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Robert Burrows

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In response to the OP, I do not think there has been a president since JFK that wasn't working for the Establishment. Some were pure creations of it (Reagan), some were willing participants who liked the power (Clinton, Bushes), some were too venal to ignore the pull (LBJ, Nixon), and some may have been able to rationalize it to themselves (Carter, Obama). However, all of them did the bidding of the Establishment (my general term for elite power brokers).

The closest (I think) we've come to the "unaffected" president was either Carter or Obama, because they seemed to have their heart in the right place. However, Carter was a big believer in the Trilateral Commission, deregulation, and Islamic fundamentalism (Operation Cyclone), while Obama gave a complete pass to all of the mortgage crisis participants while killing thousands with drone strikes. Thus, we've been under foot for more than half a century. Honestly, it's been a century+ if you go back to the creation of the Federal Reserve.

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