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Wesley Frazier--there was no gun

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1 hour ago, James DiEugenio said:

Skip the first twenty minutes, its that jerk Hugh A..


But Wesley Frazier comes on after that and says there was no gun in the car that morning.


23:15, Aynesworth, why you didn't notice the gun.  23:19, Wes, BECAUSE THERE WS NO GUN.  Damn!

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8 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:

Skip the first twenty minutes, its that jerk Hugh A..


But Wesley Frazier comes on after that and says there was no gun in the car that morning.



Wesley Frazier unconsciously measures the paper bag with his hands.  It looks like I may have been right in suggesting a standard 17 or 18 inch paper bag commonly found in stores during that period.  Too small for a rifle or curtain rods, but just right for a camera held in a two-handed camera mount.  Frazier had no business asking about Oswald's intent, so he got the curtain rods story.  Because of Prayer Man in the doorway and the Martin film It could be a camera as Oswald was perhaps told to film the motorcade to keep him on site during the assassination.

Problems?  Yes.  The films are too vague visually to really see what Prayer man has in his hands.  The Martin film suggests a camera and flash.  Next, if that was a camera where did it go.  Did someone like Roy Truly take care of it or someone else.  Can Frazier be trusted?  Maybe one day he will tell us where Oswald was that day.  Out front with Bill Shelley?

Way to many ifs to say anything concretely.  But, here we can see Frazier unconsciously measuring the bag with his hands.

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Has anyone shown former TSBD employee Roy Lewis the Prayer Man image to get his thoughts? He is still alive and living around Dallas.  Larry Rivera talked to him a few years ago, but he was trying to convince him that Oswald was Lovelady in the Altgens 6 (utter nonsense IMO) But he could provide some insight into that whole doorway scene. Getting him and Frazier together this November to go over it together could provide interesting results...hint hint for those organizing conferences in Dallas!

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18 hours ago, Greg Doudna said:

Does anyone have a link to Wesley Buell Frazier's HSCA testimony? Thanks--

http://mcadams.posc.mu.edu/russ/testimony/frazierb1.htm   (see excerpts below image)

The magic self-supporting paper bag...   Gary Mack sent me a transcript of Montgomery here claiming there was a curtain rod "or something" holding up the bag....

Mr. BALL. Where was the paper sack?
Mr. MONTGOMERY. Let's see--the paper sack--I don't recall for sure if it was on the floor or on the box, but I know it was just there----one of those pictures might show exactly where it was.
Mr. BALL. I don't have a picture of the paper sack.

Mr. BALL. The larger one you mentioned that was in position 2.
Mr. BALL. You picked it up?
Mr. MONTGOMERY. Wait just a minute no; I didn't pick it up. I believe Mr. Studebaker did. We left it laying right there so they could check it for prints.

Mr. BALL. Did you question any witnesses that day?
Mr. MONTGOMERY. Let's see----that particular day--no, sir; I don't believe I talked to a witness that day.  (DJ !! - so what's he doing there besides carrying the paper bag that he never picked up?   Didn't they wind up making a few extra bags that day and in subsequent days? Pat Speer does a great job with the bag info fwiw)


Mr. BALL - What did the package look like?
Mr. FRAZIER - Well, I will be frank with you, I would just, it is right as you get out of the grocery store, just more or less out of a package, you have seen some of these brown paper sacks you can obtain from any, most of the stores, some varieties, but it was a package just roughly about two feet long.
Mr. BALL - It was, what part of the back seat was it in?
Mr. FRAZIER - It was in his side over on his side in the far back.
Mr. BALL - How much of that back seat, how much space did it take up?
Mr. FRAZIER - I would say roughly around 2 feet of the seat.
Mr. BALL - From the side of the seat over to the center, is that the way you would measure it?
Mr. FRAZIER - If, if you were going to measure it that way from the end of the seat over toward the center, right. But I say like I said I just roughly estimate and that would be around two feet, give and take a few inches.
Mr. BALL - How wide was the package?
Mr. FRAZIER - Well, I would say the package was about that wide.
Mr. BALL - How wide would you say that would be?
Mr. FRAZIER - Oh, say, around 5 inches, something like that. 5, 6 inches or there. I don't--
Mr. BALL - The paper, was the color of the paper, that you would get in a grocery store, is that it, a bag in a grocery store?
Mr. FRAZIER - Right. You have seen, not a real light color but you know normally, the normal color about the same color, you have seen these kinds of heavy duty bags you know like you obtain from the grocery store, something like that, about the same color of that, paper sack you get there.


Mrs. RANDLE. About this.
Mr. BALL. Is that about right? That is 28 1/2 inches.
Mrs. RANDLE. I measured 27 last time.
Mr. BALL. You measured 27 once before?
Mrs. RANDLE. Yes, sir.

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21 hours ago, James DiEugenio said:


You can probably find it at MFF. I know they have examined it at ROKC.

Thanks James--as great as the Mary Ferrell site is I could not find any transcript of the HSCA interview of Buell Wesley Frazier there and I wonder if one was even made by HSCA (seems odd). I did find the complete four hour audio tape of the HSCA interview with Frazier at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GhPJBfLxy8&feature=youtu.be. Unfortunately the majority of that four hours is unintelligible due to bad recording quality, some kind of loud humming or buzzing sound drowning out faint voices heard in the background (as if the recorder was set next to a noisy air conditioner or something). ROKC that you mention and some other sites have discussions and I see occasional references to a transcript of the poor-quality HSCA recording done free-lance by a Denis Morissette, but I have been unable to find a full form of such a Morissette transcription online--only soundbite quotes from it here and there, some of which are quite interesting. If such has not already been done, someone with mixing expertise and equipment could do a real service by attempting to get better-quality audio, better signal-to-static ratio from the existing recording, then produce from that a professional-quality written transcription. Apart from that I am curious how it is that HSCA could have a four-hour recorded interview with a witness as important as Buell Wesley Frazier and have its sound quality be so bad that the majority is unintelligible, and the part that is intelligible apparently never transcribed by HSCA in written form (or if HSCA did produce a transcription or written report of that interview, where is it?)? 

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there may be a way to extract speech signals from the noisy HSCA recordings. Matlab offers a deep learning algorithm and even provides a GUI. I cannot promise to embark on this project at the moment due limited time and many other projects, however, if anyone would be willing to try it, here is the link:





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From my understanding, and its really hard to comprehend, the HSCA did not make a transcription of the Wesley Frazier interview.

To me, that shows just how poorly that thing was conducted.

From what I know, two of the four audios are so technically bad that they are unintelligible.  I think someone at ROKC, or maybe, Denis, did a transcription of the other two.

And yes, Frazier says some really interesting things there.  For instance about the locks on his car.

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I started to denoise the HSCA tape recordings using standard audio tools and experienced some success, and hope that the whole, almost 4-hour long recording will be suitable for listening. However, to my great surprise, as I was cutting the long recording into sections, I heard that the transcripts of the tapes have been done in Washington (this is what Commissioner Moriarty told Frazier and his attorney, his name sounded like Hallenbeck?) but what is even more interesting than the now missing transcripts is the fact that two different tape recorders were used to record the interviews and the other tape was promised by Moriarty to be given to Buell Wesley Frazier. Thus, Mr. Frazier likely has of one of the two tapes and a copy of the transcript.

I will keep the Forum informed, however, I cannot see reasons for not being able to clean the recordings since the noise (the hissing and humming) was obviously caused by the tape recorders themselves and the line interference. Of course, there may be epochs in the recordings which may not be possible to recover.



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