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Sinister Secrets, Murders, Crimes Against Humanity---> The Oak Ridge real Secret City History of Murder via Deceit and Treachery

To put the Oak Ridge, AMA/Pharma, and religious cover ups on Deuterium into perspective---this is a part of their sinister history.
Back in the Summer of 1963, Oak Ridge and the USAEC hated JFK for cooperation with Russia on ended Atmospheric nuclear testing----which is a huge deuterium release issue.

Oak Ridge was planning to have Jack Ruby and his Mafia Pals kill JFK in LBJ dominated Dallas Texas over the end of Atmospheric tests and that JFK knew about nuke Dangers.

Add into this equation that in New Orleans folks were working on a cancer vaccine with Dr Alton Oschner and Dr Mary Sherman and they knew well Harold Urey, the guy that isolated deuterium in 1931 and won a Nobel in 1934.

Cancers always involve too much deuterium in cells along with too low pH or acid pH that enables cancer virus. Public Health was screwed up by a Green Monkey derived Polio Virus called SV-40 that is a cancer maker in human cells.

So, in New Orleans there was this study to see if they can make a cancer vaccine, which did not work. As that effort was turning sour they decided to use a mutated and potentiated SV-40 cancer virus using a nuke accelerator in New Orleans. Working on this project for the CIA to kill Castro with cancer was Dr. Alton Oschner, Dr. Mary Sherman and various technical help from David Ferrie with CIA ties, then technical help with Judyth Baker, and JFK Spy named Lee Harvey Oswald.

Lee Harvey Oswald came to the deuterium capital of Oak Ridge in the Summer of 1963 to learn how to activate the SV-40 super virus in their target Fidel Castro. This involved learning how to lower body cell pH and load up the cells with deuterium. At that point, Oak Ridge gave Lee Harvey Oswald all the knowledge for deuterium and low pH to make the SV-40 cancer killer virus work for the CIA New Orleans plot to kill off Castro.

It was not long before they found that Lee Harvey Oswald was an agent for JFK and RFK on the area of CIA and Mafia operations and they just gave up their deepest darkest secrets on deuterium and health to JFK and RFK. This would soon mean the total elimination of nuke weapons and many nuclear projects in the next JFK term. It was Doomsday for Oak Ridge and Nuke weapons and JFK suddenly became the USAEC's enemy number one.
ORNL's plot to kill JFK in Dallas involved an ORNL Masonic person that hated Catholic JFK named Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. He was in the Army Air Core with Jacob Rubenstein or Jack Ruby after he changed his name in Dallas. Ruby was an extreme Zionists getting nuke secrets from the US to build Israel's Dimona Reactor and Plutonium weapons program.

Zionist Jack Ruby was also close to Zionist Texas Masonic Lyndon Johnson and the entire Dallas Zionist backing that included Masonic Abe Zapruder in Dallas. Collectively they along with member of CIA, Joint Chiefs, USAEC, DISC, and others hated JFK with a passion for finding out the deuterium secrets and its connections with ancient religion. Plus, how that linked with USAEC and Rockefeller medicines health racketeering on hiding deuterium.

It was the super secret Masonic ORNL led plot to kill JFK in Dallas that went full power in Dallas on Nov 22, 1963 and killed JFK then and Lee Oswald two days later on national TV via Jack Ruby trying to cover up for LBJ and the Zionist weapons programs as well as the AMA deuterium cover up money machine of death by deuterium overloading. Basically, ORNL's Masonic Raymond W. Tucker, Sr talked Jack Ruby into becoming a Zionist Tough Guy to kill JFK in Dallas using his old Chicago Mafia JFK hating Pal Ginacana and his hit men named Charles Nicoletti, James Files, and his pal Marlow. Nicoletti shot from Zapruder's Dal-Tex Building and Files from behind the Grassy Knoll fence. Two shots hit JFK in the head at nearly the same time and Jack Ruby thought he was about to become a Hero for LBJ and Dallas Zionism.

But LHO escaped being killed by LBJ hit man in the TSBD, and LHO knew everything, plus he was JFK and RFK planted agent. It came down to RUBY was ordered to kill LHO in lock up or they would kill Ruby for the botched hit that would hang huge numbers of JFK conspirators.

The rest is history, and the motives were USAEC's deuterium cover up as well as religions deuterium cover ups.

Deuterium secrets killed JFK and many others via keeping deuterium heath secrets, even those in everyone's own families. Hence, even the JFK hit involves Crimes Against Humanity and Heavily Oak Ridge and USAEC.
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Well, you just have to pay attention. Even with JFK there was PERMENDEX (inclusive of DISC/Bloomfield/Div 5) as a WTC type clone. They were highly involved with the JFK hit.
Very similar deals with WTC and ROCKEFELLERs and they hate Catholics and anyone that knows real nutrition. They went after Hitler as he figured out cancers. Cancers were high lactic acid and high deuterium.
Hitler's Dr. Otto Warburg got the lactic acid issues in 1931 and same year the US got Deuterium isolated by Harold Urey. Germany went full bore after deuterium and got all the cancer secrets and the dangers from deuterium on health.
The biggest cover ups in Oak Ridge are on the low level deuterium releases on health. Lots of the Fusion energy folks exposed to deuterium got rare cancers and all but a few now are dead. Oak Ridge had huge deuterium releases from Oak Ridge Research Reactor, Tower Shielding, and setting out nuke bombs makes huge deuterium releases. If JFK got hold of all that that was the end of the USAEC and its extensive deuterium info cover ups. Lots of it links back to old religion issues.
The Islams go after the crooked WTC Rockefeller stuff as they call that the center for the Great Satan issues. Islam is mostly simple agrarians and they know a good part of the forbidden fruit diet issues and how the AMA, Big Pharma, CDC, and Fauci types set up American's poor health for huge profits. They don't want that forced onto the whole world.
LHO and JFK were on the trail of Deuterium problems, same stuff the Germans zero'd in on before WWII. LHO worked on the kill Casto with Cancer CIA project in New Orleans and LHO was an agent for the Kennedys to spy on CIA and Mafia in New Orleans. LHO came up to Oak Ridge to learn the cancer trigger deals with enhanced SV-40 and learned lactic acids and deuterium is the method.
If JFK found deuterium----that was the end of the Manhattan Project's bomb making and at the same time the end for the ROCKEFELLER AMA and Big Pharma rackets.
Lots of money, LHO and JFK know too much. Both get killed with Jack Ruby being the hit job leader in Dallas and pushed in corrupt LBJ that would look the other way.
The truth never came out, the problems festered, the WTC gets a fertilizer bomb in the basement by Islam, then a bigger set of aircraft bombs in the air for 911 and the Islamic call of Emergency.
Bin Laden was a CIA asset for a long long time and he learned all the deals the CIA was hiding, from the JFK hit, deuterium cover ups, exploitation of health for profits. Bin Laden turned on the CIA and its corruptions. Bin Ladens were part of the Royal Families and not stupid, but well educated.
Just recall the history----know the deuterium and cancer cover ups and all the pieces link together.
It is a gigantic racket that has been running wild for far too long. Cross your fingers that Trump gets to all of it.
How the Rockefeller's WTC got to be moved from asbestos trash to "Silverman's" gold.
When the WTC first got built---they could not rent it out. Then they got this tightrope walker to stage a show and play like the Police got all upset. Then it rented due to all the free attention.
The ROCKEFELLERs were Jewish origins and fealty and major crooks in the health and medicine world. Covered up deuterium, low pH issues shutting down trace minerals into cells and they made a fortune causing illnesses and making expensive half worthless drugs to keep patients for life.
Needless to say, it was not difficult to turn the whole Muslim world into hate for ROCKEFELLER's WTC and its global domination rackets. So, the Bin Landen gang blew it up and ole Silverman knew it was a target, as he could not get it demolished as no permits for that much asbestos used as the steel fireproof protection.
So, the tight-wire game became the terrorist pull it down game. 3,000 killed and they all got richer.
That is a drop in the ocean compared to how many the ROCKEFELLER's rigged medicine rackets have killed.
The ROCKEFELLER rigged methods started WWII with Germany over the Hitler Gang finding the deals on cancers, deuterium, and rigged health exploitation.
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It is time to dribble out another piece of the Puzzle.    Most all the JFK interest folks know about New Orlean's David Ferrie and his Mouse Lab and cancer researching interests.  Ferrie was brought out by Ed Haslam and other highly credible JFK research folks.

David Ferrie and Lee Harvey Oswald were old buddies in New Orleans.   Lee Oswald learned all about deuterium's dangers and special uses from Oak Ridge in the Summer of 1963 as a runner for the CIA's kill Castro Project being headed by Dr Alton Oscher and Dr. Mary Sherman.   They were both part of the failed SV-40 cancer vaccine projects to attempt to correct for Polio Vaccine mistakes.

Ferrie was a Right hand man for Carlos Marcello in New Orleans and also CIA connected with the New Orleans Dr Alton Oschner project to kill Castro with cancer.

David Ferrie was odd looking and did not fit in due to being Gay and Fired from airlines.    So, he hooked up with CIA, Marcello, DISC, et al.

Ferrie's most important line about a special poison they used to off people without detection was called "Sodium Morphate" and that it tasted like "Apple Pie".

In the world of nuclear deals this translates to Deuterium water or Heavy Water that is extremely poison and kills much ilike Sodium Fluoride.

When tasted, it is sweet somewhat like apple sweet, but is an almost impossible to detect poison.

It is a favorite CIA poison and connected with Manhattan Project sources.

High Deuterium was also part of the kill Castro with cancer project.   Folks like Dr.  Oscher and Manhattan Project's Dr Harold Urey were big pals and each part of the kill Castro project.   Dr. Harold Urey isolated Deuterium in 1931, but worked on the heavy fluorine projects to enrich uranium via gas diffusion and that system was built in Oak Ridge.

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The President Trump deals often enter into his JFK political interests.   There is even an odd person dressed in Black with scruffy face hair and a cute Blonde trim lady with him.    Along with that the slogans like "Where We Go One, We All Go"   or  WWG!WGA.    That was a slogan on JFK's ship's bell.   Then, the Number 17 and the JFK burial site in Arlington that is shaped like a Q as viewed from the air.

Trump and JFK, Jr were good pals in NYC, and now these Trump Drama's highly involve JFK associated symbolism.   A huge following has developed from this.

In Oak Ridge we all well know that LHO came here and the insiders know it was to learn about deuterium and cancer making for a LHO CIA project in New Orleans invented by Dr. Alton Oschner and helped along with Dr. Mary Sherman's vaccine background..     Nothing new there it is the Theme for several JFK books, Ed Haslam's, Judy Baker's, etal, for why JFK and LHO were killed in Dallas.

Deuterium is a very big deal in human health, religions, and very much so for the JFK hit and the nuclear weapons and power deals well connected to deuterium's toxicity

So, to help push things long and keep Trump accountable to We The People---this note was dropped to Trump and also to Lindsey Graham R-senate Judicial Comm.

You may find it interesting and it may also connect the dots for why JFK and LHO had to be offed at the same time for the plots to conceal what is basically now Crimes Against Humanity:



So, to get it into the GOP system's official Records, this was sent to Trump and Lindsey Graham R-SC.


Some good news on Heaven and Earth:

The "Jim Phelps Deuterium Theorem", discovered some 35 years ago at ORNL, is about like the friable asbestos rules to avoid health problems.
It is the heart of Chemtrails (aka Air Pharmacology Methods) for cooling the planet with very high altitude clouds to replace Teller's crazy Sky Shield with aluminum and extreme costs.

Basically, the Theorem rule is pH determines friable deuterium in the cells and body and the amount of cellular damage that results. Acid or low pH is very bad and modest alkaline pH is optimum for long life.

So, for good health and long life one has to do avoid deuterium in the food chain and also use alkaline diets and water with BiCarbs to keep the deuterium damage factors in check and not experience health damage and rapid declines.

Manage those two issues and nobody needs vaccines, few get sick, lots of energy, lots of higher intelligence, lots of telomere protection, and very much extended lifespans.

The articles illustrates the pH effects, but underlying that is deuterium modulation.


Heaven on Earth is Returning Soon -- with you or without you,

Jim Phelps, alkaline pH and low deuterium health studies--The Magnum Opus Project
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