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Best JFK Assassination Books - Your thoughts?!

Chris Barnard

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Hi guys,

These are the ones I have read so far:


1) James W Douglass - JFK & The Unspeakable

2) David Talbot - Brothers

3) Phillip Haslam - Dr Mary’s Monkey 

4) Peter Janney - Mary’s Mosaic

5) Roger Stone - The man who killed Kennedy

6) Richard Belzer - Hit List

7) David Talbot - The Devils Chessboard

8.) Mark Lane - The Last Word

Are there any others you chaps would regard as essential reading on the topic? I really liked most of the above, James W Douglass book probably had the most profound effect on me. 

I have a couple of others to read still, sat in unopened parcels: 

Donald Gibson - Battling Wall Street

Antonio Veciana - Trained to kill 


Also in related reading I enjoyed:


The creature from Jekyll Island - G. Edward Griffin

Family of secrets - Russ Baker

The Pentagon’s Brain - Annie Jacobsen 

The new confessions of an economic hitman - John Perkins

An unfinished life - Robert Dalek

The Power Elite - C.Wright Mills 

John F Kennedy and PT109 - Richard Tregaskis

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