would frequent the Carousel Club. Hill’s possible involvement in or knowledge of payoffs to the DPD or the providing of misinformation to authorities investigating the assassination or the shooting of LHO make it possible he would invoke the Fifth Amendment”



Looks like some items have already been sold and are still available in completed listings for the seller….

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If Hill had really new Jack, about payoff's to the DPD or provided misinformation about offing Oswald I could see him pleading the 5th as a personnel officer at the time.  He might not want to talk about being there when Oswald was arrested either, why was he or his boss?  He was never called to testify before the Warren Omission, was he?

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